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150426 TR8 Parts

“I’ve got your parts right here…”


Fine day for a drive, over to KCMO to retrieve the last of the TR8 parts from the HSD’s previous owner.  Weather was perfect, everything fit in the back of the Kia and I stumbled across a couple of great driving roads on the way back, as I avoided using I-70 until I got to Columbia.

So now I have four TR8 wheels with tires which’ll quickly go up for sale, plus a proper TR8 rear axle.  All I have to do now is ID someone who can show me how to tear down said rear axle/hubs/brakes, clean everything and make sure it’s in good condition, then put it back together and underneath the car (at which point I’ll have a TR7 rear axle for sale). Probably a good fall project; in the meantime, I wonder if anyone makes rear disc conversions…?  Naah, I’ll probably stick to putting in new shocks and – per Prez Jesse’s recommendation – new braided steel brake lines.

BTW, didn’t see any LBCs on the KC run. Did see something highly unusual: two early 1950s pickup trucks – one each Ford F-1, circa 1950 and a 1953 or thereabouts Chevy/GMC.  Both were towing fully restored period travel trailers: a Scotty behind the Ford and a very small Airstream. Wild…

Now, back to the project of swapping out the starter…

Safety, Safety, Safety

The gear reduction starter ordered from The Wedge Shop arrived Thursday after work; I had the floor jack, just needed a couple of new jack stands in order to safely get the TR8 into the car for the starter replacement procedure (I had jack stands, but the duty 19-year-old apparently absconded with them).

Placed chocks behind the rear tires, confirmed car in gear with the parking brake set, glasses on, have the tools I need…and then discovered the floor jack wouldn’t clear the front sway bar or fit under the sub-frame cross member. Cripesamighty…Okay, mow the lawn while mulling over prospects and alternatives, possibly to the extent of calling AAA for a tow down to Firestone.

Was halfway through the front yard when the solution (painfully simple and logical) hit me.

So tune in next weekend, as our hero fabricates a couple of ramps and gets the needed ground clearance under the HSD.



If anyone runs into Greg Reiman, congratulate him.  The Show-Me Corvair Club ran a rally last weekend and Greg and future son-in-law Josh Wills (serving as navigator) bagged one of the two trophies, for best time and they also won the dice roll.  Not bad for the only LBC in the rally, wahoo!

TR Sighting…and a bunch of events

Light blue TR6, heading westbound on Manchester west of MO 141 earlier tonight, did not recognize the driver but he didn’t look like an SLTOA member.  Am curious to find out who he might be…

Moving into the weekend, this is a BIG one, with a large number of events involving a large number of clubs. They include the BMW and Porsche clubs gathering at Gateway Motorsports Park Fri-Sat for a high performance driving event; JAGSL’s Annual Judges Training Seminar on Saturday; and Gateway Volvo’s “deploying” its alert force to Nebraska for a meet with the Kansas City crew and tour of the Strategic Air & Space Museum.

The two other major events for the weekend: Cars & Coffee returns on Saturday, at Westport Plaza, starting at 8:30 AM. AND, on Sunday, the Boeing Sports Car Club starts its autocross season at Family Arena and yes, SLTOA’s Slow Roller Racing Team will be there for its fourth season of competition.

Both provide great opportunities for Triumph owners and LBC enthusiasts in general, hope we see a good turnout (I’ll be surprised if C&C draws less than 300 cars). Regrettably (possibly), as it stands now (Wed PM), the forecast is for thunderstorms on Saturday and the “chance” of thunderstorms Sunday, both days in the mid-70s. Reckon we’ll all press on regardless!

Saw Something

Lincoln City, OR, two days ago, prior to our return to Seattle/King County: a Ford Thames 400E Freighter parked near an art gallery.

As built, these LBVs came with a 1.7L, 53bhp engine and three-on-the-tree; above and beyond the primer black paint job, this one’s received bigger/wider tires and wheels, some paneling in the interior and I have no idea what kind of engine is currently fitted. Overall, the thing kinda looked like a 3/5ths scale attempt at a 1960s-era “sin bin.” Highly entertaining.

Photos to follow.