Hit the Track!

160424 BSCC-08 Houghtaling DF

(Photo by Darren F)

End of April and the BSCC autocross season for 2016 has started, with a large turnout of interesting vehicles (and more than a few interesting drivers) at Family Arena.

Very pleased to say SLTOA’s Slow Roller Racing Team was out in force, with TR6s (Prez Steve and ex-Prez Creig), TR8 (yours truly), Corvette (John the Marine), Solstice GXP (Craig the Lawyer) and Ford Fiesta (Daring Dave).  We also had a few members come out to cheer on the team, as well as two – count ’em, TWO – photographers, John and Darren.

Great fun as always (starter failure with the HSD after the third run wasn’t fun, but I’ve already lined up assistance for a possible/probable replacement).  Due to high school graduation events in May, so event No. 2 won’t take place until the end of June.  Y’all come on out!

First Cars & Coffee 2016

160416 C&C-41 MK

Quick one, as it’s already late afternoon and there’s still plenty of items on the to-do list. First Cars & Coffee of the season this morning, the estimate came in at 500 cars, uff-da!

Great way to start the spring, with more to follow.  And, as always, big thanks to M.L. Hillard for starting the local C&C’s and his continued monitoring of the gatherings.

Work in Progress

MGA 1956 STL 160405

Yeah, I know, when dealing with LBCs, they’re all “works in progress.”  But this one – observed in a 7-11 parking lot at Bates and Virginia earlier today – was in fact a work in progress: if you look closely, you’ll see one of the owner’s legs and part of his back, as he works to resolve some sort of problem (my guess is the back end of the MG locked up while under tow).

Interestingly enough, someone who stopped by earlier to check on the proceedings told them “You need to call the MG Doctor.”  The wife, in the tow car, was already calling up info on John and his business; I suggested she also call up the MG Club of St Louis web page.

Quite a drive home…hope they got their MGA home!