How They Settle Things In Kansas

160528 Edgerton, KS

The road show is, well, back on the road again, this time in search of LBCs in the greater Kansas City area, while visiting family.  Now obviously, between the Kansas City Triumph Club and the other local Brit car clubs, there should be plenty of opportunities over the weekend, we’ll see what I turn up.

In the meantime, commentary, as posted along US 56 in Gardner, KS, southwest of KCMO.  Anyone remember GM’s X-series cars of the early 1980s, one of the corporation’s first attempts at a mass-produced front-wheel-drive sedan?  It was offered as the Chevrolet Citation, Pontiac Phoenix, Oldsmobile Omega and Buick Skylark.  The cars sold reasonably well until their replacement in 1985.   Finding one these days is rare although I supposed if I found a Chevy X-11 – the sports model – in good condition, it might prove worth a look.

Salute to Missouri’s Vets

160514 Vets-43 MK  160514 Vets-05 MK

Always something of a surprise in mid-May to walk outside early, then run back inside to grab a jacket and switch the household HVAC from “cool” to “heat.”  But, despite temperatures in the mid-40s and winds which probably drove the wind chill into the 30s, a good number of Jaguar Association of Greater St Louis members spent the AM at the Missouri Veterans Home of I-270 at MO 367.

This now annual event is always fun: a passel of cars arrive and take up station around the main entrance, and then the members stand by to talk Jags and other cars with the veterans as they come out for a look.  Again, despite the weather, JAGSL turned out several people and cars and our veterans truly enjoyed the chance to get outside to talk with the owners.

Adding to the festivities, JAGSL member Col Phil made a couple of phone calls, so this year’s display wasn’t limited to Jaguars.  The standouts consisted of a 1927 Rolls-Royce (do believe this was the former basket case which periodically shows at the annual ABCCS), a ’29 Cadillac and a ’29 Pierce Arrow.  Incredible…and they kept up with the Jaguars.

Afterwards, the club and cars went out for a drive, first to the Confluence Tower, then a pass by the site of Fort Bellefontaine (the US Army’s first post this side of the Missouri River and the first US military installation in the Louisiana Purchase, 1809) followed by lunch.

Oh, and it eventually did warm up…to about 60. Quite a day all around.