LBC Sighting No. 2

Spitfire-GdCyn Caverns, AZ 160926

Even further west on US 66, at Grand Canyon Caverns Inn – which incorporates a gas station (“Radiator Springs Service”), motel, mini-golf and access to the caverns – stumbled across this, oh, post-74 Spitfire in exceedingly poor shape.  First Brit sports car seen this trip; most of the Route 66 towns and attractions have numbers of old cars scattered around, so who knows, I may see another Triumph during this excursion.

BTW, couldn’t lift the hood of the car but I did check inside: it had an automatic transmission.  Looked vaguely like something out of a 1972 Ford Pinto…


Little Italian Car Sighting…

Alfa Romeo Spider Seligman AZ 160926

Drove the longest remaining original segment of old US 66 yesterday, Ash Fork to Needles, CA, plus a few miles in the Golden State.  In and around all of the old US cars scattered around the various towns, I saw my first European, uh, “exotic:” an Alfa Romeo Spider, part of the display at Romney Motel in Seligman.  Looks like it might need a little work…

And Now For Something Completely Different

Holden Torana I-44 160910Ford Mustang 1970 Manchester 160911

Spied over this past weekend.  Car No. 1 – the white one on the trailer – was sighted on I-44 eastbound Saturday afternoon.  As we pulled into range I thought, “Hmmm, a much-modified Vega” (look at the roof line and the b-pillar/rear side window layout). However, between a good look at the back end and a quick look at the grill, it was obviously not a Chevy Vega.

What was it?  The twin exhaust pipes steered me in the right direction (no pun intended): a Holden Torana, product of GM’s Australia division, circa 1976-1978 and equipped with several engines ranging in size from an Opel-source 1.9L four up to your choice of a 4.2L or 5.0L V8.  Oh, and Torana’s featured in one of the great movies of all time: “Mad Max.”

So when was the last time you saw a Holden in the US?

As for the second photo, perhaps a tad more mundane but not really.  At the ZX station on Manchester east of Weidemann, an immaculate – if plain – ’70 Mustang notchback.  Talked with the owner, a Navy veteran of the Vietnam War; he said he’s the original owner (!) and the car just rolled over 270,000 miles (!!),

Like I said, somewhat plain, but nice and thankfully, not heavily modified with wing, etc.