Why Yes, I DID get the HSD out today…


So, did you take your LBC out for a top-down patrol?  Following two months in the garage – and obviously, after checking fluids and connecting the battery – I got the TR8 out for about 40 minutes.  Had a major good time; during the course of the drive I observed several US-made convertibles, a Jaguar XK, really nice late-model red MGB and a few other cars with sporting pretensions.

BTW, enjoy the 60-degree weekend.  Polar Bear’s now three weeks away.

Five Weeks Until Polar Bear!


Ah, but if the temps get above 50, as predicted for later in the week (undoubtedly the calm before the storm, eh?), I will most definitely get the TR8 out for a quick patrol.

In the meantime, spent the better part of the morning working on the January Exhaust Notes.  Here we are, one week into 2018 and the calendar’s already starting to fill up with events.  As a reminder, you can check on upcoming club events at www.sltoa.org; webmaster Stephen Paur does a great job of highlighting our activities, plus it’s easy enough to call up the club calendar, which is updated monthly.

As always, if you’re curious about what other clubs have planned, you can call up the St Louis Sports Car Council web page at www.stlscc.org and check it’s calendar, also updated regularly.  For example, in the next couple of weeks the MG club, Gateway Volvo and Jaguar Association of Greater St Louis are all having dinner events.

Check ’em out! AND, make sure your car is ready for Polar Bear, 11 February.  Start location and time will get posted after SLTOA’s January meeting.