Pursuit Arc

Dang…out running errands on Saturday, 28 July, stopped at a light on Manchester opposite Home Depot and a white 74-76 TR6 pulls onto Manchester and heads west.  Yup, the intercept was on.

I didn’t recognize the car; the only other white TR6 I’m aware of in town is Dave Massey’s but, as indicated, this was a late car with the rubber bumper guards, plus a roll bar.   I wound up chasing the car (in a legal fashion, natch) up Manchester, right on Kehrs Mill and finally caught up – briefly, before the light changed – at Kehrs Mill and Clayton.   I then broke off the pursuit.

Anyone recognize the car/owner?





Compared to the past two years, 2018’s annual July SweatFest in John Lamberg’s backyard wasn’t too hot nor too humid.   Good turnout, good assortment of cars and a pretty involved business meeting, with much event planning for the latter part of the year.

The Field of Friendly Competition

Apparently this is my morning to get caught up, with a few quick ones. For starters, 15 July’s Boeing Sports Car Club autocross (fifth event of the season) which included competition by four LBC owners. Probably chief among the pack was Dave Massey, who returned with his recently rebuilt/reassembled TR6. Lee Fox in his MGB and Allen Decker in the Midget also took to the course.

As always, great fun! The next BSCC event is at Family Arena on 23 September.