About four months ago, while junior was out for a post-sunset patrol in the TR8, the alternator packed it in when one of the leads on the back of the device separated.  I immediately ordered a replacement from Victoria British over in Kansas…and today, after much flailing around, purchase of replacement bolts/lock washers/washers/nuts and requisite confusion, we finally got the replacement in.

Yes, all fluids were carefully checked prior to the post-surgery fire-up although we were concerned the battery (which has a kill switch) was flat.  Nope, the car started right up, roared mightily (ah, what a sound…left-side exhaust leak nothwithstanding)…and then burbled, missed and died. Aw jeez, now what….

Sooo, chief mechanic Creig H started at the fuel pump back aft and carefully checked connectivity forward, through the inertial switch on the left side of the firewall (thanks to Dave M for his phone consultation concerning the location of the switch).  Pulled stuff here, cleaned components there, checked all the electrics..and it started again.  With the second start, I got the car out for a quick lap around the neighborhood.  It ran flawlessly and it would appear I will now be able to drive my TR in this next Saturday’s SLTOA event down to Washington.

My thanks to Creig, Dave and my stepson Christian for their assistance with this effort.  As per usual when dealing with LBCs, it was most definitely a learning experience.