Well yes, about 26 of us had a grand time at the annual SLTOA picnic, on 25 August at Vlasis Park off Manchester. And yes, it did rain…a bit…okay, a lot. Still, good turnout (and a fun short drive in advance), great food and great conversations.


Followed by another tech session…


Saturday, 17 August, and the SLTOA faithful once again made the trek to It’s Alive Automotive for a tech session.   Another good turn out, great information on the care and feeding of LBCs with plenty of back-and-forth between the participants…and, as always, a lot of meandering about, looking at It’s Alive’s remarkable assortment of vehicles, in various stages of repair and/or restoration.   Thanks Jeff!


Six weeks later, figured I’d better post something/anything.  As we’re well into summer, our initial offering is a couple of photos from SLTOA’s annual SweatFest backyard BBQ gathering, on 23 July (delayed one week due to massive thunderstorms the previous Tuesday).

We had good weather again this year – severe clear, not oppressively hot – a good turnout of people and a good turnout of cars.  As always, our thanks to John Lamberg for allowing us to use his back yard.

190723-sweatfest-02 190723-sweatfest-03