European Auto Show

The annual European Auto Show returned with a bang, with another huge gathering at Mini of St Louis and perfect weather. Lots of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, BMWs, Audis, Minis (new and original), Mercedes plus a good number of standouts. For example, Hyman had a Jaguar C-Type on display (wow!) and over with the Porsches was a 904 Carrera GTS, first one I’d ever seen “live.”

Otherwise, a pretty good turnout by the LBC faithful, including other Jaguars, two big Healeys, one bugeye/frogeye Sprite, a Morgan +8, Lotus Esprit and a couple of MGBs. There was a TR4 in the field, I believe David Layton’s; someone said a TR3 was also part of the show, but I somehow managed to miss it.

Finally, in the truly unique category, lined up in a row: a Yugo GV, Trabant and a Reliant Robin (offering three-wheel, er, excitement…the boys from “Top Gear” would be proud!). I’d seen the Trabant at Cars & Coffee, wasn’t too surprised to see a Yugo pop up but a Reliant? Incredible…

Anyway, kudos to Mini of St Louis for putting on another fine show, complete with food trucks. The crowds certainly had a good time.

Why Yes, We’ve Been Busy…

Good grief, June already and nearly two months since the last post, apologies! Funny how time gets away from you.

As per usual for this time of year, plenty of automotive-related opportunities here locally now: “The Zoo” at Faith Church on Gravois/MO 30, first Friday of each month; gatherings every Friday at the Sonic in Kirkwood, off Big Bend (tends towards American muscle cars and rods, ‘Vettes and the like but periodically we of the British persuasion make regular appearances); both autocross series – Boeing and SCCA – are well underway; Cars & Coffee will make its debut this coming Saturday at Amp Up on Manchester, having vacated Westport due to construction; AND, a lot of clubs are doing drives, cruises, shows and the like. Great time of year and not incredibly hot yet…

On 15 May, a group of the Triumph faithful executed an outstanding 60-or-so mile drive to Maifest at Donau Park, southwest of St Louis off MO 21. Great turnout of Triumphs, along with a few non-TR standouts, including a late 60’s Porsche 912 (I do believe this is the first time we’ve had a Porsche join one of our excursions). Prior to the drive, we lined up all of the Triumphs and the one MG Midget and got photos adjacent to the historic Sandy Creek covered bridge. What an opportunity! Fine day, all around.

Coming up next? Several events to choose from. As always, monitor for the dates and details and by all means, come on out and join us!

Photo by Moore Photography