LBEV Sighting, Multnomah County Edition!

Yup, another road trip, this time the annual trek to the Pacific Northwest for a visit with kids and grandkids. As per usual I’ve kept an eye out for classic LBCs, such as Triumphs, MGs, Healeys, etc. Regrettably, as I prepare for my return to St Louis, haven’t seen any other than a possible MGB out in a field of mud down by McMinnville, OR.

However, on the drive from Lincoln City back to Vancouver yesterday afternoon, I saw this: a brand new Jaguar i-Pace EV400…shoot, I assumed Jaguar was developing EVs like everyone else on the planet, didn’t know the company was actually turning them out.

Termed by Jag as an “all-electric performance SUV,” the car has two electric motors, weights 4784 pounds and has a top speed of 124 mph…but no Jaguar “growl.” Driving range is in the vicinity of 230 miles. Starting price? Just a tad north of $73K.

As the saying goes, the line forms at the right