The SLTOA Crew

First weekend of February, severe clear skies and temp in the low 70s, wat’cha gonna do? Right, put out a call to the local Triumph faithful for a photo shoot.  We got a good mix of cars and drivers at the staging point, Straub’s Market at Clayton and Mason (from the left, Iggy, TR6; Aidan and Dave, TR3; Stephen, TR6; Lee, TR6; and David, TR4).


We had a ball.  With Stephen’s 6 serving as the camera car and yours truly sitting backwards in the passenger seat (well, kneeling was a more appropriate word…and yes, the seat belt was fastened), we drove south on Mason towards Manchester with two cars each.  The two subject cars/drivers then swapped places, and back up the hill we went. For the last run, I sat in Dave’s TR3 in order to get photos of SLP’s TR6.

I wound up taking something like 220 photos while hanging on for dear life, wound up with about 90 good ones.  All of the participants will receive full-size scans of their cars and the photos will appear in future issues of Exhaust Notes.

And now, on to Polar Bear!

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