So, How’d You Spend Your Saturday?

Two months since the TR8’s been on the road, down for an electrical malady (surprising, I know 🙂 . My ace mechanic stepson and an equally talented friend did the initial troubleshooting a couple of weeks back but today I called in the master: Creig from SLTOA. I’ll tell you, when you’re of particular skill in reading and understanding Brit car electrical diagrams, you find you have many friends (and are invariably in great demand).

Three and a half hours later, one fried wire in the generator-battery sequence identified and removed (you know there’s a problem when Creig asks if you recall any smoke or burning smells in the past couple of months), partially put the car back together, jumped it…and the generator’s still not charging. Okay, check the local outlets and be prepared for an email order to BPNW or Victoria British tomorrow. Sigh…We’ll get it running reliably again, of that I have no doubt.

Speaking of tomorrow, the next Boeing Sports Car Club autocross is scheduled. Looks like I’ll be doing photos and course work again…The next SLTOA meeting is Tuesday evening, scheduled for Faust Park after 1700. Word is we might push the gathering back online; if you’re interested in checking out the club, monitor the web page at for a final determination on the meeting location, either live or via Zoom.

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