No-Show Drive

BTW, yesterday – Saturday, 19 September – would’ve brought the 39th or so rendition of the All British Car & Cycle Show, organized/hosted by the MG Club of St Louis. Ah, but with multiple restrictions still in effect in St Louis County and reasonable concerns about large groups of people in close proximity, the MG club pulled the plug.

Sooooo, with a now free weekend, SLTOA decided to have a drive. Great fun, perfect weather, 7 TR6s (what, no Spitfires?!), one Infiniti (hey, his TR3’s still going back together), a nice 25-or-so mile jaunt, followed by a picnic lunch at Creve Coeur Lake Park, the locale for the ABCCS. Great fun…the club’s next scheduled drive is 24 October, the annual Fall Colours excursion, see the SLTOA web page at for information. Feel a need to get out for a patrol sooner? Call up the MG Club web page at for info, as they’re planning an excursion for Saturday 3 October.

In the meantime, get out when you can! I will gladly join y’all once I get the carbs on the High Speed Doorstop fixed…

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