7th Annual Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival

Greetings from Garnett, Kansas, where it’s been a long day and processing photos is making for a late night. I made the trip from St Louis to attend and photograph the LGGPR, observed annually in commemoration of Lake Garnett Park’s status as the site of SCCA racing between 1958 and 1972. The turnout was incredible, with a large variety of cars including members of Heartland Vintage Racing as well as a substantial number of spectators who outlasted the fog and had a grand old time.

Two Triumphs made today’s race: a 1962 TR4 owned by Harvey Kinnard of Leawood, Kansas (No. 111) and another ’62 (appropriately, No. 62), owned by Matt Jenkinson of the KC TRs. Oh, and I finally got to meet my editorial counterpart with the Lawrence Area British Car Club, Bill Fisher; he edits “Brit’s Bits” and served as the head of the photographer contingent at today’s event. I also managed to spend a fair amount of time talking with Phil Taxman of the Jaguar Association of Greater St Louis, a regular on the HVR circuit in his ’64 E-Type FHC. Hoo-hah, that car’s fast…

More racing tomorrow, and hopefully more Triumphs (a really nice TR3 was on display at the Anderson County courthouse show following the day’s track activities.

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