European Auto Show

The annual European Auto Show returned with a bang, with another huge gathering at Mini of St Louis and perfect weather. Lots of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, BMWs, Audis, Minis (new and original), Mercedes plus a good number of standouts. For example, Hyman had a Jaguar C-Type on display (wow!) and over with the Porsches was a 904 Carrera GTS, first one I’d ever seen “live.”

Otherwise, a pretty good turnout by the LBC faithful, including other Jaguars, two big Healeys, one bugeye/frogeye Sprite, a Morgan +8, Lotus Esprit and a couple of MGBs. There was a TR4 in the field, I believe David Layton’s; someone said a TR3 was also part of the show, but I somehow managed to miss it.

Finally, in the truly unique category, lined up in a row: a Yugo GV, Trabant and a Reliant Robin (offering three-wheel, er, excitement…the boys from “Top Gear” would be proud!). I’d seen the Trabant at Cars & Coffee, wasn’t too surprised to see a Yugo pop up but a Reliant? Incredible…

Anyway, kudos to Mini of St Louis for putting on another fine show, complete with food trucks. The crowds certainly had a good time.

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