The Good, the Bad and…

Day four of the patrol of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado and, regret to say, still no LBCs. Shoot, haven’t even seen a Jaguar, let alone an example of some other classic British make. Ah, but there are still four days remaining in this sojourn, including a couple of days IVO Denver, so I might yet get lucky. Hopefully it doesn’t result in my introducing my bride to my standard driving method of a quick 180 and high-speed pursuit in a rather large SUV.

Having said that, did see the following. At one end of the scale, this fourth gen (1975-1979) Chevy Nova, observed in front of the World Famous Blue Moose Bar & Grill, East Grand Forks, MN, on Saturday. I’ve seen rust-through before but this is something else…still, the owner showed up, climbed in, fired it up and drove away.

There’s snow cars and then there are SNOW cars…

At the other end, this immaculate 1969 Chevy Malibu SS w/ a 350 in it, noted at a gas station in Rapid City earlier this evening. Incredible car and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with the father/son ownership “team” about the car and some of the work they’ve done.

Okay, okay, enough of a side-trip into Detroit metal, the search for British metal resumes tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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