The Bear Is Vanquished, Once Again…

We truly lucked out yesterday: the temp made it up to about 36 degrees, the roads were in good condition, most everyone said they enjoyed the route and the “partly cloudy” the weather guessers promised actually showed up late in the day.

I counted 18 vehicles – 3 Spits, 1 GT6, 4 TR6s, 2 TR7s, plus a Sprite, MGA, Mini (although Ron elected to switch to the right seat of someone else’s vehicle), two Hyundais, one BMW Z4 as the lead vehicle and a Chevy Silverado as the chase vehicle/tail-end Charlie. Including those who sent directly to the Moore’s home, 36 or so participated in the party afterwards and soon-to-be-president-emeritus Creig kept the business meeting to about 7.5 minutes, then the partying resumed.

For all who read this, feel free to check out the SLTOA web page for some initial photos from the event. Otherwise, watch for the March issue of “Exhaust Notes” for the full story and a bunch more photos.

Now, to set up our next driving/club event. Paintball anyone?

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