Things You Don’t Expect To See…

150502 Lewes Brit-01 Denton, MD MK

..while driving across Delaware. Saturday 02 May, on MD 404/Shore Highway, eastbound near Denton, Maryland, about 9 AM….and an immaculate Jaguar XK120 goes booming past me in the left lane, followed almost immediately by an equally excellent TR4A.

The chase was on, with me attempting to get one-handed photos of both cars through the open sunroof of the Ford Focus rental, all the while negotiating what was fortunately light beach traffic.  The shot above is one of the results of my efforts.

And then I started hearing live radio feeds, “Come on out today for the 20th Annual British Car Show! What a great bunch of cars!”  I, of course am yelling at the radio, “Where? Where is the car show?”  I figured I’d probably passed the town already or it was somewhere well off my intended point of movement, maybe up north in Milford, Delaware, or well south in Salisbury, Maryland.

No, the big show was in Lewes, Delaware…and guess where I was heading this day?

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