Plan B

A week ago Thursday, ex-prez Creig – bless him! – was over here for three full hours, troubleshooting the electrics/non-starting-starter on the TR8 while providing yours truly with a great education on, well, Lucas electrics.  Regret to say, by 9 PM we still hadn’t figured out the problem, so the HSD got to spend yet another week in the garage.

If the weather cooperates tomorrow (I have to back the TR8 halfway out of the garage in order to work on it), I’ll jack it up again, R&R a couple of electrical connections and, assuming I can get to it, will pull and replace the starter.  If that doesn’t work, I reckon I’ll have to start thinking about getting the car towed to a shop for some serious work.

We’ll see what transpires next, eh?  Ah, the joys of LBC ownership…

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