Run Before the Storm

150625 Creig

Fifth and last session earlier tonight, “only” about two hours worth and the HSD is buttoned up and ready to run again. I learned several things during our 14 or so total hours of replacing the starter, doing the wiring repairs (more accurately, restoration) and putting the right cat converter back on. They included A) You can never have too many good tools (emphasis on good); and B) Always have several socket extenders on hand, they do prove useful.

End result: the engine makes that standard 3.5L V8 throaty rumble without blasting loud obnoxious noises from the still open end of the manifold (now closed) and I started cleaning it up in advance of Sat AM’s Jaguar Association of Greater St Louis run to the Missouri Vet’s Home (followed by lunch at Alton’s legendary Fast Eddie’s Bon Air (to be followed in turn by the BMWCCA track dat at Gateway. Hey, a photographer’s gotta, er, photograph!). Sunday I’ll return to the field of competition at Family Arena with the BSCC event, complete with my old Navy flight helmet and a supply of cigars.

BTW, after we got the car where we wanted it, Creig said “Get it out for a quick run!” Ah, but with the speed and darkness of the clouds that were coming in, we instead put it in the garage. Plenty of time (and good weather) to drive this weekend, eh?

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