150627 BMW GMP-28 MK

Here comes Dan…that’s a McLaren on his six.


Did the post-maintenance check flight with the TR8 Friday night following our last session and hoo-hah, the car ran good (well, it is a TR8, so it tends to buck and snort and make loud obnoxious noises). Even made a point of stopping at my favorite mini-mart/gas station up on Manchester to show the car off, at which point one of the employees came out and announced, “You can’t park that thing there!”

As for Saturday 27 June, I had planned to take the HSD to the Jaguar drive/Vets Home visit, followed by Gateway Motorsports Park for the track day festivities, but when I fire up the car the clutch wouldn’t engage. Fired off an email to a couple of the SLTOA members to ID the type of fluid that needed to go in the reservoir, jumped in the photo vehicle and off I went. Truly fine morning with the Jaguar Association of Greater St Louis, followed by lunch (I can now say I’ve been to the legendary Fast Eddie’s Bon Air) and particularly enjoyed the afternoon, watching SLTOA member Dan Guenther throw his BMW around the track at GMP.

Finished the weekend with a replenished clutch reservoir (filled with proper fluid, natch) and a good running TR8. Now to a) resume autocrossing and b) start doing some drives and shows as a participant and not just a photographer.

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