Sonic Friday Night

150710 Sonic-13

I tell you, the-every-Friday night car cruise at the Big Bend & Kirkwood Sonic – organized by the Outsiders Car Club – is a royal hoot.  Not a big group, perhaps 40-50, cars but quite an eclectic collection with a lot of friendly people.

Three of us carried the LBC flag tonight (four if you count the Nash Metropolitan which showed up, designed and built by Austin): YFE in the TR8, Prez Jesse in his TR7 and an unnamed couple in a really nice steel-bumper MGB convertible with a Ford 302 and 5sp stuffed into it.  Regrettably, we didn’t get their names but Jesse and I made sure they knew about the various club activities hereabouts, to include an invite to the annual SweatFest on the 21st.  Oh, and being the calm, cool, friendly, non-confrontational sort that I am, I introduced myself to the couple thusly: “Are you in the MG club?” “Uh, no.” “Well, why NOT!?”

Folks, this is a truly fun gathering, I strongly recommend y’all get your British car over there some Friday evening.  Me, I fully intend to show up at least twice a month.

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