July Cars & Coffee

150718 C&C-04 MK

How’s this?  Two blue Spits with a blue Miata and Greg in (of course) blue…


Pretty much perfect weather this AM for Cars & Coffee, about 260 cars on hand including a good contingent from SLTOA: two of the club’s three blue spits (Greg and Bob), Chairman of the Board Dave’s TR3, the TR6s of Stephen and Andy, Prez Jesse’s TR7 and yr fthfl ed’s TR8.

The gathering remains highly popular, with a very wide range of vehicles and owners participating. Today’s truly unique vehicle was probably the ’46 Cadillac sedan…

Again, if you haven’t participated in Cars & Coffee, by all means give it a try. The next one’s scheduled for Saturday, 15 August.

2 thoughts on “July Cars & Coffee

  1. I am inheriting a 1973 TR6 – hasn’t been running for ten years. Was wondering what steps are required to bring it back to life?

  2. Tom – Great seeing and meeting you at the August SLTOA meeting, saw you talking with several people, hopefully you got some good answers and recommendations. As I mentioned, we have plenty of knowledge and expertise in the club, I expect we have folks who can help you get that ’73 back on the road.

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