‘Da Wedge

140216 PB14-25 MK

Save for the late-evening, zero-wind-chill dash with the blue ’80 TR7 about three weeks ago, I hadn’t driven the car much.  I corrected that oversight today, primarily due to the incredibly nice temperature and despite the fact that our beautiful springish day disappeared into the clag.   The Wedge compared to the ’74 TR6?  Several observations:

1) What with the TR6′s tall, 15-inch wheels, steering effort is always low.  The TR7, on the other hand, will obviously contribute to improved upper body strength and probably larger arm and shoulder muscles within a few months.  Naaah, I’m not bemoaning the lack of power steering, just sayin’.

2) Compared to the melodious, classic sound of a Triumph inline six, the TR7′s four is a thrasher and somewhat industrial-sounding.  I’m considering changing the car’s nickname from “Blue Doorstop” to something more appropriate like “Ferguson” (“Fergie?”) or “Minneapolis-Moline.”

3) With the TR6, you sit legs out and arms in, ie, classic British.  With the Wedge, it’s legs in (I’m 6’1″) and arms in, which again reminds me of several Fiats I’ve known and owned.  Not a bad thing necessarily, just something to adjust to.

4) On the plus side, the Wedge has a lot more interior room and a proper dead pedal, both highly appreciated.

5) Finally, once you adjust to the different sound, ergonomics and handling, the TR7 is actually quite FUN.   I think it’s going to be a major hoot as I gain more experience with the vehicle.

Ohmygawsh, am I becoming a Wedge convert?  Perhaps I should schedule a session with Doctors Lamberg, Lowe and Madsen to see if there’s any treatment available for this condition…

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