Sunday Rain-Out, Friday Heat

150724 Sonic-06

BTW, the Dodge Colt?  It has a Mopar 440 crammed into, with full roll cage…


Well, woke up early this AM to thunderstorms and a check of the weather radar revealed a second line of storms working its way towards St Louis. Sure ’nuff, got the email from Racer Steve that what with the weather circumstances, the day’s autocross was cancelled. Ah well…that just meant more quality time with the bride, who’s spent a lot of time on the road lately, work-related. If it clears up later today I’ll probably get the HSD out for a rort.

And, last Friday night yours truly had the only Brit car at the Sonic cruise in Kirkwood. Great gathering as always, with plenty of entertaining vehicles, enjoyed the discussions with several people including the English gentleman and his wife who literally stumbled on the event and were quite impressed. He asked if there was an entry fee (no) or year cut-off for cars (no).

“Well, in that case, next Friday night we must bring our Jag-u-er.”

“Yes sir, absolutely, see you then!”

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