Haze Gray, Underway

150815 Haze Gray-01

Quite a Saturday hereabouts: another huge turnout at the monthly Cars & Coffee up in Westport, with perfect weather and the usual highly entertaining variety of vehicles.  The ’48 Packard convertible was a stunner, as was the mid-60’s Ferrari which apparently had a racing history back in Yurp.  We heard something to the effect that the car was worth in the vicinity of $8 million (!).

Afterwards the Jaguar Club of Greater St Louis made a back-roads run to Pere Marquette State Park on the Illinois side for a picnic. Their route included a crossing of the Mississippi on the Golden Eagle Ferry in north St Charles County; yr fthfl ed went up there in advance to get photos of the Jaguars “coming ashore.”

BTW, while at Cars & Coffee, we of the SLTOA persuasion received a phoned-in field report from the VTR national gathering up in Wisconsin.  Sounds like everyone up there had a large time, stand by for a full report in Exhaust Notes.

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