The Search Resumes

Finished up at Maxwell AFB (Montgomery) earlier today, in the AM I’ll take the cross-country Triumph/LBC search on the road and head in the general direction of Warner Robins, GA (I know, I know, if I hit a large body of water – at least one bigger than the Chattahoochee – I’ve gone too far).  Should be back in St Louis late Sunday night.

BTW, there are Brit car clubs down this way.  The Alabama contingent includes the South Alabama British Car Club down on the Gulf Coast.  This group hosted it’s 25th Annual British Car Festival in Fairhope back in late October (hmmm…a bit of a drive from St Louis BUT, considering how much I enjoyed the FL panhandle and Alabama Gulf Coast when I lived down this way, it might be worth the effort).

Their Northern Alabama counterparts – appropriately named the North Alabama British Motoring Society – are roughly centered around Decatur and Huntsville and include members from the southern part of middle Tennessee.  They also have a big show each year, the EuroBrit Auto & Bike Expo, in June.   Then there’s the Shoals British Car Club in Florence/Muscle Shoals, in the northwestern part of the state. This last September the club sponsored its 19th annual Brits of the Shoals gathering.

All three sound like pretty active groups and each has a web presence, might be worth checking out on a future run down this way. As for Georgia LBC clubs, stay tuned….

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