Ah, Spring…

I tell you, the last couple of afternoons have provided the perfect driving weather and I hope others in the club – or anyone with a convertible, for that matter – took advantage. During last night’s patrol I saw a large number of vehicles with their tops down. The majority were the usual contemporary fare but a couple stood out: a darn near perfect VW “Thing” (hadn’t seen one of those in years), as well as a 1968-1973 era Corvette (C3?), complete with massive blower and intake scoop extending a good two feet above the hood. I can just imagine what the visibility’s like from the inside of that piece…and also imagine couldn’t care less!

BTW, a bit of news. The WFRRPC (World Famous Red Rolling Parts Car), aka the -6, which occupied my garage for three or four years, has been sold. AND, the proper owner of the Blue Doorstop (ie, our most recent ex-president, who upon the conclusion of his second and last term in office joined SLTOA’s Council of Wise and Learned Elders Who Wield Wrenches) came by to collect that car. Seems he and our resident legal counsel are going on a 12-hour excursion this weekend, aka the Missouri Endurance Rally. So, for the first time in a long time, there are no Triumphs in the garage.

Shoot, I may have to do the next BSCC autocross as a course worked and photographer !

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