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We have moved to a new system and a new Blog, please make yourself at home and blog away!

The Saint Louis Triumph Owners Association (SLTOA) is a group of British car enthusiasts who come together under the Triumph Marque. We enjoy good food, good company, good drives and good blogs…

Please look around our website to see what we have to offer the Triumph community and if you can find the time visit us at one of our monthly meetings which are posted in our events area.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Hi, I just bought my first 1973 Spitfire and so far I absolutely love it. Whether I’m driving or sitting in the passenger seat. The aroma of petrol brings back memories of high school, I had to work on my own car so my mom didn’t raise a fool and I became friends with a group of gear heads. They would help me, Friday nights were spent in some garage working on someone’s classic muscle car drinking beer. I love that it is not practical so it’s really just about the joy. Over the past 2 years I have been working on a lifestyle change focused on finding joy in life. To savor every moment from food to well now driving but not to get anywhere, just to drive something we had when we were 16 but lost as we became adults. Between going to work, grocery stores and shuffling kids driving became a chore something we dread. When our kids start driving and we yell at them about wasting gas by just driving around with their radio blaring singing along forgetting how we felt at that age. What driving meant, freedom. We should find joy in everyday and that is what I’ve been working on. It started with every night and every morning writing down 3 things I have in my life that are good. I would have my morning coffee and close my eyes. First smelling it, describing the smell to myself, then the warmth of the cup how that made me feel to slowly sipping it trying to identify the flavors. Over time I noticed I changed the way I see the world, I was happier in spite of what happened to me. I smiled more and I became more open, open to experiences, people and life in general. I died my hair pink just to shake things up and push my boundaries because the best things in life should scare you a little. Last week I bought a yellow Spitfire, of course now I look like rainbow sherbet between my hair and my car and truth is I am rebelling, rebelling from what has happened to me and well giving life the middle finger because no one can take away my happiness but me.

    Long winded, I might be a little excited about my new path and what is still to come.

    I am a lifestyle blogger, a member of the MWIN (Midwest Influencer Network), Official Blogger for St Louis Fashion Week. I believe Style is who we are, how we live and we effect the world around us, Fashion is just clothes. I am remarried to the most amazing man who says what makes him happy is seeing me happy. Our marriage has not been easy, plagued with health issues followed by financial issues then add 4 teenage girls and you have a recipe for disaster but we would do it all over again. Very few people find that kind of love and support although I think I take it for granted and I’m not the best at telling him how amazing he is.

    • Mark Morgan says:

      Carrie – quite a post! Congrats on the ’73 Spitfire and the role it’s played. Please feel free to check out the SLTOA web page ( and join us in one of our future events.

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