Polar Bear Pt 2

Great day…I expect we’ll be talking about this one for a long time. Here are a few of the shots from Polar Bear Run 2020.

200216-pb-03-mk 200216-pb-05-mk 200216-pb-12-mk 200216-pb-68-mk-mcpheter

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Polar Bear Pt. 1

Outstanding Polar Bear Run yesterday (Sunday, 16 February), continuing a 37-year tradition dating to the formation of the St Louis Triumph Owners Association in 1983. What with the incredible weather, we probably set a record with 29 cars and around 37-38 participants.  I’m going to check the back issues of Exhaust Notes to come up with some stats on previous Polar Bears.

As per usual, while Triumphs dominated, we had the usual highly entertaining mix of vehicles including a brace of MGs and an incredible ’74 Cadillac El Dorado (!) serving as tail-end Charlie.  While we didn’t have any representatives from the Volvo club, we did enjoy the assistance of noted explorers Bjorn and Sven Pollard:


I’ll post more photos in a few days, in the meantime, SLTOA’s thanks to all who  participated in a most exceptional drive and lunch (thanks Hawthorne Inn!).  In the meantime, feel free to check out the club Facebook page at:


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Meanwhile, Back at the Garage

This time?  Throttle cable failed, and the power steering pump starting, well, pumping copious amounts of fluid.  Won’t get the car done by this Sunday’s (9 Feb) Polar Bear Run, should have it done before the end of the month.


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The SLTOA Crew

First weekend of February, severe clear skies and temp in the low 70s, wat’cha gonna do? Right, put out a call to the local Triumph faithful for a photo shoot.  We got a good mix of cars and drivers at the staging point, Straub’s Market at Clayton and Mason (from the left, Iggy, TR6; Aidan and Dave, TR3; Stephen, TR6; Lee, TR6; and David, TR4).


We had a ball.  With Stephen’s 6 serving as the camera car and yours truly sitting backwards in the passenger seat (well, kneeling was a more appropriate word…and yes, the seat belt was fastened), we drove south on Mason towards Manchester with two cars each.  The two subject cars/drivers then swapped places, and back up the hill we went. For the last run, I sat in Dave’s TR3 in order to get photos of SLP’s TR6.

I wound up taking something like 220 photos while hanging on for dear life, wound up with about 90 good ones.  All of the participants will receive full-size scans of their cars and the photos will appear in future issues of Exhaust Notes.

And now, on to Polar Bear!

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How’d That Get In My Garage?


Great thing about having a mechanic for a son: getting work done on the TR8 now takes up a lot less time.  We do some project together and others he tackles by himself; in return, he gets to drive the car whenever he likes (although obviously, at this time of year, excursions are limited).

AND, occasionally, his friends come over to get some work done on his LBBRGC (Little British But Really German Car).  In this case, new coil-overs for the Mini.

BTW, anyone else notice the “New Mini” isn’t so mini these days?  Just curious…

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Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 01 January 2020 and it’s 58 degrees outside under severe clear.  Anyone else get out for a drive?

200101-tr8-patrol 200101-mk-tr8

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The Automobile As Art XI


Subtle, but appropriate, seeing as I spied this Mustang in Kansas City.  Sad to say, the post-World Series champ Royals have had a time of it the last few years…

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Christmas Party

Traditional last event of the season for the St Louis Triumph Owners Association, held last night (Saturday 14 December), fortunately in advance of the arrival of two days of snow and ice.  Once again the party took place at the Missouri Athletic Club-West and again, we enjoyed great service, great food and great fun.

Club President John Willerton got up and said a few words summarizing the club’s year and where we’re heading, Stephen Paur did a bang-up job as MC for the festivities (the guy’s a natural!) and Santa and his chief elf (Jack and Bonnie David) provided good cheer and some semblance of organization (always a tough job with this bunch).  We had fun swapping stories with each other, enjoyed the presentation of awards and, of course, the annual gift exchange.

Our thanks to Bonnie for serving as this year’s hostess, John Moore for his exemplary work as event photographer, SLP for handling the master of ceremony duties and all who attended and made this another great event.

191214-christmas-03-rp 191214-christmas-01-rp

Photo by Ronnie Paur

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BBC Sighting!

1978 Jaguar XJ6, parked in front of the old Scenic Winds Motel on US 30 in Ainsworth, Oregon, near the Columbia River. Only $1500!


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LIC Sighting!

As in “Little Irish Car.”   Observed on OR 99W in Tigard, Oregon, earlier today.


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