2021 Vets Run: Haze Gray Underway

Okay, okay, it’s a commercial ferry so it’s not exactly “haze gray” and the underway portion lasted about 10 minutes, with the crossing of the Mississippi from the Modoc, Illinois, landing over to Ste Genevieve, Missouri.

Anyway, if you’re inclined to join the St Louis Triumph Owners Association and reps from a number of other local car clubs this coming Sunday for the annual Vets Run, this is a view of one of the components of the route that you’ll get to enjoy. The second photo shows the end point: Chaumette Winery, down by Ste Genevieve.

We’re meeting at Sunset Overlook on Bluff Rd (west of Columbia and south of the “Red Roof” Shell station) at 10:30 AM, with a planned 11:00 AM departure. The drive should take about two or so hours and we’ll finish up with lunch at Chaumette. If you wish to join us, please do; you will need $15 in cash or check for the ferry crossing. Y’all come out!

Great Day for a Drive!

The weather cooperated (well, it was a mite chilly), we did see a good amount of color (particularly at the higher elevations in Pere Marquette State Park) and we had an excellent turnout for this year’s Fall Colours Drive. About 23 members and friends participated, driving four TR6s, one TR8, one Morgan, one MGB, one Rover, an MR2, Infiniti, Corvette, new Mini and two BMWs.

The route, designed once again by Ed Kaizer, was a lot of fun. The excursion started and finished in downtown Alton, with extended runs up and down the Mississippi River, the trip through PMSP and a stop at Eckert’s/Grafton Winery.

Next up for our intrepid TR crew? Our last driving event of the year, the annual Vet’s Run on Sunday, 14 November. Come on out and join us; monitor www.sltoa.org for the details.

Fall Colours Drive

BTW, if you’re in the St Louis/Metro East region and are looking for something to do on Saturday, 23 October, come on out for the annual SLTOA Fall Colours Drive. Join in with a bunch of Triumphs and an always entertaining mix of other cars/drivers for a run from Alton up to Pere Marquette State Park and back, with lunch at Mac’s in Alton. Show at the Taco Bell on the river at Alton (just west of the Clark Bridge) at 9:30, cars roll at 10 AM.

39th All British

Yee-haw, what a time. On Saturday 18 September, 184 British cars took the field at Creve Coeur Lake Park off MO 141 and everyone had a large time. As usual, incredible representation of British cars: MG, Triumph, Austin-Healey, Jaguar, Jensen-Healey, Rolls Royce (the ’48 boat tail roadster was a show-stopper…then again, so was the 1930 MG M-Series), Aston Martin, Rover, Mini (original and new), Land Rover, Sunbeam, Morgan (including a 3-wheeler…wild!) and a brace of Brit motorcycles. The show’s host/organizing group, the MG Club of St Louis, really did themselves proud, aided by near-perfect weather and enjoyed by huge crowds. We even had contingents from the Kansas City Triumph Club and British Sports Car Club of Louisville bring cars and participate.

More photos and information are available in the MG club newsletter (should get posted at https://www.stlouismgclub.com/ within a couple of weeks) and the SLTOA newsletter, which will hit the street this coming Sunday. If you find yourself in the vicinity of St Louis/Metro East third Saturday of September, 2022, by all means come out and join in the fun!

Well yes, we DID have a great time…

Made the drive to Stone Hill Winery in Hermann on 15 August and all who participated had a major large time. About 30 participated in close to 20 cars, including a bevy of TR6s (natch!), two Spitfires, one TR8 and one TR3, plus a couple of BMWs, one Toyota MR2 and a couple of other vehicles.

The last time the club made the run to Hermann we did pretty much the standard route: MO 94 south to Washington, then MO 100 west to the quaint town on the Missouri River. This time around one of our members came up with a much more entertaining route, nary a straight line between Wildwood and the winery, taking us through Labadie, close by Union and into Hermann via the back way, up from the south. The weather was perfect…okay, it did get a bit toasty in the cars BUT the drive was worth the two hours and we all enjoyed great food and the Stone Hill gift shop at the end of the trail.

As always, if you have an interesting vehicle (or even semi-interesting vehicle), feel free to join us for one of our driving events. Our big one for September is the All British Car & Cycle Show on Saturday the 18th at Creve Coeur Lake Park. We’re going to meet in advance of the big annual event for a quick breakfast, then drive as a group to the park. Keep an eye on www.sltoa.org for more info as the weekend approaches.

Admire the Hills Drive

Attention all who may be reading this, particularly if you live in the St Louis/Metro East area (or within reasonable distance of StL). If you’re looking for something fun to do on Sunday, 15 August, SLTOA members are making a drive to Hermann for some quality time at the Stone HIll Winery (to include a meal and most likely some form of libation).

If interested, come on out and join us on an entertaining drive through one of the more scenic areas of Missouri, type/model of car doesn’t matter. We’ll meet at the St Louis BreadCo in Wildwood (2400 Taylor Rd; the Dierbergs shopping center on the south side of MO 100) at 9:30 with a 10:00 AM departure. Y’all come!

Once More Unto the Breach!

Yeah, I’ve been rather delinquent in posting content on this blog but rest assured, the local Triumph Faithful have remained very busy as we’ve moved into the hot/humid days of summer (w/ the occasional massive thunderstorm, natch).

For example, on Tuesday, 19 July, a bunch of us did the annual gathering in a member’s back yard for good food and good conversation, along with a brief business meeting. We had a really good turnout of both Triumphs (plus a couple of Brand X), members and friends. Not sure how many years SLTOA’s done this particular gathering, but it’s one of the standards of our annual schedule.

On Sunday, 25 July, one of our members continued to carry the flag for extinct British sports cars in the Boeing Sports Car Club autocross series. Three of us from SLTOA actually competed, with Dave in the TR8, Creig in a Honda Civic and yours truly in the backup car, the Hyundai Elantra GT N-Line. Ah, but next month (22 August), I’ll return my TR8 to the fray. Should be a hoot, two Wedges on the field of competition. Maybe we can talk Creig into bringing out his Spitfire…

As always, if you’re in the vicinity of St Louis/Metro East (or even a tad farther afield) and are interested in participating in one of our events, monitor the calendar at www.sltoa.org and come on out. We’re always happy to welcome new cars/owners and again, the cars don’t have to be of English origin. See y’all out there!

Summertime, and the living is easy…

Beautiful weekend, great weather (okay, okay, a tad warm) and how do you spend your time? Yup, working on the TR8 again, utilizing a number of tools and the convenient rolling work table. The brake lights failure still has me stumped but the effort continues, resuming next weekend. Best case, I get the lights fixed Saturday and therefore get to drive the HSD in Sunday’s SLTOA drive to Eckert’s, over near Belleville. Stay tuned…

When In the Northwest

I mentioned travel in the previous blog…if you’re reading this and are in the vicinity of Vancouver, Washington/Portland, Oregon, drop by Commonwealth Classics Ltd, located at 1613 E 4th Street (to the immediate east of Vancouver Barracks National Historic Site). Second Sunday of each month, the owner hosts “Classics & Coffee,” always a good turnout of interesting cars and their owners.

Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted…

Yup, roughly six months from the last post, the result of a few technical issues and increasing, post-pandemic travel, official and otherwise. Anyway, the local clubs are getting back on the road and resuming in-person meetings (yahoo!) and we’ll make an effort to resume regular posts in this forum concerning SLTOA activities plus whatever else piques our interest.