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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

August 2000

August Meeting

The August meeting will be Tuesday evening at 7:00, August 15th, 2000 at Chuck-A-Burger Drive-In at 9025 St. Charles Rock Road, east of I 170.

Jamestown Mall Show, August 19th & 20th

We will meet at the south entrance between Famous Barr and Dillard’s where we can drive our cars in. Please arrive early enough to have your car ready to go into the mall between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM. We will have our cars parked and cordoned off by 9:00 AM. If you need to wipe your car down, shine your tires, etc., plan to do that outside in the parking lot before entering. The mall does not want any cleaners or wax on the floor. They don’t want someone to slip when walking. If it is raining there is a covered outside dock area on the other side of Dillard’s where we can wipe cars down before entering the mall. The cars will be left in place till Sunday evening. Bring a wrench to disconnect your battery, and plan to leave your car key with mall security so that your car can be moved in an emergency. Please plan to pick up your car Sunday evening between 6:00 & 6:30 PM. You can get your car ready to go any time after 6:00 PM but they don’t want cars moving out till 6:30 PM after all pedestrians are gone. From our experience last year, mall officials and clean-up people don't want to stay any later than necessary, so they will probably let cars move out shortly after 6:00 PM.

Now for the fun part. After the cars are set up on Saturday morning, all members (and friends who help) will be treated to breakfast at the Old Town Pancake House, (former location of Ihop) 1780 N. Lindbergh, 317-838-1551, on SLTOA. During Saturday there will be a customer ballot vote for favorite car. Sunday morning we will tally the ballots. Three winners will receive a trophy and perhaps some extra recognition (Ribbons?) for the car as it is on display Sunday. The mall may have coupons for discounts at mall stores. Coupons are not certain, so we'll have to wait and see on that. The one thing that is certain is that we will all have a good time getting together!

If you would like to show your car, but have not yet confirmed, please call Creig Houghtaling at 636-305-1143. If you have any questions please come to the club meeting on the 15th or call Creig Houghtaling at 636-305-1143 or Arlie King at 636-677-0545.

Kansas City All British Car and Cycle Meet, September 1st, 2nd, & 3rd

Host hotel, KCI Marriott Hotel at the Airport, 800-228-9290. Special room rate of $60/night. Early registration and party Friday night, Rally Saturday, Barbecue Saturday evening, and car show Sunday. (Too many other activities to list. The weekend is put on by at least a dozen different Kansas City area British and sports car clubs.) Registration $25 for the first car and $10 for additional cars. Free T-shirt with early pre-registration. Pre-registration: Kay Gamble 13621 South Walnut View, Olathe KS 66061. For more information come to the SLTOA meeting on the 15th or call Arlie King at 636-677-0545.

St. Louis All British Car Show, September 16th & 17th

All show registration details are on the enclosed flyer. SLTOA will again be selling food. Please be prepared to volunteer to help. If you cannot make the club meeting on the 15th, but you can help with some of the preliminary work, call Arlie King at 636-677-0545. Or if you cannot help with the preliminary work, show up on Sunday to help. Thanks!

July 18, 2000 SLTOA Meeting Minutes, By Bonnie David

McNulty’s WestPort 7 PM

The Jamestown Mall show and the All British Car Show were the main topics of discussion. See the notes above and the enclosed flyer. About 10 cars went on the Millstadt drive and all had a good time. The overnight Hannibal trip for August 5th & 6th was discussed. August and September meetings are planned for Chuck-A-Burger. Brian Borgstede reported that Joe Mann has had hip problems and has not been able to get around very well. The club has sent him a card. If you would like to also, his address is: 102 S. Grant Street, Pinckneyville, IL, 62274-1206. Bob Berger and Brian Borgstede will be working on a new club T-shirt. Watch for order information.

SLTOA E-Mail Communications, By Creig Houghtaling

During one of our past club meetings we discussed how the club could communicate last minute drives or other last minute activities to members. The most efficient way is e-mail. One letter could be written and all members on the e-mail list would have his or her notice immediately. This is much easier than spending hours on the telephone calling people who usually aren't home anyway. If you would like to be on such a list, take a minute right now to send your current e-mail address to me at CreigKay@aol.com. Another thing we could do with this is save the club printing and stamp money by sending the newsletter via e-mail rather than via hard copy and snail mail. If you would like to get your newsletter via e-mail, note that when you write me. The newsletter could be sent as a large e-mail note, or as an attached Word document, or as a hot-link to our web site. Another possible option is an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file. The Acrobat reader is available to anyone as a free download. Please state your preference. Now, for all those who do not have e-mail or internet connection, or who do not prefer to check his or her e-mail regularly, the club will always have a hard-copy snail-mail version available for you!

Welcome New SLTOA Members

Please welcome the following new members and add them to your roster:

Doug Stoverink, 13 Kingspoint Drive, St . Peters, MO 63376, (636) 978-4103, 68 TR250

David Butler, 6363 Alexander Drive, St. Louis, MO 63105, (314) 862-3878, 79 Spitfire

On the road to Portland, By Dave Massey

The following story is Dave Massey’s report on he and Linda’s trip to Portland VTR in their newly restored TR8.

(Day 1)

Date: 7/31/00 9:09:55 AM Central Daylight Time

From: 105671.471@compuserve.com (David Massey)

Sender: owner-tr8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu

To: TR8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu (TR8 List)

(With apologies to Hope and Crosby) "We're on the road to Por-ortland"

It was oh-dark thirty and we arose from our peaceful slumber to back the TR8 and head off into the wild west. I loaded the trunk (which is deceptively large - in Triumph terms), backed the 8 out of the garage, put the TR6 in the garage in it's place (nature abhores a vacuum) and headed off westward. Oops, left the watch at the office. Oh well, we're passing by anyway. Stop in, Oops, a little bit of business I forgot to take care of before I left Friday. 45 minutes later we are on the road for real. Oh well, only an hour behind schedule. What's an hour on this trip.

It was raining lightly as we left St. Louis but the rain soon stopped and the further west we went the lighter the cloud cover became. By the time we hit Kansas City (and a quick stop at Victoria British for some lasty minute items (they had one but not the other)) It was norhtward to the home of Brad Kahler in Lincoln Nebraska. By the time we got to Lincoln we had covered over 450 miles in the TR8 and I must say what a fine highway car it is. Quiet, comfortable, roomy (by Triumph standards) and much less fatiguing than the TR6 we drove to Portland (the other Portland) last year. If only it had criuse.

We arrived at Brad's house about 2:00 and he gave us a quick tour of his workshop (to heck with the house) and we headed off west. The plan was to stop for the night in Ogallala (yes folks, that's for real. Look it up) some 300 miles futher west making for a 700 -800 mile first day.

Ogallala. "25 Hotels." All booked. Seems that between two baseball tournements, a golf tounement and something at the lake has left them booked solid. Even North Platte and Sidney were booked with the over flow. Oh well. Lets get dinner, call the travel agent and see if they have anything in Cheyenne. Econo-Lodge. $63 a night. Sounded like an oxymoron to me but OK. Only another three hours.

11:00 PM. Cheyenne WY. We've been on the road for 17 hours. If we were truckers we would have been busted hours ago. "Hello Econolodge, we have reservations." "Your reservations are for tomorrow night." "What?!!!" "Hello travel agent..." Turns out the whole place has been booked since Jan 1. Something about Frontier Days. I thought cowboys liked to sleep under the stars!

11:45 PM. Laramie, WY. Two rooms. $80 per night. Plus tax. At least we won't have to drive straight through to Portland! On the bright side we have only 1000 more miles and three days to get there.

Are You Sure This Is a British Car?

The car is running! The car is completely reassembled except for the engine and transmission. I was concerned about the engine since the oil pressure is not too healthy but it has performed flaulessly. When I first put it together there was a healthy oil leak in the vicinity of the oil drain plug. I changed the oil just before leaving and loticed that the copper washer on the plug was all mangled (probably from someone overtorquing it) so off to the autoparts store. "we don't have anything that big" they said after looking in the selection box. Hello Ace Hardware plumbing department. One fibre washer and one nylon washer that fit fine and I'm back to the garage. I installed the fibre washer (with some Hylomar HPF for insurance) and crossed my fingers.

So far, no leaks. Furthermore, after driving 1,000 miles there is no discernable drop in the oil level. This thing uses no oil at all! Are you sure this is a British car?!!!

Next time: We drive to Rock Springs and into Utah (We hope).

Dave Massey

1980 TR8

On the road in Laramie, WY.

Subj: The road to Portland (Day 2)

Date: 7/31/00 9:09:07 AM Central Daylight Time

From: 105671.471@compuserve.com (David Massey)

Sender: owner-tr8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu

To: Triumphs@autox.team.net (TR List), TR8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu (TR8 List)

"What do I need airconditioning" I said. "We'll be in the mountains where it is cool" I said. "We should pack some jackets" I said. I've said dumber things in my life but not much.

Wyoming was HOT. For a place that has gates on the interstate so they can close them down due to snow, it was HOT. Even though the elevation averaged 6,000 feet, it was HOT. Sure it was a dry heat, it was still HOT. And the car doesn't care about humidity. Heat is heat.

Physics lesson #461:

At elevation water boils at a lower temperature. At 6300 ft water boils at about 193 degrees F. If the thermostat operates at 195 and your cap doesn't hold pressure you've got a recipe for a steam generator. Ask me how I know. Sure I had a mixture of ethylene glycol and water which has raises the boiling level and that saved me whilst I was under way but each stop brought forth my own little geyser.

20 miles out of Laramie we stopped at a rest stop and I lost, yet again, what seamed like an insignificant amount of coolant. when we left Brad took off down the highway and I stopped for a photo-op. "No problem" I said. "I can catch up" I said. "No you won't, either" destiny said. No sooner did I get back on the highway than the temp gauge began it's slow steady climb toward "hot." I happened upon a service station in the middle of no where with a friendly, if not very helpful attendand with $10.00 antifreeze and a hose full of alkyli water.

45 minutes later, with crossed fingers, we hit the highway again and although the tempgauge was reading higher than before it held steady. No chance of catching Brad (unless he broke down) but we did some hot footing it anyway. The TR8 likes 80 MPH. It will easily handle 85 or more even at altitude. The problem with driving 85 (besides the possible legal problems, but in Wyoming???) is that there is a stop at 85. If you drive 85 the speedo reads 85. If you drive 100 the speedo reads, what? 85. I guess I'll have to start searching for a 140 MPH speedo.

200 miles to Rock Springs and the temp held steady. The altitude ranged from 5,000 to 7,000 feet. The temperature was in the 90's. My radiator cap was not holding pressure. The engine temp held steady all the way. Until I stoped for gas. During the three hour break in Rock Springs (while the wife visited with her cousin whom she hasn't seen in 11 years) Brad and I headed off to wash the industrail strength water spots off of the car. At the auto parts (where the car, once again barfed up some coolant) store I bought some cleaning supplies, some stop leak and a radiator cap. It was only after I put on the cap and the symptoms seemed to disapear that I comprehended physics lesson #461. I guess I should have replaces the thermostat with a 165 degree model but we were headed for Utah and lower altitudes. Anyway, I figured the cap would solve most of the problems.

The trip into Ogden Utah was uneventful except for the fact that as a midwesterner, living in the rolling hills of the Ozark Moutains, driving 40 miles, downhill, continously, I mean not up and down but down, is a bit of a culture shock.

BTW, It didn't get any cooler as we descended.

Dave Massey

On the road in Ogden Utah

P.S. I still have that bottle of stop leak in the trunk. Maybe I'll donate it to the auction.

Subj: The Road to Portland (Day 3)

Date: 8/1/00 9:02:39 AM Central Daylight Time

From: 105671.471@compuserve.com (David Massey)

Sender: owner-tr8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu

To: Triumphs@autox.team.net (TR List), TR8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu (TR8 List)

And I thought Wyoming was hot. What gives? I thought Idaho was in the mountains and the mountains were cool. Well they are cool in that the scenery is tremendous. Or at least it would be if the view wasn't obstructed by all the smoke haze from the brush fires that seem to be everywhere out here this year.

It was 105 when we got into Ontario, OR at 5:00. It must have been 110 at some points along the way. And this was aggrevated by the fact that the TR8 has louvers in the bonnet which emit copious amounts of hot air that finds it's way into the car with the windows down. And, yes it's a dry heat but we still lost copious amounts of bodily fluids which must be replenished, unlike the TR8 which behaved itself quite nicely with the new radiator cap.

Checked the gas milage. We averaged 22 MPG (US) from St. Louis to Cheyenne WY. From Cheyenne to Rock Springs it dropped to 20. Rock Springs to Ogden it fell further to 19.5. And that was down hill. And that was when I found the gas leak. The compression fitting on the fuel filter at the carbs came loose and was leaking petrol on the intake manifold. A quick tightening with some wrenches and we were off again. Ogden, Utah to Jasper, Idaho is 170 miles. We consumed 6.7 gallons (US) for a 25 MPG result. And 23.8 MPG on the next leg. What a difference it makes when ALL the fuel gets to the carbs.

No mishaps on this day. Tomorrow we drive up Mt Hood.

Dave Massey, on the road in Burns, Oregon

Subj: The Road to Portland (Day 4)

Date: 8/2/00 8:54:31 AM Central Daylight Time

From: 105671.471@compuserve.com (David Massey)

Sender: owner-tr8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu

To: Triumphs@autox.team.net (TR List), TR8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu (TR8 List), racespit@netzero.net (Racespit)

It was in the low 70's when we left Burns, OR. Now this is more like it! Nice, cool, dry weather, an open road (unfortunately about as straight as an arrow) and 130 miles to Bend and we drive through the desolate country passing a fuel stop about once every 45 miles. And the price shows. Can you believe $2.28 per gallon! That's about 50% more than what they charge in town. I guess if you need it, you NEED it.

We fuel up in Bend, Oregon. Oregon has a state law that prohibits self serve gas stations. I guess the theory is that we, who disassemble and reassemble cars are not smart enough to pump our own gas. Go figure.

At any rate, while making the right turn onto the main drag something piddled on my foot. And, no, it was not the Chihuahua. It looks like a fully functional radiator cap stressed the heater core. Oh well, the way the weather has been, the last thing I need is a heater. Since I was 200 feet from the last fuel stop and I was going to loose some coolant swaping out the hoses (to bypass the heater) and the car needed to cool to relieve the pressure in the cooling system anyway, I walked back to buy some more antifreeze.By the time I got back Brad and Bud had already swapped my heater hoses for me! So a quick top up of the cooling system and we were underway again.

The Scenery brom Bend to Mt. Hood ranges from scrub desert to dramatic canyon-like river valleys to Pine forests to mountains. What a wonderful place this is.

Finding a hotel in the shadow of Mt Hood, we unload Brad's Spitfire from the trailer and set off to drive up Mt. Hood. About 1/2 way up, waiting in a traffic que, the temperature again started to rise. This time it was the radiator fan fuse. Replace the fuse and we are off again. This cooling system is starting to tax my patience. The rest of the trip was uneventful. But then, we have a 30 mile run into Portland tomorrow and anything can happen.

Dave Massey (On the Road in Sandy, OR.)

Subj: Road to Portland (Day 6)

Date: 8/4/00 3:34:35 PM Central Daylight Time

From: 105671.471@compuserve.com (David Massey)

Sender: owner-tr8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu

To: Triumphs@autox.team.net (TR List), TR8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu (TR8 List)

Not much to report since we are already at Portland. Spent the morning at the autocross. Driving the TR8 takes some getting used to (since I only just put it together) but it is quite flexible. You steer the front end with the steering wheel and the back end with the accelerator. BTW four wheel power slides are not the fastest way around the course.

Later in the day I discovered that even though I had replaced one fuse I only had one radiator fan. Looks like the dreaded corroded contact in the fuse block and the melted plastic support syndrom. Tomorrow I will have to wire in an emergency inline fuse holder power feed to that fan. No concours points for on the road mishaps, right?

Dave Massey

On the road to Portland

Subj: Road to prtland (Day 7)

Date: 8/5/00 9:09:44 AM Central Daylight Time

From: 105671.471@compuserve.com (David Massey)

Sender: owner-tr8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu

To: Triumphs@autox.team.net (TR List), TR8@mercury.lcs.mit.edu (TR8 List)

Photoshot this morning. In the hotel parking lot. Some more cars have turned up since yesterday. A really nice Triumph 10 from Wsiconsin. And a Triumph 2000 Estate. There must be 6 2000's here. (Figures since that is the featured Marque. Get it? 2000, Y2K?) (ahem)

And then there's the TR250K. The one TR250K. The Only TR250K. And Kas Kastner his-own-self! (And the current owner and the guy who restored it). Luck for me I brought my Special Tuning Manual for the TR6. Or maybe I should say my autographed copy of the Special Tuning Manual for the TR6.

Well, this is work on the car day. I installed a new power feed to the readiator fan with an inline fuse holder (hey! On the road repairs - anything goes). Works. Now I have both fans again. But no low speed. Another problem for when I return home.

Met up with Randall Young and Bill Hood and Dana Scott. It's fun to meet listers for the first time. No more faceless names for now on. (And Chris, pictures were taken so you can put their faces on your wall, too!)

Cheers, lads


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