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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

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October Meeting

The October meeting will be Tuesday evening at 7:00, October 17th, 2000 at McNulty's, Westport Plaza.

September 12 Meeting at Chuck A Burger, Minutes By Robin Borgstede

Old Business:

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Jamestown Mall show. It was a great success! Mention was made of sending a letter of appreciation to the mall staff for their hospitality and help and possibly a plaque to thank them also. Arlie is working on this

New Business:

Treasury Report passed around

Arlie reported on the car show class designation. Arlie worked with the MG club to get more spots for judging the cars. Be there by 8 am if you are helping set up and remember to bring ice and coolers.

Creig made a plea to the club to PLEASE contribute to the newsletter!!!


Upcoming Events:

October 22 - Sunday - Fall Color Tour

Jack Fansher will be our ever-faithful drive master on our annual trip to Bias Winery. Meet at 10 am at the corner of Manchester & Clarkson (in the parking lot next to the Amoco station (at least I think it's Amoco - next to the WalMart or KMart parking lot). We are leaving a t 10:30 SHARP - if you are going to be late, please call someone to let us know and we will try to wait a few minutes - otherwise we are leaving at 10:30 SHARP. The drive is approx. 2 hours through the beautiful countryside and hopefully we will see some lovely fall colors - keep your fingers crossed. For anyone who has not done this drive before – the Winery sells soda, wine, non-alcoholic wine, sausage & cheese plates, crackers, and brats. Most people bring along a picnic basket and we end up having a family style lunch on the lawn with food passing all around. Please come in any vehicle you can - it is a GREAT drive.

Fall Color Tour to Bias Winery, By Jack Fansher (almost a repeat from Robin’s report above)

Sunday, October 22, 10:00AM - Meet at Manchester and Clarkson Road behind the Shell station on the K-Mart parking lot. The tour will leave promptly at 10:30AM.

Enjoy the fall colors and weather on a back-roads tour to the winery. Bring a lunch or purchase food at the winery. There will be music, rides through the vineyards, a nature trail, and a pond where you can feed the fish. As usual, Jim will provide the tour group with a parking corral on the hill.

We invite all British car enthusiasts to join in on the fun! There is no fee. Individuals pay their own expenses.

For more information call Jack Fansher at 314-275-2563

Editor’s note. We forwarded this invitation to the MG club and the Jaguar club at the British car show. The MG club reproduced the above invitation in their October newsletter, so I expect we will enjoy some MG company!

Annual Halloween Rallye (copied from the MG club newsletter)

Come in costumes (creative or not). There will be prizes! Fun! The rallye will be followed by a Halloween party at John Mangles’ haunted house (soon to be Carol Brown’s too) on Canyon Ct. in Spooky St. Charles.

We are meeting at the SMOKEHOUSE RESTAURANT in Creepy Chesterfield (Corner of Baxter and Chesterfield Airport Road) on Saturday, October 28th at 2:00 PM. You don’t need a running British car to participate…just a silly costume! John’s party will be a "POT LUCK" dinner – so everyone should bring a dish and the club will provide beverages of the non-alcoholic type (of course). Rallye Masters are Robert Rushing and Mike Pentacost.

Details will follow as they fall in place. Call the Club Hot-Line for the latest info.

Editor’s note: Arlie King told me that when he talked to the MG guys at the British car show, they were looking forward to having Triumph Club Members join them again this year for the Halloween Rallye. If there are any questions please call John Mangles at 314-426-1600, or Mike Fishman (MG Club Chairman) at 314-453-0331 sultanofsamba@hotmail.com or the MG Club Hotline, 314-995-TOMG.

SLTOA Web Site, By Creig Houghtaling - And Other New Ideas, By Arlie King

The computer and the Internet are replacing traditional print communications. Anybody with a computer and a little bit of skill can create content for an Internet web site. Anyone with Internet access, a computer and mouse can point & click and read what has been written, look at the pictures (still or moving), and listen to the sound. SLTOA has a new member, Gary Allgood, who is in the web site hosting business. He has offered to help SLTOA develop our web site. Gary and I have talked about ideas that we have regarding what could be done. Please come to our next meeting to hear them and to add your ideas. One thing we will have to decide on is if we would like to have a simpler address for our site like www.SLTOA.org. To have our own address, we will have to pay a monthly fee of $20 for web site hosting. I know there are plenty of arguments against spending the money. In fact, I am one of the cheapest persons in the club who could probably come up with more arguments than anyone else. But I am highly in favor of spending the money to create SLTOA.org. I think if we have our own unique address we will take more pride in the site and we will have more people take the effort to add content to the site. And if you want people to come back to a web site you have to have new content for them to come back to read. As an organization we do not own a club house or any other real property. A web site can be our home address. It can be a permanent place to come back to if we drift off. It can be a method to stay in touch. To prove my point, I just added 6 new members who signed up at the British car show. Three of these were past members from ’97 and ’98. We need a place we can all call home. Even if we don’t all take full advantage of it all the time. The address does make a difference. Just ask anyone who lives in Kirkwood, Chesterfield, or Ladue why they spend more money for their address.

I was talking to Arlie King last night. He enjoys hearing about club members’ projects and how they are progressing on them. He has given us time at the meetings to tell about what we are doing. He suggested that perhaps we could do the same thing in the newsletter. Members could write a sentence or two telling what they are doing. It would go something like this: Arlie King recently got his TR3 body set back on his completed chassis. An old fellow who was to help him with the final body work has had to quit for health reasons. So Arlie has been checking another shop near the airport to continue with the work. I have been refurbishing my TR6 suspension. I have disassembled, cleaned and painted all the parts that I had off of another car that I parted out several years ago. That gives me the opportunity to take my time to do the kind of work that I enjoy doing and still drive my car. When I get all the suspension parts back together, I will take a day to swap old worn out parts for fresh refurbished parts. I’ll have to bring in a couple of shiny painted parts to show off at the next meeting. I liked seeing Dave Massey’s powder coated wire wheel he brought in last time. I enjoyed seeing the 16 valve sprint head that Cliff Davis brought in either last meeting or the one before.

So, send me your story for the November newsletter. My address is CreigKay@aol.com. All you have to do is type me an e-mail. I will cut and paste.

Classified Ads Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or CreigKay@aol.com or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

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Two (2) 1980 Spitfires for sale, One with low miles since engine overhaul and has a rust free body. The other a good driver. Also a 1976 MGB. Please call Rick Lawrence @636-256-8043


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