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†† Exhaust Notes

Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† January 2001

January Meeting:McNultyís Ė Westport Plaza Ė 7:00 PM, Jan. 16th, 2001

Presidential Notes, By Arlie King

SLTOA members, I have four items for the January newsletter.

1.)   First of all Happy New Year and get your car cover off for a good driving season. If you havenít noticed British cars are doing well in the global market place. Joe at Wilsonís Special Interest Cars told me that they have to pay twice as much for a TR as they did five years ago. This means that if you continue to enjoy and improve your LBC it will return your investment. Letís get out more and have some fun this year.

2.)   Our Christmas party was a hoot. Dave and Linda Massey got the Rambler shocks and were delighted. Everyone enjoyed themselves and Mel was glad of that. Please give Mel and Gail a pat on the back for their hard work with putting on a super party. Good on you two!!!I was glad to see some of the members we donít get to see too much of. Maybe it was the food. Or maybe they wanted those Rambler Shocks too. If you missed the party try to come this Christmas.

3.)   There is some Discussion going around about producing another Car Club Calendar. So lets vote on that next meeting. Any volunteers? There is a lot programmed for this year. I would like to see more people sign up for the VTR this year. I will plan on going how about you? This is the time to order parts as well if you did not get your Vicky British Winter Special Catalog call 800-255-0088. This catalog reduced prices as 35%. So get the brake parts you need. Please donít run into the back of my car. If I ever get it on the road.

4.)   My TR3A is a month away from hitting the streets. It is going back together slowly because Old Man Winter is coming right through my garage. I have learned a lot from the restoration. From the shear cost of it to the hard work to get it right. If I had it to do over I would have done things a little different but it was my ignorance of all the places I could have gotten something done to save time that was the biggest challenge. I tried to do three things every day that push it along and I have found that those three things usually end up being five. The car is on the budget I planned for and should be a nice example.

2001 Polar Bear Run Ė Sunday February 4th Starting at 10:00 AM, By Creig Houghtaling

Our Annual St. Louis Triumph Owners Association ďPolar Bear RunĒ will begin at 10:00 AM sharp on Feb. 4th.The drive will begin at the Famous & Barr lower parking lot at the South County Center.South County Center is between†† I 55, I 255, Lemay Ferry, and Lindberg Blvd.On my map I saw at least a dozen different places to eat within Ĺ mile; everything from something quick like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to something popular (you have to wait in a long line before you can eat) like Uncle Bills.So plan to meet your friends, grab a bite to eat and be ready to drive by 10:00 AM.John Lamberg asked me to map the drive this year, so it will be very similar to our drive last year.We will use Sandy Creek Covered Bridge - State Historic Site as our mid-point apex and rest stop.Then we will drive the back-road hills to my house in Jefferson County south of Fenton.There we will order in pizza - Dutch treat.Individuals may bring other treats and drinks as desired.We have invited both the MG club and Austin Healey club for the drive and the following party so we might have a pretty good attendance this year.Plan to enjoy the day with British Car Nuts -whether you drive your British car or not!

Digital Bits, by Gary Allgood

The SLTOA web site has grown to include 5 members Triumphs yours should be next. Bring a picture to the next meeting and give it to Creig Houghtaling, or Gary Allgood. You can also e-mail pictures if you have a scanner or digital camera to Creig or Gary mailto:gallgoodATlvsDOTnet.

The Polar Bear run would also be a good time to get a few digital pictures taken, see the December newsletter for more information on the Polar Bear run Be there, and be warm!

Other SLTOA web site improvements? I have completed a search engine registration process (free), which will help others to find our site on the Internet. Using Yahoo ( and keywords like Triumph and Saint Louis, you can find us quickly. We also added our web site URL to the VTR Chapter listing on the VTR web site:

The SLTOA Triumph Spotlight? The Triumph Spotlight helps defray the costs associated with maintaining our web site. A $20.00 donation will give you and your TR front page bragging rights, and after your time is over a permanent home in the SLTOA Archives. Contact the Webmaster to put your TR in the Spotlight.

To date the web site has helped one Triumph Owner, find the SLTOA.

Do you have an E-mail address? If you do, and it is not listed in our membership database ( let us know so we can add yours.


Aldoís Baby, By Aldo Magnani

Well itís done! My TR3B looks great!Of course, Iíve had it out only twice since taking it home late last year, but it ran well then and no reason not to expect it to run well again this Spring.But for now, Baby stays in the garage under 3 covers with an occasional startup to keep the engine lubed and the battery fresh.

It all started back in September 1996 with a telephone call from my son, John, from Maryland.He owns two TR3Aís and is forever working on them. He saw an ad for a TR3B and sold me on the idea of starting another restoration. Iíd just completed a 5 year job on a 1930 Ford TudorWhat sold me was the fact that the B model is fairly rare as only 3000 were made expressly for the US market.

Well, I negotiated and bought it without ever having seen it.Boy, Iíll never do that again!It came from Texas and was delivered with a tow at the back of a Chevy Blazer.It looked good from my doorway, but the enthusiasm waned considerably as I got a closer look.We unhooked it and ran it around the sub-division, concluded our business, and the seller took off. The more I looked at it, the more body problems I discovered.Plus mechanically it left a lot to be desired. I got it to Charlie Steger on Manchester for a valve job and check of the brakes which needed adjustment.Of course we checked and changed oil and transmission fluids. Looked all over, but couldnít find the power steering fill up.havenít to this day!

Anyway, I played with it for a year and a half and decided Iíd had enough of frozen bolts, rusted parts and body scraping and sanding.And who needs two carburetors for just four cylinders?

I looked for a company I could trust to restore it as a good looking runner.I found Charley Key at British Cars of America and we set a budget and he picked up the Baby in mid 1998.We did a complete body off restoration with pictures every step of the way. The body came back in tip top shape with the shiniest coat of black I have ever seen. It appeared we were on budget right up to mid 2000.Then all sense of sanity evaporated. We rarely repaired anything unless it was totally unavailable from some source and replaced everything with new.What started out as a good looking runner ended up a top notch show car as well as an excellent runner!

We are looking forward to many miles of fun motoring this next summer and for many years thereafter!As much as I like this little car, I must admit, my first love will always be my 1930 Ford Flivva!

Classified Ads Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

1977 Triumph TR7, NICE, White and black with SunRoof, 5-speed, A/C, Over $3,750 invested in restoration in past three and a half years.I am third owner. This car has been in my family for almost 20-years.$2,995. Cash.See receipts.Drive it home in any weather.A Great Car! (314) 772-1306

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