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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                           February 2001

February Meeting:  McNulty’s – Westport Plaza – 7:00 PM, Feb. 20th, 2001

Dues are Due

Now is the time to renew your membership in the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association.  Folded in with this newsletter you will find a form with the current information that the club has.  Please correct and/or add any information that is missing.  Write a check for $20 made payable to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association (or SLTOA), and mail it to Bonnie David, 500 Marie Drive, St. Charles, MO  63301.  If you have already paid for the 2001 calendar year, you will see a note at the top of the renewal page.  If you have already paid, please check your information and make any required updates.

SLTOA Meeting Minutes - January 16, 2001 -McNulty's at Westport, By Robin Borgstede

Old Business:
Big Thanks to Mel & Gail Parentin for the wonderful Holiday Party!!!
New Business:
- If you are interested in the MG club happenings you can visit their website at "STLMGClub.com".
- Aldo Magnani will be sponsoring the SLTOA website for February - any volunteers for sponsoring March?  If you are interested please contact Arlie or Gary Algood.
- What about a 2002 SLTOA club calendar?  It was suggested that it is a little late to start working on a 2001, but if we all start taking new pictures and rooting through our old ones we can come up with 12 good pics for a 2002 calendar.  Now, any volunteers to put it all together???  Please let Arlie know if you are interested in this project.

- 2001 Membership renewals will be coming your way soon.  The 2001 dues are $20.00.  New membership forms will be in your mailbox soon.
-We would like to get ahold of the KC Triumph Club to see if there is any interest in joining forces on the trip to CO for the VTR National convention in August.  It is always nice to travel in a group and to meet new people. 
Upcoming Events:
- February Meeting at McNulty's
- April 1  How many April Fools do we have?  Lets find out as we follow John Strowbridge along the Great River Road in IL.  A rain date of March 31 has been planned.  Drive details will be coming soon. - April 14 Wash up Tune Up at Keith Bester's (Healy club sponsored)  Bring you car over and get it ready for the big car show on Sunday. 
- April 15  Easter Car show sponsored by the Horseless Carriage Club - cars park on the upper Muny parking lot.  We will try to all park together.
-April 29  Pinckneyville drive.  Jack & Bonnie David will lead us on a beautiful drive to Pinckneyville to the home of Joe & Mary Mann.  Joe has an incredible collection of clocks, cars, antique firearms – you name it he has it.  Joe & Mary are wonderful hosts and you can be assured of having a wonderful afternoon in their company.  Drive details will be coming soon.

- May 20 Columbia, MO British Car Show.  This year the Columbia show will be held in Fulton, MO.  Take an afternoon off and drive down - it is a nice show and who nows- you may even win best car in show!
- May 25-27 Champagne British Car Show.  Several of the club members are planning to caravan up to Champagne-Urbana for the weekend - why don't you join the fun too?  Details will be posted in the next newsletter.
- August 22-25 VTR Convention in Breckenridge, CO.  The drive is approx. 1100 - 1200 miles through the beautiful Midwest. Registration Cost:  $123 for non VTR members, $98 for VTR members.  Once again several members of SLTOA are already making plans for a caravan of TR's to Breckenridge.  Why not join up with this wagontrain yourself??   ***** Arlie asked that the club members go around the table and give an update on their current projects, what interesting drives they have been on, etc.   End of meeting.

Winery Tour/April Fool's Run, By John Strowbridge

The First Annual April Fool's Run is scheduled for guess what??? April 1st!!!  The run will be on the "right" side of the Mississippi in Illinois along the Great River Road.  Details are being developed at this point, but stops for lunch may be at either the Pierre Marquette State Park or the Fin Inn.  This run along the river bluffs is scheduled to end with a gathering at the Piasa Winery in Grafton, Illinois.  We would like to invite our friends, the MG Club of St. Louis and the Gateway Healey Association to join us on this auspicious occasion.  More details at the next meeting, and as always, check the website for updates.

Hot Invitation, By Arlie King

Dear SLTOA members:   We have been invited (as well as other local clubs) to the First Annual "Brits by the Shore All British Car Show." The show will be held the Hot Springs Arkansas, National Park, May 5, 2001, from 10am till 3pm. The show is sponsored by the British Motoring Club of Arkansas.  Show and Lodging is at Lake Hamilton Resort. 22 Classes judged by peoples choice for 1st and 2nd place trophies. 4 classes judged by panel of experts for:  Best interior -- Best paint -- Best engine bay -- Best of show   For info and reservations/costs contact Lee Cowling @501-372-8182.  If you've never been to Hot Springs it is beautiful. Very laid back, old hotels with mineral spring baths. If you get drunk enough you can bath in front of the village fountain. There is thorough bred horse racing, antique shops and turn of the century homes. The lake is huge with all types of boat rentals and shops. The lake has many restaurants and lots of fun. If you want to go there is conflict. There is an annual 14th meet at Townsend Tenn. See you at the next meeting. Arlie

2001 Polar Bear Run, By Arlie King

The Polar Bear Run was our 2001 kickoff ride that was filled with typical things that happen in cold weather. We had a little confusion as to which Famous Barr parking lot we needed to be at but when John Lambert showed up with the Crispy Cremes it seemed like the other group found us. Thanks for the donuts John.  John has now become our favorite member.  We left the parking lot later than we planned but the God's of weather were on our side and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Ask anyone there and you will find you missed not only a brisk ride but a nice one.  We had as many club members from the Healey and MG clubs as there were of us.  That made a good mixture of LBC's that had everyone out Sunday looking our way.  Thanks to all you brave souls that risked your health and a day off to enjoy our cars and great friendship.   On behalf of all three clubs, thanks to Creig and Kay for the well planned trip complete with color maps and a warm,  beautiful home for us to suck down the suds and enjoy Pizza.  In-addition lots of thanks to the folks that brought the cookies and cakes. It was a good time to be had by all.  Thanks again.  See you next year at the 2002 Polar Bear Run!!!

Digital Bits, by Gary Allgood

More SLTOA Members Triumphs are on the web site, is yours? Your Triumph need not be concours, or mint condition to have a web page.  It just needs to be British, and I am not too sure that matters!  All that is required is a picture or two and a few words about it.  Your name, the commission number, or rare factory options.  Maybe the fact that you purchased it new, or it was a wedding gift from Sir John Black.

SLTOA List Serve?  Do you have an e-mail address?  If you do you should e-mail the webmaster (gallgoodATlvsDOTnet) and ask him to add your name to the list serve.

Web Site of the Month: The Works TR4 Rally Cars, found in Europe: http://home.t-online.de/home/carco/tr4home.htm

Classified Ads Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or CreigKay@aol.com or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

63 TR4, Second owner, 43,603 miles, new interior, new valves/guides/seals, new brakes, new fuel pump, no rust, $9,500.  Mel Parentin 314-961-8567

1966 Triumph TR4A, IRS. New tires, decent top, fair interior, new head on engine. Normal rust in rocker panels and lower front fenders. Car does run, but has been sitting for over a year. No overdrive on it. Asking $1800.00 Contact Pete at 314-220-1974 or peteprenger@AOL.COM   Photographs of this car can be viewed at: http://www.sltoa.org/classifieds/Prenger/TR4for_sale.htm

1977 Triumph TR7, NICE, White and black with SunRoof, 5-speed, A/C, Over $3,750 invested in restoration in past three and a half years.  I am third owner. This car has been in my family for almost 20-years.  $2,995. Cash.  See receipts.  Drive it home in any weather.  A Great Car! (314) 772-1306  StLouisRains@hotmail.com

(Editor’s note)  Pictures of this car can be seen at:  http://www.sltoa.org/Members/Rains/default.htm


St. Louis Triumph Owners Association 

Creig Houghtaling

36 Copper Mountain Court

Fenton, MO 63026-5682



Editor’s note: by Creig Houghtaling

Last year I heard about the MG club’s Missouri Endurance Rally.  I was not able make that one, but I would like to do it this year.  If anyone would like to join me, let’s get together and have some fun!  My number is 636-305-1143 and my e-mail is CreigKay@aol.com.

To learn how much fun this can be, read the following article that was written for a recent issue of the MG club newsletter.

5th Annual Missouri Endurance Rally, By Robert Rushing

 This past March was the 5th running of our annual Missouri Endurance Rally and it was the 4th time I had participated.   As usual, it was brutal, painful, awful, and the most fun of any event in the entire year.   For those of you who don't know what a Missouri Endurance Rally is, it is a 24 hour marathon covering roughly 1000 miles.  Although the rules have varied each time, essentially, you and a partner drive your MG (or other British car) to different locations, get proof that you were there, then make it back to the starting point.  Unlike most time/speed events, this one is more concerned with mileage or rather lack of mileage.  The goal is to reach all the destinations and get back while covering the least number of miles.   To some, I'm sure this sounds horrible; but trust me, it really is fun.

The first year we held it, I drove with John Mangles in his MGA.   It was the middle of March and we ran the entire rally with the top down.  The day was beautiful and warm.  However, at 3 a.m. it was freezing.   Never have I been so cold in my life.  John drove that morning stretch and quietly prayed that I would die so he could steal my clothes.  Before we left on the trip, John said:  "An event like this will either make us hate each other or we'll become the best of friends."   I am very proud to say that it was the latter.   The second year, I rode with Jim Maguire in his 57 MGA.   It was a beautiful drive that was highlighted by a night which was so clear that we were able to see the Hale-Bopp comet crossing through the sky.   The third year, I was with John again in his right hand drive 69 BGT.   We might have been competitive that year except for that time we got lost south of Desoto when I missed that turn then again the next day when I got us lost in some forest over in Illinois trying to find a short cut to Grand Tower.   Oh, well.   The 4th year, I missed.   Which is a shame because I missed out on the deer jerky that Dennis & Adam Scanlan made with Dennis's MGA Coupe.   (Now that's good eatin'!)   The 5th year, which as I said was this past March, was the wettest.   It would have been considered the wettest because it was the first year that it rained.   However, aside from that fact, it would still be the wettest even if we held it during a hurricane some other year.   During the day it was pretty clear and nice, but as soon as night fell, the rains came.  It poured all night long.  Hard, steady rain.  But by morning, it cleared up again and it was a nice day.   I drove with Mike Pentecost in his 70 MGB.  Barney Gaylord from the Chicago land MG Club drove with his 10 year old son (guess who had to do all the driving!).   But most daring of all,  John rode with his girlfriend Carol in his MGA.   As John had said above, either it would make them close or end it.  Since they are getting married in May and they are planning on running it again, I guess he found him a keeper!

All of this reminiscing brings me to the point of this article, on March 24th of 2001 (just four months away) will be our 6th annual rally.   We'll be leaving out of St Louis that Saturday morning around 8 a.m. and returning 27 hours later at 11 a.m. on Sunday.    This year will be a State Parks/Historic Sites tour.  There are 80 parks/sites in the State of Missouri.   Mike Pentecost & I have picked 40 of them.   That day, we will draw 10 of those names out of some hats then we'll take a mileage reading.  After that, the rules are simple:  drive to the locations that are drawn, take a Polaroid picture of your co-driver holding a copy of that day's Post Dispatch front page in front of the specified location (sign, statue, etc), then make it back to St Louis by 11 a.m. Sunday morning.   The only catch will be that your driver's license will be sealed in an envelope.  If the envelope is opened (which means you got stopped) then you are disqualified.  The car covering the least number of miles, wins!    Traditionally, the cars are to be pre-1981 British cars; but we are willing to make exceptions.   I've already heard from a guy who ran it two years ago and wants to run it again.  Unfortunately, he doesn't think any of his British cars will be ready so he asked if he could run it in a 1961 Alfa Romeo 1300 Giulietta.   I told him I think it is totally nuts to drive a rally like this in an old British car; but to drive it in an old Italian car is just insane, which of course, will make him the favorite to win.

All I can say is don't be afraid to enter.   It is a blast.  You'll be amazed at the roads you'll find and the fun you'll have.  Our cars were made with these kind of events in mind.  It's a shame not have some fun with them!

This year’s details

6th Annual Missouri Endurance Rally, March 24-25, 2001, By Robert Rushing

Event fee: $20 per car

St Louis, Missouri then around the state and back to St Louis.

Organizers: MG Club of St Louis  http://www.stlouismgclub.com/mer.html

Contact: Robert Rushing & Mike Pentecost <rarushin@up.com> or <mhpent@peoplepc.com>  Tel: 314-995-8664 (leave message)  Fax: 314-425-3411

Starts from St Louis at 0700 on March 24th. Teams will have 27 hours to cover  roughly 1000 miles. Rules are simple: go to locations drawn from a  hat at driver's meeting, take a Polaroid picture of co-driver holding that  day's paper at those locations, then make it back to St Louis within the alotted time.

The team covering the least number of miles, after driving their car to all the locations and back, wins.  Event is open to any pre-1981 British car.


Join the fun!

Fill out and return the form below.

The 6th Annual Missouri Endurance Rally

March 24-25, 2001


Name _____________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________

City, State ZIP ______________________________________

E-mail address ______________________________________

Phone, Best time to call? _(_____)______________________

Marque Entered ___________ Model _________ Year ______

            British cars only please

Pre-registration $20 per car.

Checks payable to: The MG Club of St Louis

Mail to: Missouri Endurance Rally

c/o Robert Rushing

5444 Sutherland Ave

St Louis, MO 63109

If you would like return conformation,

please include stamped, self-addressed envelope.