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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                                            June 2001

June Meeting:

Picnic – Jaycee Park

2801 Elm Street – St. Charles MO

6:00 PM, June 19th, 2001


Be There or Be “Less Than Round”


Karl J. Schmitt will be “Chefing It Up” at Jaycess Park in St. Charles

on June 19th at 6:00 p.m.


This is our annual picnic . . . FREE FOOD ! ! !


What will be available:

Hot Dogs, Brats, Chips, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Soda


What you may bring if you so desire:

A Dessert or some exotic culinary delight

Frosty Adult Beverages (F.A.B.) if you are so inclined


What’s the Catch?

We also have a meeting to “do”.

I’ll try to keep it short . . .


God Save The Queen !


Graphic Directions:  A link to a Mapquest map is available from our web site, www.SLTOA.org.  From the front page, click on the picnic and find directions.

Written directions:  From Interstate 70 near St. Charles, exit on First Capitol Drive and proceed northeast to Lindenwood College where the street veers right toward the Missouri River.  Just past the college campus, turn left (northeast again) on North Kingshighway Street.  About 3 or 4 blocks, turn left on Elm Street.  About ˝ mile, Jaycee Park will be on your left.

From Highway 370, exit on Elm Street and proceed southeast about one mile to Jaycee Park on your right.

               Presidential Babelogue             

Champaign British Car Festival Edition


Having been required (job-related) to be at the NRA Show in Kansas City on the weekend of the Fulton Mid-Missouri British Car Show I decided to attend the Champaign British Car Festival on the following weekend.


My wife Joan and my Daughter Sarah followed Agnes (the TR 6) and I in our Dodge on the three-hour drive up to Urbana on Sunday.  Upon arriving, we began to meet a number of SLTOA folks.  I went to this show last year prior to joining the club.  This year was much more enjoyable due to the fact that we had someone local to relate to.  Most everyone else had “made a weekend of it” and had tales to tell of the three-day event.


The weather for the events on Sunday was the best of the weekend.  I met a couple of people who were interested in joining our club and gave them applications.


The SLTOA cars did well in the participant voting also:


Roy Matteson won 1st in Class, Chrome Bumper TR 6

Dave Massey won 1st in Class, TR 7 & 8

Our newest prospective member won 1st in Class, TR 3

Mel & Gail P. (who have sold their TR 4) won 1st in Class, Big Healey

Brian Borgstede won a nifty Bass Ale T-Shirt in the Raffle

I managed a  3rd in Class, Rubber Bumper TR 6


A caravan of Triumph and Healey folks ensued on the way home.  I had to leave a little earlier due to daughter-required ice cream, car-required petrol, etc.  After arriving at the nearest Cracker Barrel Restaurant (about 1 ˝ hours away) and ordering drinks we were joined for dinner by the caravan, as they had similar culinary tastes.


The weather was subpar, but the day was excellent due to the camaraderie provided by the SLTOA folks. 


Hope to see you all on June 19th at Jaycees Park in St. Charles for our Annual Picnic in the Park at 6:00 p.m.  Details and directions for this event should be posted elsewhere in the newsletter and on the website, www.SLTOA.org.


John Strowbridge

SLTOA Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2001 – Chuck-A-Burger, By Robin Borgstede

New Business: 

-          Mid Missouri British Car Show on May 19 in Fulton, MO

-          Champagne British Car Show May 27 – 29 in Urbana, IL

-          Summer Picnic on June 19.  Karl Schmidt will do the cooking at the Jaycee park in St. Charles.  Please bring your own beverages, a salad or dessert – the club will provide the meat & potato salad.  We will also have a swap meet so bring your “stuff”.

-          STL All British Car Show September 16 at Creve Couer Park.  We will be handling the concession stand again this year (voted on by the club members present at the meeting).  Mark the date on your calendar and volunteer if you can.

-          Scottish Highland Games October 3.  Dave Massey is working with the coordinators to possibly include a British Car show at the festival.  The event will be held at Forest Park – East of the History Museum (Lindell & DeBalliviere).  There is a link on the SLTOA website to the event information site.

-          Great American Race  June 20 in downtown Kirkwood.  There will be designated British Car parking so come out and bring your car.

-          Drive to St. Gen.  Arlie is planning a drive to beautiful St. Genevieve, MO.  Plan to meet at 10:30 am – details in the next newsletter.  (Editor’s note:  See the change right below.)

-          Linda Massey is working on acquiring a new club flag.  Brian Borgstede is working on the shirt order.  We should have a quote on the shirts before the June meeting.

Meeting Adjourned.

Was, St. Genevieve Drive - Now, Drive to Joe & Mary Ann Mann’s, July 29, 2001, By Arlie King

Creig,  I just got my AOL up and running. I've tried to call you a dozen times but your line was busy.  About the June drive:  First of all I cannot get anyone in St. Gen to commit to being open when we get there.  My work put a nail in last Friday when I found out I will leave on Wednesday and get home Sat night from a show I've been selected to work the booth.  So the only thing I can do is reschedule.  I rescheduled for July 29, 2001 to drive to Joe Manns and have a picnic and drive his cars.  He needs our help installing his rear TR3 fenders.  So I could help him get those on.  He cannot get them on because of his back.  On the drive to Pickyneville I will call him to turn in an order for a chicken dinner from the local restaurant for the picnic.  This was the best I could do since he is out of town until then.  He could do the picnic on June 28th but that could conflict with schedules too. Let me know.  Arlie (636) 677-0545

Mid Missouri All British Car and Cycle Meet, May 19 & 20 2001, By Creig Houghtaling

The Mid-Missouri All British Car show was a new experience for me.  I have owned Triumphs for many years now, but this is the first time my wife, Kay, and I have taken off by ourselves and stayed over night for a show.  The kids loved staying with Auntie and Grandma.  Needless to say, Kay and I enjoyed having some time to ourselves.   Up until this year, every time I would drive my TR for a few miles, I’d have to fix something new to get it running again.  Now that I’ve rebuilt almost everything mechanical, it is now relatively reliable.  At least good enough that I don’t worry about taking it on a trip.

Kay and I left Saturday afternoon and made our way up through Hermann, then across the Missouri and on into Fulton.  When we got to Fulton we pulled out our registration sheet with our hotel name and reservation.  After reading everything that I had, I discovered that nothing had any directions for how to find the hotel.  Since we were near the downtown area of Fulton we decided to drive around a few blocks to see what was there.  As luck would have it, we found a very nice antique store that was open.  Anyone who knows Kay, knows how she likes antique stores.  So we went in to do some shopping.  As Kay shopped, I talked to the proprietor to get directions to our hotel.  When I told her that we were there for the British car show, she told us that the show would be right on that street in front of her store the next morning!

After finding a few treasures to take home with us, we made our way on over to our meet hotel.  There we met up with Dave & Linda Massey, Brian and Robin Borgstede, Mel & Gail Parentin, Bob Berger and his brother Jim Berger, Ken & Sue Dahman, Steve & Sandy Street, and John Lamberg.  We enjoyed a warm reception given by our hosts from Mid Missouri.  Later we met at a restaurant called Sir Winston’s for dinner.  The service was slow, but the company was great, so nobody complained too loudly.

Sunday morning was the show on the streets of Downtown Fulton.  Our hosts had made up a rally around the back roads near Fulton, so Kay and I drove it before setting up at the show.  It was great fun looking for answers to all the questions with clues.  I think we missed two questions.  We came in second.  Of course there were only two teams who ran it.  Oh well, we still had lots of fun!  Jack and Bonnie David showed up that morning.  All told, SLTOA had 10 or 11 cars there.  The show was small enough that almost everyone got a plaque.  There were 3 TR6’s being voted on, so I thought “hay, this is cool, I’ll get third place.”  Well guess what happened?  I tied for second place!  Considering how beautiful the first 2 place cars were, mine should have come in 4th out of three places.  But Kay & I got enough votes (probably from our SLTOA friends) to tie us for second place.  Wow!

After the show, Kay and I visited the Winston Churchill museum, then headed for home.  On our way out of town we found ourselves following Ken & Sue in their black TR3.  Rain set in so we had to drive pretty carefully.  Near Washington we found ourselves driving along with Linda Massey in her blue TR3, Dave Massey in his green TR8, and Mel & Gail Parentin in their green Healey.  After we got home, a wonderful weekend was over, but we will always keep fond memories of the friendliest people in St. Louis, our good friends from SLTOA!

Chamois Care, Written by John Macartney, Submitted by Dave Massey

Creig,  The following is a post John Macartney posted to the TR list.  I have asked and received permission to use it in our newsletter. Since it is this time of year, I thought you should run it.  Dave  --------------------------------------------------------

From: "John Macartney", INTERNET:jonmac@ndirect.co.uk  Date: 5/31/2001,  9:55 AM  Re:   Re: Chamoisesesses

Being a tight-fisted old git and ever reluctant to spend money, my current chamois was bought five years ago - and is still as good as ever.  Previously, they only lasted a few washes and it was a chauffeur of the old school who showed me how to greatly prolong chamois life and get the best out of it.  The secret weapon is an old washing wringer (if you can still find

one).  A little one out of a washing machine is just the job. Mine came out of a Hoover single tub circa 1955! When the chamois is new, continually soak it and put it through the wringer to purge it of the preservative it absorbs during manufacture.

 1.  Avoid getting chamois in contact with any form of car shampoo.  It rots them, so wash the car thoroughly with a hose removing all traces of soap.

 2.  Never wring out the chamois by twisting it. This does as much damage as impregnation from soap residue.

 3.  When it's full of water off the car, sluice it up and down in a bucket of clean cold water (never hot or warm). This releases dirt particles and then put it through the wringer. As it comes out of the wringer, stretch it out in all directions, lay it flat on the panel to be wiped and pull it slowly across the panel as if it was a blanket.

 4.  When finished, hang it on a clothesline in the boot to dry out in the dark. I learned this lesson more than 20 years ago from my mentor and, like him, use a luggage elastic stretched between the rear shelf supports / boot lid hinges.

As soon as you want to use it again, a quick immersion in cool water will make it supple and absorbent for instant use.  The message here is use a wringer, flush chamois out continually in cool/cold water and keep it straight without creases as it dries. With this treatment and in my experience, the older it gets the better it works.  Jonmac

Digital Bits, by Gary Allgood

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