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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                                            July 2001

July Meeting:  Chuck-A-Burger – St. Charles Rock Road – 7:00 PM, July 17th, 2001

Presidential Notes, By John Strowbridge

Editor’s note:  John was not able to fill this slot this month.  I called him just before publishing and he had just heard that his dad had a stroke.  His family is going back to New Jersey to visit so he will not be at our next meeting.  Mel Parentin will have the honor of filling in for John.  We will keep John’s dad in our prayers!

SLTOA Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2001 – Chuck-A-Burger, By Creig Houghtaling

John Strowbridge reported that he went to the MG meeting and SLTOA will be supporting the fall British car show September 15 and 16.  We will be doing the concessions at the show at Creve Coeur park on Sunday.

Octber 7th we will have a chance to autocross our Little British Cars along with the Subeam club.  See our invitation below from the Sunbeam club.

We welcomed 4 new members in attendance:  Dale Kardasz, Chris Kresser, Chuck Glomb, and Jason Goodshak.

Shirts and jackets are in the process of being designed and ordered.  Shirts will be a Polo style with a collar and jackets will be light windbreakers.  Both will have our emblem and St. Louis Triumph Owners Association embroidered.

October 13 will be the Scottish Highland Games.  Dave Massey [(314) 966-6056] is in charge of organizing the car show.  He will get a registration form made up soon.  See Dave’s note below regarding the event.

Club members are supporting Team Scrappy (TR3) running the History Channel Great Race.  Several will show their car in Kirkwood.  Note see the web site for a couple of nice pictures.

Drive to Joe & Mary Ann Mann’s, July 29, 2001, By Arlie King

We will meet Sunday morning at 10:30 AM at the Koch Road exit off 255.  This is the exit just west of the Jefferson Barracks Bridge.  You may bring your own picnic lunch or order a chicken box dinner provided by a local Pinckneyville restaurant.  If you want to order lunch, orders will be taken at our Koch Road meeting location and phoned ahead.

We will enjoy a beautiful drive from Missouri to Pinckneyville IL.  Joe & Mary Ann Mann will be our hosts.  Joe always enjoys showing off his old cars and many old clocks.  Bring some gloves and wrenches if you want to help put on some TR3 fenders.  A visit to the Mann’s is always a treat!  If you have been previous years you know you don’t want to miss it.  If you have not, then you certainly don’t want to miss it!!!

Attention Triumph Club Members --- Autocross Opportunity

The Eastern U.S. Sunbeam Club,Tigers EAST/Alpines EAST, will holding United XXII  in St. Louis at the West Port Sheraton on October 5-7, 2001.  Byron Golfin and Ranney Dohogne are co-chairing the event and expect about 50 Sunbeams to attend.  A Concours, Fun rally, and Autocross are the auto events planned.  Other activities include a Budweiser Brewery tour, an Arch tour, and a gastronomical tour of St. Louis neighborhoods.  The activities will conclude with an awards banquet on Sunday night.

The SCCA will be running the Solo II autocross event at the Riverport  parking lot.  We are opening participation in the Autocross to British Car Clubs in the St. Louis area. We anticipate spots for about 35 additional cars in addition to the Sunbeams.  This is your chance to try autocrossing without the Miata and Neon hoards to contend with.

The cost will be $20 per driver.  If you have a helmet, bring it, but loaners will be available.  The event will be held on Sunday morning, October 7, starting at 10:00 am and continue until all cars have competed.  Contact either of us for further details and to reserve a spot.

Byron Golfin  314-469-7146 or bagolfin@aol.com           Ranney Dohogne  314-878-7766 or dohogne@mindspring.com

Saint Louis Scottish Games - Oct 12 & 13, 2001, By Dave Massey

No one knows exactly when Highland Games began, but it is recorded that in the 11th century, Malcolm Canmore, King of Scotland, dissatisfied with the speed of his messengers, set up contests of speed and endurance to train them.  Over the centuries the games have evolved into a combination of athletic contests, military training, and festive gatherings of the clans throughout Scotland.  Today, a "Games" or Festival provides broad entertainment with clan gatherings plus the athletic, musical, cultural and traditional events for the entire family.  The Scottish St. Andrews Society of St. Louis invites you to show your British Car and enjoy the festivities of the Highland Games on October 13, 2001.  Come enjoy the highland dancing, Sheep dog trials, Caber toss, bagpipe music contests, genealogy and other activities and display your car at the same time.

Digital Bits, by Gary Allgood

Our web site is being updated regularly, and as members pass us information to add. The web site is generating 388 hits per month, as averaged over a six-month time frame. Are you using the web site? We have added many features to make it an informative place for members to gather. Most importantly, SLTOA events and dates to members Triumphs pictures. This makes it easier to associate the owners name to the Triumph. Do we have your pictures yet? If your TR is in baskets, and zip lock bags then by all means send us a picture of the boxes and a few words about the current state of restoration. Remember, even in a box it is still a Triumph!

Members Pages…. We can put your Triumph in the Members pages, a single picture and a few words about it is all we need. Send e-mail with pictures attached to me, and I will add you to the Members Pages. There is no charge to be included in the Members Pages, it is a benefit of membership.

SLTOA Triumph Spotlight… Yes your Triumph can also become a Triumph Spotlight vehicle, and stand out on the main SLTOA Web Page for a month. A donation of $20.00 will put your Triumph in the spotlight for a month, and the Spotlight archives for eternity. This helps defray the cost of the Web Site, and is as always voluntary on your part.

Web site of the month: Team Scrappy takes 2nd, 1 second behind 1st. http://www.britishpacific.com/daily_special.html

Classified Ads Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

78 Spitfire Tonneau Cover,  $80, New.  You’ll pay $230 plus shipping from Moss Motors.  Contact Roy Matteson at (618) 939-8383 or (314) 521-6846

TR3 Frame, rear end and front end (complete rolling gear) $125.  Small truck load of MGB miscellaneous spare parts.  Visit http://www.stlouismgclub.com/class.shtml for a complete list.  Look at the bottom ad under miscellaneous parts.  Call Joe Mann, (618) 357-8168, 102S Grant St., Pinckneyville, IL 62274

Dianne Rains has her beautiful TR7 for sale.  She sent me some new pictures, which I have posted on the web.  She also sent me some text for this ad, which I have lost.  (Sorry Dianne!)  Give her a call and talk to her and she can give you the details, which I have failed to post here.  Dianne Rains (314) 772-1306  StLouisRains@hotmail.com

Andy Stark is selling Spitfire parts:  All my Spit parts. I can be contacted at 1-636-978-9128. It is time to just work on one car and that will be the Gt-6.

TR6, $5000,   New carpet dash top crash pads. Dash serts appear to be same, but one small tear I think 3/4 in a seam. Paint is good but has never been buffed. Frame is very good no body rust small amt of bondo very bottom of left rear fender behind door where attaches to body. I drove the car last week runs OK has sat for a yr + Carbs could be better, little tune up, and when I hit forth gear I felt the clutch slip probably needed clutch. Top is not new and has a 1 in tear on top rail just above drivers head, has a very nice tonneau, new tires.   I've tried to list all things not right but this is a very nice driver and can be cleaned up to go to a show not best of show, but no body’s ugly sister either.

Paul Oglesby British Motor Cars Madisonville KY 42431 4 hrs from St. Louis (270) 825-2994, bmcltd@spis.net

74 TR6 Parts car, $500, Perfect frame. Body, front suspension plus other parts.  No engine, transmission, or rear end.  John Ritter (314) 965-5618

71 TR6 project car, $2500 very negotiable depending on what parts are wanted.  Very nice body, clear and current title.  Engine and overdrive transmission out of car.  Bad frame.  I have been wanting to buy John Ritter’s parts car (above) for several years now, but I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to do this project any time soon.  Creig Houghtaling (636) 305-1143, oldtoys@brick.net


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