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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                                           August 2001

August Meeting:  Chuck-A-Burger – St. Charles Rock Road – 7:00 PM, August 21st, 2001

Presidential Notes, By John Strowbridge

Summer 2001    Is Happening!


The drive to Joe and Mary Ann Mann’s was a cool trip on a very hot day.

An interesting and educational event for sure.

Joe is surely “The King of Cool Stuff”.

The Manns were excellent hosts. We thank them profusely . . .

The ride home was H-O-T!

Hotter for some than for others . . . as we have become aware of Dave and Linda’s TR3 coil problems.  Who figured out what the real problem was??  Vapor lock would have been a reasonable diagnosis with the sub-tropical atmosphere.


As some folks may have noticed the website has taken some nasty hits from “ Worms” according to our webmaster, which cause Gary much grief.  His diligence and skill in keeping the website up and running are greatly appreciated. 

Thank him (a.k.a. buy him a beer) the next time you see him!


Our next meeting is at Chuck-A-Burger on August 21st.  Events SLTOA is involved in, as an organization will surely be topics of discussion:

Ø     The Midwest All British Car Show

Ø     The St. Louis Scottish Games Car Show

The cry goes out for volunteers to “work the booth” at the Midwest show

on September 16th selling brats, etc.

If everyone just works an hour or so it will free up everyone else to fully

enjoy the show.  One basic item we need is a gas grill for cooking.


Enjoy your cars and enjoy the summer.  I will see everyone August 21st.


SLTOA Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2001 – Chuck-A-Burger, By Creig Houghtaling

The primary topics of discussion were the upcoming St. Louis British Car show and club shirts.  Talk to Mel Parentin [(314) 961-8567] if you can help with the show.  Everyone should have gotten an order form recently for shirts.

Drive to Joe & Mary Ann Mann’s, July 29, 2001, By Arlie King

Well, you missed it and we tried to get you to come!  Everyone that went had a great time. If you were not eating, drinking, driving a vintage car, working on a TR3A or looking at clocks, you were trying to figure out how in the world Joe got all that stuff in one building. The Sun was out in force but sixteen cars braved it and narrow Illinois farm roads to have a couple of special people treat us to their home and lots of hospitality. From all of us,  Thanks, Joe and Mary Ann we would love to do it again if you will have us. By the way Ken promises to sharpen up on taking corners in a Model "T".


The following was solicited and submitted by Arlie King

Triumph Spitfire Thrust Repair

Early 1500 Spitfire engines have a problem spitting out the crankshaft thrust washers.  With engine blocks not being readily available, repairs can be made to correct the problem. 

Welding the crankshaft and grind the thrust is the easy part of the job. 

The block is a different story.  Each block will have a different level of wear or Damage.  You must first determine if it needs just cap repair or cap and block repair.

           If the groove that the thrust washer rests in is not damaged, cap repair is only necessary. This repair will give you the original single thrust design. 

1.     Machine the cap to the same level that the thrust washer in the block is.

2.     Fabricate a 660 Brn. Bronze washer .005 thinner than the dimension of the thrust washer.

3.     Clamp fabricated thrush washer to cap and drill and tap three 8-32 holes ½ inch deep.

4.     Chamfer thrust washer so machine screw will be below thrust plate.

5.     If the original thrust single washer wears .005 the cap repair will take over as a secondary thrust.


Total thrust repair.

This will give the block a 360-Degree thrust.

1.     Torque main cap to block.

2.     Machine block and cap to main brn.

3.     Fabricate  660 Brn. Bronze full round thrust brn,

4.     The brn. Must be made larger than bore thrust bore, because the washer must be split in two halves.

5.     Clamp thrust washers to block. Drill and ream six 3/16 holes ½ inch deep.  Three in the washer and block and three in the washer and cap.

6.     Install 6 3/16 dowel pins in cap and block.

7.     Make sure dowel pins are below thrust washer.  Or the dowel pins will damage the crank.

NOTE:  This is a simplified explanation of how to repair the thrust on these blocks.

You need not discard a block for this problem or search for another block!

                                                                                      JCM MACHINE   

                                                                             CHARLES BORRINI OWNER


Attention Triumph Club Members --- Autocross Opportunity, October 7, 2001

Byron Golfin  314-469-7146 or bagolfin@aol.com           Ranney Dohogne  314-878-7766 or dohogne@mindspring.com

British Car Magazine, By Creig Houghtaling

The last issue of British Car Magazine featured three articles with St. Louis area British car events; the Easter Show, the Missouri Endurance Rally, and the April Fool’s outing.  I have personally subscribed to British Car for several years now.  I have subscribed to many different magazines, but this is the one magazine that I have consistently renewed.  If you like British cars, you will love British Car Magazine.

For several years now British Car Magazine has had a reciprical advertising agreement with British car clubs.  If we put their ad in our newsletter, they will our club ad in British Car Magazine.  So after seeing St. Louis so prominently spotlighted in their last issue, I figured it was time to take them up on their offer.  Hopefully, someone reading this newsletter will buy British Car Magazine, and someone reading British Car Magazine will join St. Louis Triumph Owners Association.

The ad will run continuously.  Future months it will be reduced in size.  This month I had extra space to use up, so I increased the size.

As an additional perk, British Car Magazine has given me (as editor of our newsletter) an additional year on my subscription.  Does anyone feel I should decline?



Classified Ads Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

78 Spitfire Tonneau Cover,  $80, New.  You’ll pay $230 plus shipping from Moss Motors.  Contact Roy Matteson at (618) 939-8383 or (314) 521-6846

TR3 Frame, rear end and front end (complete rolling gear) $125.  Small truck load of MGB miscellaneous spare parts.  Visit http://www.stlouismgclub.com/class.shtml for a complete list.  Look at the bottom ad under miscellaneous parts.  Call Joe Mann, (618) 357-8168, 102S Grant St., Pinckneyville, IL 62274

Dianne Rains has her beautiful TR7 for sale.  She sent me some new pictures, which I have posted on the web.  She also sent me some text for this ad, which I have lost.  (Sorry Dianne!)  Give her a call and talk to her and she can give you the details, which I have failed to post here.  Dianne Rains (314) 772-1306  StLouisRains@hotmail.com

Andy Stark is selling Spitfire parts:  All my Spit parts. I can be contacted at 1-636-978-9128. It is time to just work on one car and that will be the Gt-6.

TR6, $5000,   New carpet dash top crash pads. Dash serts appear to be same, but one small tear I think 3/4 in a seam. Paint is good but has never been buffed. Frame is very good no body rust small amt of bondo very bottom of left rear fender behind door where attaches to body. I drove the car last week runs OK has sat for a yr + Carbs could be better, little tune up, and when I hit forth gear I felt the clutch slip probably needed clutch. Top is not new and has a 1 in tear on top rail just above drivers head, has a very nice tonneau, new tires.   I've tried to list all things not right but this is a very nice driver and can be cleaned up to go to a show not best of show, but no body’s ugly sister either.

Paul Oglesby British Motor Cars Madisonville KY 42431 4 hrs from St. Louis (270) 825-2994, bmcltd@spis.net

74 TR6 Parts car, $500, Perfect frame. Body, front suspension plus other parts.  No engine, transmission, or rear end.  John Ritter (314) 965-5618

71 TR6 project car, $2500 negotiable down to $1000.  Very nice body, clear and current title.  Two engines, one used and one being prepared for rebuilding.  Two overdrives and transmissions, one professionally rebuilt and one in parts.  Bad frame on the car, but I have another that can be easily straightened.  Creig Houghtaling (636) 305-1143, oldtoys@brick.net

Saint Louis Scottish Games - Oct 12 & 13, 2001, By Dave Massey




Sponsored by: The First Annual St Louis Scottish Games & Cultural Festival.

Schedule of events: Gate open: 8:00 to 11:00; Popular choice Voting: 12:00 to 2:00; Class Awards: 3:00;

Best of Show Award: 5:00 PM (Combined with other Festival awards).


Send registration form to: Dave Massey, 321 Peeke Ave, Kirkwood, MO 63122 (314) 966 6056

Make checks payable to: St. Louis Scottish Games








Phone_____________________Club Affiliation___________________________________________















Number of cars_______________ X $10 per car (includes one games entry ticket per car) = $__________________


Additional Games entry tickets ($10 each)                                                                                $__________________


Total       (Make checks payable to: St. Louis Scottish Games)                                        $__________________



Release waiver: The undersigned releases and agrees to hold harmless the Scottish St. Andrew Society of Greater St. Louis and/or St. Louis Scottish Games & Cultural Festival of any liability for loss or damage or personal injury resulting from participation in this event. 

Signed: _______________________________________     ___________________________________________


Classes: Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite, Big Healey Roadsters, Big Healey Convertibles, All Classics and XK 120, XK 140, XK 150, All E-Types, Saloons, XJ6 and XJ12, XJ Saloons, XJ-S, XK8, S-Type, MG Midget and Square Body Sprite, Chrome Bumper MGB, Rubber Bumper MGB, MGBGT, Lotus, Land Rover, TR2-3A, TR4-250, TR6, TR7-8,Spitfire/GT6, Rolls-Royce/Bentley






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