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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                                    September 2001

September Meeting: Chuck-A-Burger – St. Charles Rock Road – 7:00 PM, August 18th, 2001

Presidential Notes, By John Strowbridge

Hey Boss!!!
         It's De Bunny, 
            De Bunny!!!It's Coming!!!

Or, as in the picture above, it’s going . . .

Not only is the Energizer Bunny going to be around this weekend, so are a lot of British Cars and the people who love them.  Two events sponsored by our local MG Club are happening Sept. 15th and 16th.  The Great Forest Park Balloon Race is Saturday and the 20th Annual Midwest All British Car Show is on Sunday at Creve Coeur Lake.  Details on the events can be had by reviewing the sheets which were available from the MG Club at the last two SLTOA meetings or by calling 314-995-TOMG (cute, huh?)

The St. Louis Triumph Owners Association is once again running a concession stand at the car show on Sunday.  Mel and Gail Parentin have graciously taken the lead on organizing this event.  At our last meeting we acquired a promise on a grill and straightened out some details.  The show on Sunday will run from registration at 9:00 a.m. until awards are given out at 3:00 p.m.  If you would like to help set up for our part of this event please plan on arriving around 8:00 a.m.  Of course it isn’t necessary for you to get there that early.  You can help out at any time throughout the day.  It is a fun, easy way you can help the SLTOA make some money.

. . . Many hands make light work . . .

KEY POINT: Everyone attending needs to BRING SOME ICE !!!

Once again, Mel and Gail are the stalwart organizer / volunteers, but I remember seeing quite a few happy folks helping out last year.  It made for an excellent day.

So plan on attending, with the high quality of the SLTOA cars we should make a strong showing in the voting as well.

And remember, Kiss Creig and the Webmaster . . .O.K., just give’em a hug.

SLTOA Meeting Minutes – August 21st, 2001 – Chuck-A-Burger, By Creig Houghtaling

Naturally our main topic of discussion was the St. Louis British Car Show September 15th & 16th.  See “Presidential Notes”, front page.

VTR 2001 in Colorado

Dave Massey has written a wonderful travel log and Ken Dahman has added some beautiful pictures on this past VTR convention in Colorado.  If you haven’t read the stories or seen the pictures, check out www.sltoa.org.

Fall Color Tour to Bias Winery, Sunday October 21st, 2001, 10:00 AM, By Jack Fansher

Meet at Manchester and Clarkson Road behind the Shell station on the K-Mart parking lot.  The tour will leave promptly at 10:30 AM.  Enjoy the fall colors and weather on a back-roads tour to the winery.  Bring a lunch or purchase food at the winery.  There will be music, rides through the vineyards, a nature trail, and a pond where you can feed the fish.  As usual, Jim will provide the tour group with a parking corral on the hill.

The drive is approx. 2 hours through the beautiful countryside and hopefully we will see some lovely fall colors - keep your fingers crossed. For anyone who has not done this drive before – the Winery sells soda, wine, non-alcoholic wine, sausage & cheese plates, crackers, and brats. Most people bring along a picnic basket and we end up having a family style lunch on the lawn with food passing all around. Please come in any vehicle you can - it is a GREAT drive.

For more information, call Jack Fansher at (314) 275-2563

Roster, By Creig Houghtaling

As you have already noted we have included a hard copy of our current SLTOA roster in this newsletter.  Please note any corrections that need to made and forward them to me at oldtoys@brick.net or phone me at 636-305-1143.

Digital Bits, By Gary Allgood

I am always adding SLTOA Members e-mail addresses, to the SLTOA mailing list. We have 48 members who can send one e-mail and reach everyone on the list, send e-mail to gallgoodATlvsDOTnet to add your name on the mailing list.

With the winter Triumph repair season closing on us, I thought of rusted bolts and the knuckles I have busted removing those rusted bolts over the years. There are tons of penetrating oils out there, but I have heard great things about one particular penetrating oil called Kroil.

You can find their products at the following web site:  http://www.kanolabs.com/kanopnlu.htm#anchor174712

Web Site of the month:

Attention Triumph Club Members --- Autocross Opportunity, October 7, 2001

Byron Golfin  314-469-7146 or bagolfin@aol.com           Ranney Dohogne  314-878-7766 or dohogne@mindspring.com

St. Louis Scottish Games, British Car Show, Saturday, October 12, 2001, Forest Park

Dave Massey has asked that you let him know if you are planning on showing your Triumph.  If so, either fill out the registration form that is on-line at www.sltoa.org, or phone Dave at: (314) 966-6056

Classified Ads Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

New 78 Spitfire Tonneau Cover,  $60,  You’ll pay $230 plus shipping from Moss Motors.  Contact Roy Matteson at (618) 939-8383 or (314) 521-6846

Dianne Rains has her beautiful TR7 for sale.  She sent me some new pictures, which I have posted on the web.  She also sent me some text for this ad, which I have lost.  (Sorry Dianne!)  Give her a call and talk to her and she can give you the details, which I have failed to post here.  Dianne Rains (314) 772-1306  StLouisRains@hotmail.com

74 TR6 Parts, $500, Perfect frame. Body, front suspension, other parts.  No engine, transmission, or rear end. John Ritter 314-965-5618


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