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www.SLTOA.org November 2001

November Meeting, November, 20, 2001, 7:00 PM, Patrick’s at Westport

SLTOA Meeting Minutes – October 16th, 2001 – Patricks, By Robin Borgstede

Old Business:

-Donation to NY Firefighters 911 Fund - $1,000.00

-Scottish Games report: 27 cars attended – good showing in spite of the rainy day


2nd place in the TR3 category – Chuck Long

1st place in the TR3 category – Arlie King

1st place in the TR4 category – Gary Allgood

1st place (I couldn’t hear what category) Joe Kelly

1st place TR 7&8 category – David Massey

1st place Spitfire/GT6 category – Jack David

**I apologize for any incorrect spellings and also if I left anyone out, I could not hear very well. Please send me an email at Robin_Borgstede@mastercard.com and I will make any necessary additions/corrections in the next newsletter.

New Business:

-New Member – Ken Storms (Ken, I apologize if your last name is incorrect, please send me an email at the address listed above or get with me at the next meeting – again, I could hardly hear).

-SHIRTS ARE HERE!!!! They look really good. Please bring your check or cash for $20.00 each to Bonnie David at the November meeting. Everyone needs a club shirt!

Upcoming Events:

-Fall Color Tour – Bias Winery, drivemaster is Jack Fansher. October 21 - Meet at 10 am, leave at 10:30 sharp! 2 hr. back roads drive with a stop in Union, MO – the winery has lunch plates available, or bring your own picnic.

-Road Rally Challenge – Pere Marquette Park October 25-28

-MG Club Halloween Party/Rally – 10/27. Contact the MC club for additional details

-SLTOA Holiday Party – Thursday, December 13 at the Bevo Mill. Cost is $15.00 per person. There will be an OPEN BAR for the First HOUR of the party- then you are on your own. Don’t forget the Trash or Treasure Auction! It was suggested at the meeting that everyone bring a gift of $10.00 value – especially add something nice to a trash gift to soften the blow so that everyone leaves the party with something nice. The party will start at 7:30 pm.

-November meeting – Tuesday, November 20 at 7:00 pm

SLTOA Holiday Party! RSVP Needed

Robin has outlined the details of the SLTOA Holiday Party in the Meeting Minutes just above, so there is no need to repeat them here. Please RSVP today to Bonnie David if you plan to attend. Her address is: 500 Marie Dr, St. Charles, MO 63301-0500. Include a check made out to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association, or SLTOA, for the appropriate amount. (Only $15 per person. The club is picking up the balance.)

Fall Color Tour to Bias Winery, Sunday October 21st, 2001, By John Strowbridge

This past month Jack Fansher’s very well organized Fall Colour Tour sent many SLTOA folks westward in search of foliage. At the launch site the LBCs numbered over twenty, including Healeys, Triumphs, and MGs. The tour experienced a few incidences of the usual anxiety encountered when driving decades-old cars hundreds of miles,

but hey . . . we made it. When our tour arrived the only rain cloud in the Midwest, a shower that lasted no more than two minutes greeted us. It just wanted to let us know that it could rain on such a beautiful day. As we enjoyed the atmosphere that is The Bias Winery we also saw some British cars which arrived from other areas. More Triumphs, MGs, Jags, and a Sunbeam Tiger! I lost count at about thirty cars.

It was an excellent day to enjoy the company of others and relax.

Oh yeah, the intrepid John Lamberg made it too . . .

Digital Bits, By Gary Allgood

I am always adding SLTOA Members e-mail addresses, to the SLTOA mailing list. We have 48 members who can send one e-mail and reach everyone on the list, send e-mail to gallgoodATlvsDOTnet to add your name on the mailing list.

Vintage Triumph Register 2002, July 16-19. VTR 2002 web site:  http://clubs.hemmings.com/mntriumphs/VTR2002/VTR2002.html The drive from Saint Louis to Red Wing Minnesota is 517 miles, approximately 13.5 hours.

Web Site of the month:


Presidential Filler – December, 2001, By John Strowbridge

Fuse Maintenance, Submitted By Don Huber

THE ED’s WEDGE (This is a reprint from the TR8 newsletter.)

Fuses! We take them so much for granted. This can cause some rather serious problems that most mechanics also don’t realize. The fuses in our car are BRITISH fuses, and are rated DIFFERENTLY to how the common (GM, Ford, etc) fuses are rated. BE VERY CAREFUL!!! IT IS TOO EASY TO MELT YOUR FUSE BOX OR WORSE... The following information should

explain things in easy terms:

FUSES: The UK uses a different definition of the rating for fuses than the US does. The US rating is for how much current the fuse will carry without blowing; the UK rating is for the amount of current to blow the fuse within a certain time. The difference is about 2:1. For example, a 1914 edition of "Buss Fuse Car and Truck List" which has on the back cover a section call "Foreign Car Fuse Replacement Data," -- foreign to the US, that is. It states, "English standards differ from US standards. This accounts for difference in ampere ratings.




















You may find that your fuses have a little paper label inside with both ratings; a Lucas rating (British) and a "continuous" (American) rating.

If your car uses tubular glass fuses and the repair manual specifies an amperage, it’s in the British rating; you will have to correct per the chart above to use the correct American fuse.

Editor’s Note: As they say, "buyer beware"! Some of our trusted suppliers in the USA have been selling the WRONG fuses this summer. Make sure you know what you are getting... typically, the BUSS fuses, in ratings of 20 amps and up, are LONGER than typical LUCAS fuses. These long fuses will BARELY fit in the stock Triumph fuse box. If you bought 35 amp fuses and they seem a tight fit, they are probably NOT what you thought you were buying! These will be equivalent to 50 amp Lucas fuses... is that what you wanted????

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