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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org December 2001

December Meeting, Dec. 13, 2001, 7:30 PM, Bevo Mill Gravois & Morganford

Thanks, By John Strowbridge

Thank you for taking the time to glance at these words.

At this time of year our weekends seem about two hours long. Our time at work seems wasted due to the fact that there are hardly enough people present to get anything accomplished. The "significant other" keeps reminding you of even more things you have to do or events you have to attend. We all need to find some personal peace during this most peaceful of seasons. With the weather being so sunny and mild thus far this year it may be an idea to set aside some time to go motoring about in the sun on a weekend for an hour or so. Yes, dare to take time away one day this weekend from the "need to get something done" commercial holiday attitude! Trust me, with the daylight being in such short supply a little mid-day sun on the back of your neck can do wonders for your disposition. If your Triumph is not road worthy or itís in boxes, decide on a project which will only take an hour or two, and complete it. Completing an obtainable goal is good for the soul.

May all who read this receive the peace of this holiday season.

That being said, there is yet another holiday event you have to go to.


The party is being held on December 13th in the prestigious Oak Room at historic Bevo Mill, which is located at 4749 Gravois, St. Louis. The one-hour open bar begins at 7:30 p.m.; dinner will begin being served at approximately 8:00 p.m. Itís almost never too late, so contact Bonnie David (send a check too) if you would like to attend. The club is absorbing some of the cost so the price is only $15.00 per person.

We will be exchanging combined trash and treasure gifts also.

It should be an excellent time and serve as an oasis during these tumultuous times.

Plus I can tell you the boring stories of how I think I might have solved my TR6 problems.

Tilles ParkCruise, December 12th, 2001

John Lamberg has dug into the past and has asked about scheduling a Tilles Park Light Show cruise. Of course dinner would be needed, and in 1999 Farotto's was the meeting place for this event (http://www.sltoa.org/events/1999/events99.htm). Wednesday, December 12th is the suggested date. Please e-mail John if you are interested at Cr8afix@aol.com. Or ring him at: (314) 434-4467

SLTOA Meeting Minutes Ė Noveber 20th, 2001 Ė Patricks

Everyone had a wonderful time. Details of the Christmas party and other upcoming and past events were discussed, but our wonderful secretary wasnít present to record the meeting for our newsletter. We miss you Robin!

Polar Bear Run, February 10th, 2002

Mel and Gail Parentin are mapping out a wonderful drive this year that will end at their home in Webster. Watch for details in our next newsletter and on our Web Site.

Digital Bits, By Gary Allgood

Gary has been very busy on the road this month, but he did have this Web Site of the Month to add.    http://www.dimebank.com/cak/cak.html  Pretty cool articles. One specifically on the hot rod engine.

Classified Ads Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

Mark Bemberg [mmffb@yahoo.com] (618) 939-6143

Yes I do want to sell the eight. It's a 1980, 90K, 5 speed carb, 3.5L, convertible, silver exterior, black top, blue plaid interior, seats need to be recovered. Asking $3,500. Has dent in pass door and scrape in sill. Tires newer, have air pump but not on car. Call or e-mail. Car is in St. Louis Dog town area in a garage. Thanks, Mark Bemberg


Looking for Blackstone

Last week I received a letter from a Mr. Frank Basil, 4833 Shop St., Chester VA 23831, dated November 26, 2001. He writes:


I recently purchased a 1970 TR6 Commission number CC52640 from a Missouri dealer by the name, Hyman Ltd. of St. Louis. I believe the previous ownerís name was Blackstone. After sending a letter to him, I never received any response. I was told he was a member of a local Triumph club, and was hoping that club might be yours. I am very happy with the car, and was hoping to get some history about what work was done to the car, mechanical etc. If you have any information, I would certainly be grateful to you. Thank you in advance for your anticipated help.

Best regards, Frank Basil, 804-796-3756

Vintage Triumph Register Member #13863

If anyone can help Mr. Basil, please do. I donít have any record of any Blackstone being in SLTOA for the past 5 years that I have records.

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