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February Meeting, Joe Hanon’s, Feb. 19th, 2002, 7:00 PM

Joe Hanon's address is North 2430 Old Dorsett according to the phone book.  It is at Hwy 270 and Dorsett on the east side of Hwy 270.  It is only one exit north of Westport exit.

Dues are Due

Now is the time to renew your membership in St. Louis Triumph Owners Association.  Mail your check for $20.00 made payable to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association (or SLTOA) to our Treasurer:  Bonnie David, 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301-0500

New Addition to the Club  (Clipped from the Mailing List)

From: David Massey <105671.471@compuserve.com>

Subject:  New addition

I heard a rumor that Brian and Robin now have an occupant for that kiddy seat they got with the minivan.  I don't know his name yet but I think "Engine Overhaul" is in contention.  Dave

From: Brian Borgstede [borgstede@umsl.edu]

Subject:  New addition

Well, the name, His first name is Joseph.  At one point I had Robin talked into Joseph Lucas Borgstede, but we decided it would be better to use family names. (maybe the old man will give Joe the map to the Mason jars in his yard) The name is Joseph Carl.  Robin is a bit sore now, but if she feels better, I may make Polar Bear.  We'll see.  Brian

Presidential Diatribe - February, 2002

J. H. Strowbridge

Life is good as we prepare for a true (cold as sin) Polar Bear Run ’02.  As I write this the forecast is for dropping temperatures and howling wind, excellent.  Have you ever noticed that if it’s cold enough when you drive with the top down you actually get dizzy?  I believe it is from your brain being partially frozen . . .  Aside from the Polar Bear Run we have many events scheduled for this coming year.  Just read this issue of Exhaust Notes and check the website for details.  Congrats to the Borgstedes on the birth of their child.  I am truly happy that everyone is well, including Brian.  Notice how nobody asks how the father is doing?  I think Joseph just “out cutes” him.

Brian, remember: A true example of minority rule is a baby in the house! 

February is the last meeting prior to Election of Officers 2002.  I have suggested Richard Etz as a possible presidential candidate via the SLTOA email list.  Richards knows his Triumphs and shows true enthusiasm for the hobby.  We could use some more candidates to have a lively election.  Please bring nominations to the February meeting on the 19th at Joe Hanon’s Restaurant.  If I don’t succumb to the cold I’ll see you all on the 19th!!!

Also, please remember April 7th as we celebrate the start of daylight savings time at The Second Annual April Stress Reduction Clinic.  I have invited both the MG Club and the Austin Healey Association to attend.  If you remember last year, it was a great time.  I hope Christie and her folks attend again in their Morgan . . .


SLTOA Meeting Minutes – January 15th, 2002 – Patrick’s, Westport, By Robin Borgstede

Meeting led by President – John Strowbridge


Old Business:

·           SLTOA Holiday Party was well attended and greatly appreciated by everyone.  The auction was a huge success as always and the food and atmosphere at Bevo Mill were wonderful.  John received a thankyou letter from Bevo along with a survey he was asked to return.  Based on the response of the party attendees who were at the meeting tonight – John will fill out and return the survey with glowing comments.

·           Congratulations to Roy Matteson – he sold his TR8 on Ebay this week to someone in Scotland – Way to go Roy!!!


New Business:

·           John suggested that Patrick’s, while a fine establishment, did not really have the facilities promised to us for our meetings that we should consider other alternatives for future winter meetings.  Joe Hannon’s restaurant at Dorsett Rd. & Hwy 270 was suggested as it is in the Westport area and a reasonably central point for most club members in the area.  Bonnie David will be following up on the idea and calling the restaurant to inquire about a room for the February meeting.

·           DUES ARE DUE – in February.  Dues are $20.00 annually – the cost supports postage and supplies for the newsletters and general sundries (such as soda for events).

·           Nominations for NEW OFFICERS were discussed.  Elections will be held at the March meeting.  Send nominations to Mel Parentin or John Strowbridge via email if you want – they will contact the nominees prior to the meeting to discuss the office and determine the level of interest of the nominee.

·           Richard Etz has pictures from last summers drives (and others) for the website, Thank You, Richard.

·           New badges!  Who will volunteer to be responsible for the badges though?  We need a volunteer who is willing to be responsible for the badge box appearing at most meetings and events (everyone understands that you can’t make it to everything!).

·           Tech Session – hosted by Creig Houghtaling.  Creig shared his experiences while working on some sockets (light) that go in the back of a TR6.  He shared some tricks and tips that he has learned and Richard Etz and others joined the conversation with tips they have also.  It was very informative.  If you have missed the meeting and/or have questions please contact Creig.


Welcome New Members:

·           Pat & Rebecca Hughes (along with their lovely daughter Erin) joined SLTOA tonight.  They own 1 ½ TR4A’s and ¾ of a GT6.  Pat is a British car mechanic by trade – good to have you all in the club!!


Upcoming Events:

·           February 12 – POLAR BEAR RUN hosted by Mel & Gail Parentin. The club will provide the soda and chili, anything else please bring along with you.  Some great suggestions for a contribution would be shredded cheese for the chili, crackers, hot sauces, dessert (chocolate goes great with chili), onions, your favorite chili, soup, or stew recipe…..whatever potluck dish/accompaniment is your favorite.

·           March ? – ENDURANCE RALLY – sponsored by the MG club.  This year the route is slightly shorter – the drive will take approx. 18-20 hours instead of the traditional 27 hours.  GREAT FUN!!  If you decide to participate you MUST have a navigator/partner.  Speed is not important, just finish the route in the shortest mileage.  The drive is routed through the Scenic Ozark area so it will be very beautiful.  Starts at Hooter’s parking lot by Westport Plaza and ends there also.  Creig Houghtaling & Craig Ingraham are planning to participate and are looking for other SLTOA members to come along.  There was a suggestion that the club make an event of the day and meet in the am with the Rally teams and drive along for a stop or two and then break off for breakfast or lunch (depending on the time of day I guess) and that would make a nice small drive for the club.  It would be nice to visit with the other drivers and wish them luck!  Details will follow in the February newsletter if you can’t make it to the meeting.  The rally details are also on the SLTOA website.

·           May 24 – 26 British Car Festival in Champagne, IL.  If you have not attended this weekend event before you should really try to make it this year.  The Triumph is the 2002 featured car at the show.  It is a GREAT time as several of our members can attest to.  More details, coming soon.  Also, remember to check the website.

·           July 16 –19 – VTR 2002 in Redwing, MN.  Details will be on the website.



Well, it’s time once again for the club to elect new officers! 


The current offices are:

President: John Strowbridge

Vice President: Mel Parentin

Treasurer: Bonnie David

Secretary: Robin Borgstede


Our president and secretary are declining to run for another term.  I know that I have enjoyed being the secretary for the last 2 terms and I heard John say that he has enjoyed being president.  However, we both need to step down this time for various reasons.  SO, I know that those two offices are available for nominations for sure – ready for new blood!  The offices the club has are really not all that time consuming or stressful.  I can speak from personal experience as I have held all except VP at one time or another since I joined the club – not to say that I did a stellar job at any – but I did not find any of them to be too taxing and really it is fun to contribute to the club meetings and events.  I would really encourage all of you who have not held an office to consider accepting a nomination for the new term.  It can be a really rewarding experience (except the pay stinks!). 


It was suggested at the January meeting that possibly a committee should be formed or maybe just one person delegated to welcome new members.  Maybe do a brief write-up for the newsletter to introduce them or do something at a meeting to introduce them and make them welcome.  This will probably be put on the table at the February/March meetings. 



This guy may "Know Nothing" about it, but the news is out!


Announcing . . .




Text Box: The Second Annual April Stress Reduction Clinic













This year we will be doing more “twisty road” driving as we celebrate the beginning of

Daylight Savings Time


We will meet at the Firstar Bank in Alton, Illinois.

(Leave the St. Louis area, traveling North East and cross The Clark Bridge.

Make a left after the bridge and the Firstar Bank is on your right.)


Please endeavor to arrive prior to 10:30 a.m.  We plan on leaving by 10:30 a.m.

(Remember to turn your clocks ahead the night before!)


Last year we expected maybe thirty people . . . about sixty-five showed up!


We will start out on The Great River Road out of Alton towards Pere Marquette State Park Lodge where we are expected for brunch at 11:30 a.m.


Prior to reaching the lodge we will turn off of the main road to drive the last seven miles to the lodge on a lovely back road which runs “over the mountain and through the woods”.  The entire route will be posted, so should you arrive late you may catch up.


Post-brunch, we will be practicing our relaxation techniques at

The Piasa Winery in Grafton.

We will be stopping there in the afternoon once we “do” the mountain road again on our way back towards Grafton.


Please plan on joining us, along with members of the St. Louis MG Club and

The Gateway Austin Healey Association as we celebrate

William Willet’s (He was British) Excellent Idea!



7th Annual Missouri Endurance Rally, by Robert Rushing

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Participate in the 2002 Missouri Endurance Rally

10.  The rally is cheaper and less tiring than spending the day shopping.

09.  Sure it's not as much fun as sex, but what are the chances that you will get to have sex (with another person) that weekend?

08.  You can pretend to be one of the great drivers while you drive: "Moss, Nuvolari, Mansell, Fangio, [your name here]"

07.  How many miles did you drive your British car last year?  It wasn't enough!

06.  You can now put that leather jacket you got for Christmas to good use.

05.  Chances of winning the endurance rally are far greater than winning the lottery.

04.  It is a scientific fact that beautiful creatures throw themselves at endurance rally drivers.

03.  You shouldn't do the endurance rally unless, of course, you really want to look cool.

02.  Life is like an endurance rally; you never know where you'll find a shortcut.

01.  You own a sports car.  It's what they're made for!

I've given you 10 good reasons, now come on and join the fun!   The 7th Annual Missouri Endurance Rally takes place on March 23rd and will take you through some of the most beautiful areas in the State of Missouri. Registration is $25 per team and is open to all pre-1981 British cars.  For more information, e-mail me at mgslime@swbell.net or see www.stlouismgclub.com.


Digital Bits, by Gary Allgood

It is that time of the year, were we get the events schedule put together. We have been adding events and they are sent to us, and they can be found on our events page http://www.sltoa.org/events/2002/events02.htm.

Send all events to the Webmaster (gallgoodATlvsDOTnet) for posting to our events page. Try to include as much information as you can such as location, date, time, costs (if any), meeting places if a caravan to the event is planned, or anything else that may help us get there safe.

Web Site of the Month: 75 Years of Triumph cars http://club.triumph.org.uk/anniversary/historic.htm


Texas Healey Round Up 2002

New Member Casey Yunker is planning to attend Texas Healey Round Up 2002.  In an e-mail correspondence he provided the following information:

Lake texoma is as close to Missouri as you can get and still be in Texas.  if you go to mapquest.com and look up Dexter TX it is the lake that borders OK &TX.  This group has been having rallies for the last 16 yrs. and they really know what they are doing. I was planning on driving down Friday 9 hrs. approx then the show and ralley are Sat. with dinner and such, on Sunday morning the host either a hill climb or a short track cone race followed by a brunch and award ceremony.  we usually get on the road about 11 but if it is too  far home we have skipped the awards and left after the race.  Information about registering and hotel see http://www.ntahc.org/pastevents/RoundUp2002/RU 2002 layers.htm

.  I would enjoy and I am sure that my wife would feel better if there was more of a caravan than myself.  Let me know if you or anyone is interested. 

Casey Yunker [mailto:CYunker@summitpolymers.com]

Mid-Ohio 2002 Press Release

TRIUMPH will be the featured marque for "The Sprint Vintage Grand Prix "at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio  (June 14-16,2002 )

You are cordially invited to participate in commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the development of the Triumph Sports.  This car, referred to as the TR 1, was the first of a long line of Triumph cars considered to be the best all-around sports cars ever produced.

The 1992 commemorative was one of the most successful gatherings of Triumph people from all walks of life.  Everyone who attended is talking about returning and bringing a friend.  Those that weren't there have been making plans to attend this 50-year event without fail.  We expect this event to be the largest attended Triumph-specific event in history.

Activities will include commemorative laps for the enthusiast, celebrity guests, historic cars, an on-ground-assembled museum of Triumph Marque history, and an International all-Triumph Marque Race.  A special commemorative badge has been designed to mark this historic anniversary.  Kas Kastner, Triumphs West coast racing great, will serve as Grand Marshall.  Racing greats, past and present, are pursuing plans to be a part of this weekend.  Bob Tulius of Group 44 fame, Paul Richardson and various period European Rally Drivers have all been contacted.  Currently we are expecting 60 or 70 Triumph Racers to be featured  including as many as 14 cars from overseas.

Watch your enthusiast newsletters, significant auto-related publications, e-mail lists and web sites for further information and commemorative memorabilia to be made available





Classified Ads Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

Mark Bemberg [mmffb@yahoo.com]  (618) 939-6143

Yes I do want to sell the eight.  It's a 1980, 90K, 5 speed carb, 3.5L, convertible, silver exterior, black top, blue plaid interior, seats need to be recovered.  Asking $3,500.  Has dent in pass door and scrape in sill. Tires newer, have air pump but not on car. Call or e-mail.  Car is in St. Louis Dog town area in a garage.  Thanks,  Mark Bemberg






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