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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                               April 2002


April Meeting, Joe Hanon’s, Mar. 16th, 2002, 7:00 PM


Dues Are Now Way Past Due (for some) Creig Houghtaling & Bonnie David

(CH) In last month’s newsletter I said that anyone who had not paid up by the end of March would be removed from the roster and would not receive a newsletter this month.  Well, Bonnie David talked me out of that and has provided the following reprieve:

(BD) This may not be a Triumph but I wanted to get your attention.  It’s past time to pay your 2002 dues ($20.00).

If I am in error, I apologize.  Please call and correct the roster and my records.  My phone number is 636-949-0825 (Resurfacing Plus) or the email is jdavid@mail.win.org.  Creig Houghtaling and I will be adjusting the roster accordingly for the next month.  Thanks for your help.

I show the following persons not paid.

Allgood, Bach, B. Berger, Bester, Bickford, Bovier, Bush, Butler, Chronister, Dahman,, Dean, Fansher, Gilliam, Gipson, Glomb, Green, Heise, Hoffman, Kwaitkowski, Lamberg, Manganani, Marshall, Mason, Mueller, Mundschenk, Orr, Polcyn, Radasch, Ritter, Sanders, Schussler, Shaw, Standley, A. Stark, T. Stark, Storms, Street, Ungerman, Wahl, Yunker.

If you plan to remain a member of SLTOA, but have just forgotten to pay, make a check for $20.00 payable to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association (or SLTOA).  Mail to Bonnie David, 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301.

SLTOA Meeting Minutes – March 19th, 2002 – Hanon’s, Robin Borgstede

Old Business:

- Polar Bear Run was fabulous!  Thanks Mel & Gail Parentin for hosting the drive.

- Dues are due!!!!!

New Business:

- March 24-25 is the Endurance Rally

- Possible Hermann Weekend trip/ maybe trip to St. Gen?  Dave Massey had info. on the St. Gen B&B's, however it is close to the Champagne show weekend.  The members present decided to move the weekend event further into the summer.

- A club member suggested that we slow the drives down a bit (a little too much speed lately).

- A suggestion was made to purchase a tent or fly for the club.  A fly can be purchased for $199.00 or so at Sams Club.  One of the big questions however, is who will store it and bring it to events?  There would be just a few details to work out - the discussion will continue at the April meeting.

- John Rhoads will be hosting a Tech session in June in Collinsville, IL.  Details will be presented soon.

- Mark Trebacqz has invited us to visit him and his shop in Washington, MO - we have a standing invitation.

Upcoming Events:

- March 29 is Washup/Tuneup at Keith Bester's

- March 30 is the Easter Car show at Forest Park

- April 6 is Tartan Day in Missouri - proclaimed by MO Govenor.  There will be a parade in Old St.Charles and they are looking for 3 cars to carry dignataries.  The parade will run down historic Main Street.

- April 7 is the Second Annual Stress Reduction Clinic

- April 20 Route 66 drive.  Call Arlie King for more information   We have been invited by the Dept. of Natural Resources - there will be an estimated 400-500 cars at the Route 66 Park.  The SLTOA club can enter there cars into the show for no charge.  You must place your car in the show by 10 am.

- May meeting will be our annual picnic.  Joe Mueller is working on details.  Karl Schmidt will once again serve as bbq master chef - come with a good appetite.  Details will be determined at the April meeting.

- May 24-26 Champagne British Car Festival - check the website for details

- June 2 is the European Car Show - details can be found on the website (Triumph club website)

Election Results:

Richard Etz and Paula Keys were nominated for President.  Richard Etz was voted in as the new president - long may he reign!

Vice President – Jason Buchek                          Secretary - Chris Allgood                                   Treasurer - Bonnie David

Newsletter Editor - Creig Houghtaling                             Webmaster - Gary Allgood

Events Chairman - Ken Dahman declined to run again and so the position was closed (as no one else wanted the job).


As I take on this new responsibility, I was reflecting on the dedication of our "core group" of members.  These members devise and organize the many great activities of our club, which is a great comfort to a new president.  My wife Anice emphasized the way in which we were warmly greeted and made to feel a part of the club when we joined, over two years ago.  Our club members and their continued support will be a major factor in this presidency.

In other news, "The Great Race" will be shortened this year, due to a lack of sponsor ship.  It will run between Texas and California.  The main organizer is retiring, so this may be the last year for the run.  This is a shame, since it was quite an event.  Those of us who attended its pass through Kirkwood last year can attest to that.  Seeing those vintage cares, including a 1957 TR3, zooming in during a driving rain was a thrill.  Thanks to Dave Massey for setting up our participation in the stationary car show!

The Healey club "wash up, tune up" was a great success; my photos will soon be developed.  The Healey guys are a good group and share some members with our club.  In his own right, Keith Bester has an enviable British car collection.  Thanks again for the invite, Healey Club!  The Easter Car Show, traditionally not a big event for our club, was even more shy of Triumphs, due to an apparently new "pre-registration" rule.  This was tough luck for the patrons of the show.

With many events in the works, this should be an outstanding summer!


Looking for a TR3

This evening while I was putting the newsletter together I got a call from a fellow by the name of Mike Vance.  He found my name from the internet and he gave me a ring.  He is looking for a TR3.  He is open to condition.  So if you know of one for sale, give him a ring at (314) 427-2810, or e-mail at mcjav@peoplepc.com.  He lives in Overland.  I invited him to our meeting at Joe Hannon’s on Tuesday, so if you see someone new, be sure to welcome him.  He may be interested in becoming a member.

Classified Ads: Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

1972 TRIUMPH GT6 MK3 - FOR SALE:  Original paint, very good condition.  Asking $5,000.  In need of seasonal oil-change/tune-up, but that's it.  Begging to be driven.  Brenda Gilliam/636-536-1272/bgillus2@netscape.net

Photos of this car are on the web site at:  http://www.sltoa.org/Members/Gilliam/Gilliam.htm



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