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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                               February 2003

February Meeting, The Crossings, Tuesday February 18th, 2003, 7:00 PM

The Crossings is located in Webster Groves at 35 North Gore

President's Corner, By Richard Etz


New meeting venue!  Those who were at last month's meeting know that there was widespread dissatisfaction with Danny O'Toole's facility.  Bonnie suggested we find a new meeting place ASAP.  With the input of several club members, we reviewed some possible options.  Many restaurants want a head count in advance; some even want a pre-arranged buffet.  Others did not serve beer!  At Gail's suggestion, I checked out "The Crossings" in downtown Webster Groves. It looks quite promising!  They have a basement room that we may use exclusively for our meeting.  It is quite nice, with a fireplace and its own restrooms.  There is a pool table in an adjacent room.  There is a bar nearby which serves Guinness and Newcastle Brown Ale.  Members may order off the menu or go upstairs to the deli (open till 8 pm)and get a sandwich, self-serve.  There is no charge for the room, and we are to have a server just for our meeting (tip well!). Actually there is a whole list of groups that meet there each month, so they should be able to handle us.  Parking is available on a pre-school parking lot across the street and in a small municipal garage behind the restaurant.  They may accommodate us outdoors in the summer, but more on that later!  The Crossings is located at 35 N. Gore, across the street from Schaeffer's Auto Body.  If you cross the railroad track, you've gone too far.  To get there, take 44 to Elm and go north about six tenths of a mile to Lockwood.  City Hall is on the corner.  Go left (west) on Lockwood about a block and one-half to Gore, just past the Presbyterian Church.  Turn right on Gore.  C. J. Muggs is on the corner of Gore and Lockwood.  From 40/64, go south on McKnight (McKnight becomes Rock Hill)to left on Lockwood, which is just after you cross railroad tracks.  Follow Lockwood to Gore; turn left on Gore (at C.J. Muggs).  Manchester to south on Rock Hill would work, too. Their phone number is (314)968-6440, if all else fails!  Hope to see you there!

In other news, the Polar Bear Run was a great success.  Those who didn't make it, eat your hearts out!  Mel counted 25 British cars on the run, and none broke down. Some former members, MG fans, and Healey guys joined us.  It was actually realistic to put down the hood (top, to you Yanks) and cruise.  Mel is now our chief weather prognosticator.  We ended the run at Mel's and Gail's house, ate Mel's chili, and had potluck.  Thanks again to Mel and Gail.

Happy motoring!

Dues are Due

It is now that time of year again.  If you would like to remain a member of St. Louis Triumph Owners Association, please mail your 2003 dues of $20 to Treasurer, Bonnie David, at 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301-0500.  Make your check out to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association or SLTOA.  Bonnie’s number is (636) 949-0825 if you need to ask her anything.

Following is our current roster.  If you have any corrections, please let Bonnie know when you pay your dues.  The roster will not be included in the web version that is posted on www.sltoa.org.  Therefore all members will receive a hardcopy newsletter this month.

St. Louis Triumph Owners Association Roster – February 2003

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Upcoming events from last month's meeting, By Richard Etz

Feb. 23, don't forget:  Big British autojumble in Chicago area.  Several members recommend it.  VTR has a link to the site or go to it directly: www.chicagolandmgclub.com/

Sat. March 22:  Endurance rally--there will be a shorter option this year in addition to the usual grueling course.  For reservations, call 314-991-4900.

April 20:  Is there any interest in the Easter Car Show at Forest Park?  This is not typically a big club event, but it actually fills up and sells out. Those interested should register in a timely fashion.

May 24 and 25:  Standard Triumph 100 Weekend in UK.  Dave Massey has details.

June (tentatively first week):  Joe Mueller is checking on the availability of the park pavilion at Des Peres Park for this year's club BBQ.  We are targeting the first week in June.

June 23:  Great Race overnight in St. Charles, MO.  The last time they hit St. Louis (2001) it was quite an event!

Input needed

A Christian School has asked if we would supply a car show (10 cars or more) for their Spring Festival, which has an international theme.  Affiliated with an Assembly of God church, the school is located near Butler Hill and 55.  They have 60 students in kindergarten through 5th grade.  The plans sound impressive or just grandiose.  Animals from the zoo are to appear, along with Rams Cheerleaders, sports celebrities, bands, booths, crafts, and a carnival.  Trophies or a donation to the club are possible, but do we want all that? I promised to bring this issue up to the membership and suggested they also call the MG and Healey clubs. One possible drawback is that it is less than a week after the Easter Car Show.  Let me know what you think--Richard

At last meeting, we discussed reserving Bevo soon to get the best date for our holiday party in December.  Creig suggested that we consider paying extra to reserve the upstairs dining room, which is quite outstanding.  Weekend dates in December fill up and cost extra for the upstairs.  The Mill Room costs $50 extra, but has no room for the buffet.  I'd have to check on the cost of the large room. Actually, the Oak Room was quite nice this year, it was apparently updated.

News from Pits, By Andy Stark

I should say from the frozen garage.

Just a quick update on winter projects that Frank and I are working on.  Franks car is well on its way to becoming healthy for the 2003 season. We have a new transmission on the way and two new engines being built.  Frank has also completely redone his fuel tank and trunk.  It is not only safer but much better looking.  Frank has also been busy fixing some cosmetic snafu's on the body of his car.  His car should be in top working condition by the end of February, plenty of time for the first race in March.

My car (Andy) is also moving along quit well this winter.  Most of my work has been of the bartering nature so far.  I would like to extend a thank you to Creig Houghtaling for donating two sets of TR6 inner axles to the racing cause.  His axles went towards building new stronger racing axles for my GT6.  Once the axles were cleaned up they were shipped off to Steve Smith in Nevada.  I would like to thank Steve not only for helping with the axles but for all the help and advice he has given me while building my race car.  With out Steve my car would not be complete as I write this.  The axles are now waiting installation when the weather at least gets above 20 degrees.  I have to say the axles are so well done they are almost too pretty to install on the car.  Thanks again Steve.

Other than the axles I am replacing the drive shaft and the engine bearings.  The drive shaft has a bad spline that might have been causing some of my high speed vibration.  The engine bearings are just maintenance.  I plan on changing bearing every two to three races to prevent a catastrophic failure.

Looking at the season ahead I think we are well on our way to having a good start.  A great thing is we don't feel in a rush.  I guess experience is starting to pay off.

A quick note on Mossport in June.  I am looking for some support for that week. I am pretty sure Jack Fansher is going but he will not be enough.  I need at least one other person on the crew.  I also need someone that has a truck or SUV to help carrier spares.  This race has four days of track time.  I would hate to break down and not have spares.  If anyone thinks they can help give me a call.  The dates are June 26th thru 29th.

                           See you at the track





Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

79 TR7 conv, auto, needs work, $500. Call (636) 940-0091 for more details

67 - 69 Spitfire MKII parts and parts car for sale.  Call Brian at (314) 494-6176.

1973 TR6 - Partially restored - rebuilt engine, new top, tires, gas tank, red with tan seats and top. Asking $6,750. Call 314-878-8230 or e-mail to V1014@msn.com.

Wanted: Spitfire or Herald 1200cc engine in good rebuildable condition.  Should have all parts with it. May need other Spitfire parts later.  Robert 636 639-6119 or mailto:rdchambers@worldnet.att.net

1979 Triumph Spitfire, white with black interior, hard and soft tops, 3,000 miles on rebuilt engine, radio, good tires, recent brake and clutch work. Runs and drives well. $2500.00 for a decent driver. Contact Arlie @636-677-0545 or email bailees@aol.com.

SLTOA Shirts, $25, Call Bonnie David for delivery to out next meeting.  (636) 949-0825




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