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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                               March 2003

March Meeting, The Crossings, Tuesday March 18th, 2003, 7:00 PM

The Crossings is located in Webster Groves at 35 North Gore

President's Corner, By Richard Etz


Our new meeting venue at "The Crossings" was great!  Not only did we have a room to ourselves, they even loaned us a VCR to show racing films on the TV. I plan to bring "Triumphs at LeMans" next time.  I recommend the "create your own pasta" from the menu, though the deli looks good, too.  Let me take a moment to review those directions.  The Crossings is located at 35 N. Gore, across from Schaeffer's Auto Body.  If you cross the railroad track, you've gone too far.  To get there, take 44 to Elm and go north about six tenths of a mile to Lockwood.  City hall is on the corner.  Go left (west) on Lockwood about a block and one-half to Gore, just past the Presbyterian Church.  C. J. Muggs is on the corner of Gore and Lockwood.  Turn right on Gore.  From 40/64, go south on McKnight (McKnight becomes Rock Hill) to left on Lockwood, which is just after you cross railroad tracks.  Follow Lockwood to Gore; turn left on Gore (at C. J. Muggs).  Manchester to south on Rock Hill would work, too.  The phone number is (314) 968-6440, if all else fails.

The weather last Saturday sure puts you in the car (repair, maintenance, cruising) mood, doesn't it? Club activities are on the way!  Don't forget the Endurance Rally March 22-23.  Also, the membership has endorsed registration (free before March 25) for the car show at the St. Charles Family Arena on Saturday, March 29.  This precedes an indoor football game.  Our team is the "Show Me Believers" of the National Indoor Football League.  No, I've never heard of them before, either. Game tickets are extra.  Their website is http://www.showmebelievers.com/.  Let me know if you would like to be registered as a participant.  They just want to know the number of cars to expect.

On a quick tech note, the April 2003 issue of "Practical Classics" discusses motor fuels and speaks to the lack of lead in today's fuels.  They state, "if your engine is rarely revved beyond 3000 rpm, used on long motorway thrashes or used to haul a caravan [trailer], the chances are that it isn't going to suffer from excessive valve seat recession whatever you put in the tank."
(p. 123) Some British advice seems suspect, but this sounds sensible.  Make of it what you will.

On a personal note, Anice was released from the hospital last Tuesday after a nine-day stay.  Her surgery apparently went well, and she feels good, except for being a bit tired.

I look forward to seeing you members at our next meeting on Tuesday, March 18!

Happy motoring!


Dues are Due for 2003

It is that time of year again.  If you would like to remain a member of St. Louis Triumph Owners Association, please mail your 2003 dues of $20 to Treasurer, Bonnie David, at 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301-0500.  Make your check out to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association or SLTOA.  Bonnie’s number is (636) 949-0825 if you need to ask her anything.

Last month everyone received the current SLTOA roster.  Please check to make sure all your information is current and correct.  If there are any corrections to be made, please let Bonnie know when you send your dues.

As of printing time for this newsletter, about 30 out of 80 members have renewed.  SLTOA does not send out individual bills for membership renewal.  So don’t wait for a bill.  Send in your renewal today!

Feb 2003 Minutes: By Chris Allgood

The February Meeting was in Webster Groves at a place called Cross Roads; we will meet there until May. They can provide outdoor seating so we may continue meetings thru the summer if we want. It was also discussed that we mix up the locations for the summer meetings. Gail suggested that we look into the Boat House at Forest Park for a summer meeting.

Other sites discussed where Fitzgerald’s But we would have to no more than 23 for a larger room. Plus pay for a buffet. Olive Garden would provide us a room as long as another party with more guests would not need it. Richard Etz is looking at other locations at this time and is open to any suggestions.

At this meeting Frank showed us the DVD he made about 2 Dog Racing. The presentation was very good. Included was information on his sponsors, and a motion was made to they could address the membership. The members present voted to listen to the sponsors at a future meeting. Frank thanked the club for all their support here and at the track. We discussed possible Raffle at Labor Day Car Show for a way to sponsor Andy and Frank.

Up coming events include the following.

March 22 Endurance Rally, Jack David and Creig Houtaling will be there, are you?

There are two “rally’s” a Short rally for those without heaters and a Long one for the rest.
Typical Weather for this event is Cold - Colder.

March 29 At the St. Charles Family Arena. St. Louis Believers have invited us to show our cars at this event. The time frame is from 11-5. If interested go to website for information.

March 30 first race of the season for Andy and Frank. The pit crews roster is asking for you.

April 20 is the Easter Car Show hosted by the Healy Club. For more information go to their Website.

May 23 is the Champaign Car Show. This event is a lot of fun. There will be a Block Party. Plus an Early Morning Run. The theme this year is The Beatles, get out your mop tops and shake it up baby!

June 1st we will hold our annual BBQ again managed by Joe Muller at Des Peres Park. Joe did an excellent job with the MG show last year, and thanks to all those who helped.  This will take place of our June 3 rd Meeting.

June 14-22 will be the MG National Convention. Look for more information in up coming newsletter.

June 23 rd The Great Race will be going thru St. Charles. We had discussed sponsoring a car. There will be a Car Show in Kirkwood. It will be a great chance to see some nice cars.

June 24-29 Moss Port. Andy is looking for a crew, and a few beers. Someone with a truck that can carry extra bits for the racers, just in case. Possibly a transmission, engine, or a frosty keg of Guinness. There are 74 cars racing, twelve of those are our friends from England. This event will be a great time for all.

Next Meeting March 18 at the The Crossings See you there.

Missouri Endurance Rally – March 22 & 23, By Robert Rushing

The Missouri Endurance Rally - March 22-23, 2003.  Let me start by saying that this is my favorite event each year.  I participated in the first one and became addicted to Endurance Rallies after that.  They are a lot of fun, but they are also pretty demanding both physically and mechanically! A true test of man (or woman!) and machine.  Actually, it's not that harsh. Basically, an endurance rally is this:  Teams are given a list of locations that they must go to (the same for all teams).  Once they reach the site they must gain proof (I prefer a Polaroid or digital picture, some ask you to get a store receipt, and others give a list of questions that can only really be answered by someone there.  I like the picture because it's impossible to fake and you don't have to worry about a store being closed or mess with people who want to bicker over every question).   They must go to all the locations and make it back to the starting point all why trying to find the shortest possible route.   Whichever team makes it back while covering the least number of miles, wins.   We generally give a time limit of 24 hours or so.  The total mileage is around 600 to 800.

To determine this, you have the teams drive a set route while following a control car.  You take each team's odometer/tripometer readings before leaving on the run.  The control car will stop after a certain mileage then have each team following them drive up to the point where the mileage was reached and note the odometer/tripometer reading at that point.  The mileage is compared to the control car's.  Any variance can be determined using a simple mathematical formula to determine the offset.  Once the offset is determined for each car, their final mileage - once they get back -  is multiplied by that to give the actual mileage driven.  Unfortunately, this is still not super accurate; but it's the best we can do without buying expensive rally equipment.  Basically, I say if someone wants to be that competitive and can't live with the fact that our cars' odometers are old, inaccurate; and may not truly reflect the actual mileage, then I tell them to do something else because this is more for fun than anything else.

As far as the stop locations are concerned, I'm trying to think of a rally course where teams will need to maintain an average of 30 to 35 mph (not that they have to worry about maintaining an average, I just want to make sure they'll have plenty of time to do it and take plenty of breaks).  The event is definitely not speed related at all.  Everyone is supposed to obey all traffic laws.  To help facilitate that, each team member's driver license are sealed in an envelope.  If the envelope is opened, then we have to assume that they got stopped for breaking a law in which case they are disqualified.   The real aim is navigation skills and team work.  Each team must plot their course and determine which routes they will take.  They must decide how many backroads they will take versus main roads because even though the backroad may be shorter, it might cost them too much time so they won't make it back before the deadline.  They must work well together, trade off on driving/napping/navigating.

New for this year's Missouri Endurance is the Mini-Endurance Trial.  I'm setting up a mini-endurance for those who have always wanted to try one out, but are uncomfortable with doing a full 24 hour run.  The mini will be around 300 to 500 miles and teams will be given around 12 to 14 hours to complete it.  It will be 5 out of the 10 stops that the regular run makes at the same time.

This will be the 8th Missouri Endurance Rally.  There has been a Lap of the Lake (Lake Michigan) Endurance Rally that is 10 years old and an Abingdon Trials Endurance Rally that is only a couple of years old.  This year, all three are in a new series together.  The MER will be March 22-23 leaving from St Louis.  The Lap of the Lake will be August 9th leaving from Grand Rapids, and the Abingdon Trials will be Oct 12th and leaving from Indianapolis (maybe, I think).  The shortest mileage overall of the three events wins the championship!  The Jan/Feb 2003 issue of The Driver will have more details.

In the past, we have had teams that came from Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri (of course).   Last year, we had 25 teams compete and I'm hoping for more this year since I'm doing the mini along with it which a lot of people have expressed interest in.   I think once you've tried one out, that you'll be very enthusiasticabout the event and will want to do it again!

As you can tell, my enthusiasm for this is great.  I've competed in 8 endurance rallies so far - 6 in Missouri, 1 in Michigan, and 1 in Wisconsin.   I guess the reason why I like them so much is because I'd love to race and do offroad rallying, but I just can't afford the time or the money for it.  These events give a real sense of competition and are as close to racing as I can manage at the moment.  It doesn't require special equipment, it doesn't require anything other than normal insurance, a bone stock car has just as much chance to win as a highly modified car, and it's no more dangerous than driving on public roads is in general.   What's not to love?   We'll be leaving from St Louis at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. Registration fee is $25 per team and is open to all pre-1981 British Cars.

For more info, contact Robert Rushing at mgslime@swbell.net.

Update 3/8/03  That's right - only two weeks from today until the kick-off event of the season takes place!   Saturday, March 22nd.  Registrations are very strong for the regular endurance rally, but is pretty weak for the Mini-Endurance. Granted, most of you guys will want to tackle the regular run since you know how much fun it is; but if you know of anyone who is interested in endurance rallies yet is leary about trying one out - talk 'em into giving the mini a try.  It's only half the mileage and half the time so it should be a great way to introduce them to the experience.

This year we're going back to the orginial format -  10 stops, 24 hours. Mileage should be about the same as last year's; but with about 5 to 6 more hours to complete it - should be a lot more relaxing!

Also, remember that this will be the first year for the new tri-rally championship with the MER being the first leg. If you have any questions or anything, please let me know!

Driver's meeting will start at 7 a.m. that morning in the conf room of the Red Roof Inn.

Robert Rushing

My mailing address is:

5444 Sutherland Ave, St Louis, MO 63109

NAMGBR and MG Club of St Louis mailto:mgslime@swbell.net and  rarushin@up.com

You can download a registration form for the 8th Annual Missouri Endurance Rally and 1st Missouri Mini-Endurance Rally at: http://www.stlouismgclub.com/8thEnduranceRally.shtml




Ormond Beach, Florida, January 31, 2003

     Motorsport Marketing, Inc., Publishers of Grassroots Motorsports, has announced their purchase of British Car Magazine on January 30. British Car will be relaunched this spring as Classic Autosport, with British Car's Gary Anderson as editor.

     Classic Autosport magazine will offer classic car enthusiasts more depth in its technical coverage and a wider range of classic performance automobile coverage – British, as well as European, American, and others. Classic Autosport will be all-color, perfect-bound and will start with at least 100 pages.

     In making the announcement, Tim Suddard, president of Motorsport Marketing and publisher of Grassroots Motorsports, said  "As classic car enthusiasts ourselves, we have had a dream for over ten years of adding a classic car magazine to our activities. With the acquisition of British Car, we have the core around which to create the kind of magazine we have always wanted ourselves, in the same way we have built Grassroots Motorsports."

     From his office in Los Altos, California, Gary Anderson, editor and publisher of British Car Magazine  since 1996 said "I’m  really looking forward to editing the new magazine. With the strong technical and publishing resources of Motorsport Marketing, we’ll be able to provide more detailed information on our favorite British cars while covering the other marques that were so much a part of the sports car hobby as we knew it in the fifties, sixties, and seventies."

     The expanded magazine will give British Car readers more tech features, emphasizing ways to improve reliability, safety, and performance of classic cars. In addition, Classic Autosport will be building its own project cars like those that Grassroots Motorsports is famous for building. Classic car meet and vintage racing coverage will be expanded. All of this will be added while the magazine will still maintain the enthusiasm for classic cars that British Car readers have come to expect.

     The first project cars planned for the new publication include an MG Midget and Porsche 911, while the magazine will also campaign a pair of vintage racers: Publisher Tim Suddard will continue to run his Triumph TR3 at East Coast events, while Editor Gary Anderson will campaign an MGA on the West Coast.

     The April/May issue of British Car will be the last one to carry the old name and logo. British Car readers will see no interruption of service, as they will be the first to receive this new and expanded publication. The first issue of Classic Autosport will be mailed in late May and on the newsstands by 3 June.

     The readers services number will remain the same:  1 800 520 8292

Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

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67 - 69 Spitfire MKII parts and parts car for sale.  Call Brian at (314) 494-6176.


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SLTOA Shirts, $25, Call Bonnie David for delivery to out next meeting.  (636) 949-0825

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Dues are due for 2003.  See above for details.