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www.SLTOA.org†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† April 2003

April Meeting, Chuck-A-Burger, Tuesday May 20th, 2003, 7:00 PM

Chuck-A-Burger is located west of I-170 at 9025 St. Charles Rock Road

President's Corner, By Richard Etz

Greetings!†† Well, it is time for us to go outside to our regular haunt.We are confirmed for Tuesday, May 20, and for third Tuesdays in July, August, and September at Chuck-A-Burger.I think we would agree that The Crossings has been a terrific venue.I conveyed our satisfaction and our desire to return in the fall to my contact, Rose.Thanks again to Gail for the suggestion.Now it will be great to get out with the cars again and see what has/hasn't been done over the winter.I am one of the greatest offenders in terms of failing to get Triumph work done over the winter.With a fleet of heaps in various states of distress, daily drivers take priority.My '88 Tempo had a buzzing fuel pump and a heat sensitive ignition module and stator.Fuel pump replacement is a "tank out" job and is no fun.I also had to replace a damaged front truck bumper.

Now to the TR 6!The brake master cylinder had completely drained dry just sitting in the garage two days after a refill.New cylinders were on a six-week waiting list at Vickie Brit and at Roadster Factory.I ordered a rebuild kit from Roadster Factory.After all, I rebuilt the clutch master a couple of years ago, with good success.Roadster Factory's kit is complete, as compared to the Vickie Brit kit.Upon receiving the kit, I removed my cylinder from the car.The cylinder's condition was not too good, to put it charitably!Moss told me they could send me the last new cylinder they had in stock.Cool.A week later I picked up a Jaguar XJ 6 master cylinder.My salesman insisted that it was interchangeable, when I complained.I finally got a salesman who told me they hadn't seen a TR 6 master cylinder in six months, and by the way, would I like to be on an indefinite waiting list?Back to the rebuild kit.After lots of honing and sanding and cleaning, I installed the cylinder.Success!The cylinder hasn't leaked, the brakes pull up straight and the pedal is firm.Anyone else in a dire master cylinder situation, give me a call.I'll give you the benefit of my expertise (or just dumb luck!).The job took all Saturday:I swear I'll get out to Andy's racing soon!

In other news, the Easter Car Show was a great success in spite of initially threatening weather.The Triumph marque was not as fully represented as one would like, but many great cars were there, nonetheless.

At least three events are coming up quickly.There is an antique car show in O'Fallon, MO, on May 18.Andy Stark has offered to BBQ if we are interested.Contact Dave Massey, Andy Stark, or me if we want to coordinate a last minute plan.Also, don't forget the Champaign British Car Show on the 23rd of May.Our June meeting will be June 3 at Des Peres Park.This is our annual BBQ and it is always a good time.Special thanks to Joe and Karl for their work on this event!Also, remember that "Drive Your British Car Week" on May 24 and to June 1.

I look forward to seeing you at our meeting on the 20th!Happy Motoring!

April 2003 Minutes, By Chris Allgood

Our dues are due now so please pay them as soon as you can.

Endurance Rally

Was lot of fun? Though theyíre where a few low points during the race.Such as breaking down in the middle of nowhere and coming upon some very low points in the road. Jack made it to all Five Stops though he did break a speed cable in the process.

Two-Dog Race at GatewayAndy placed second in his class. He said that it was fun and fast even it the weather was cold.

Tartan Day ParadeLinda said that this yearís turn out was three times the size as last year. The marching bands were great. The weather was a bit chilly and cloudy but overall good. Around noon the weather broke and it was a beautiful day. Jack David (Spitfire), Linda Massey (TR3A), Gary Allgood (TR4), and Dave Massey (TR8) carried VIPís over the parade route.

Our outdoor meetings start May 20th at Chuck-A-Burger. Any suggestions for other sites are being discussed so put on your thinking caps.

May 3 Ė 4 First Regional Racing at GatewayWarm ups begin at 9:30 am with races starting at 1:00 pm. Andy and Frank are providing us a BBQ. We where asked to bring some side dishes.

May 16th Healey Spring ThingContact Mel for more information. Great Fun and Great People.

May 18th MG Rally Jefferson CountyGo to website for more information.

May 24th Champaign British Car FestivalJumers is where the club will be staying. The theme for this year is The Beatles. So get out those long hair wigs and dark sunglasses. Ken Gano has offered to have us over for lunch at his house, our annual trek to Kenís. On Friday May 23 rd in Charleston Il.

June 3rd Annual Des Peres Park PicnicClub will provide hot dogs, brats, bbq, soda, and chips. All members and family members are invited to attend this event. There was a suggestion of having a flea market at this event. John buck offered to donate items.

June 8th European Car Show at Fontnac Plaza


The following individuals have been dropped from the SLTOA membership roster and are not receiving this monthís Exhaust Notes:Cheryl Swift/Bob Berger, Jim Berger, Jim & Patricia Bovier, Rob & Kris Chambers, Philip D. Dean MD, Gary S. & Karla K. Fuqua, Jim R. Hall, Blaine Henkel, Craig Ingraham, Tom & Karen Jones, Joe & Kathy Kelly, Arlie & Linda King, Fred Lenkman, Aldo & Evelyn Magnani, Joe & Mary Ann Mann, Scott R. & Stephanie Muentnich, Donald & Joyce Mundschenk, Kurt & Betty Schumacher, Bob Spiegelman, Tom Stark, Kenneth & Amy Storms, Mark & Barb Trebacz, Dan & Jennifer Trigg.I know some have decided to drop their membership, but some have just forgotten to pay.If you know of anyone who has forgotten to pay, ask them to send $20 dues to Treasurer, Bonnie David, at 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301-0500.Have them make a check out to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association or SLTOA.Bonnieís number is (636) 949-0825 if assistance is needed.

Two Dog Racing Report from Gateway, April 3rd & 4th 2003, By Gary Allgood

I was able to make the Saturday Gateway race, with John Lamberg. John's overdrive now makes it pretty tough to keep up with the overpowered 1500 Spit! Time to stuff another potato in his exhaust pipe.

Andy ran on Saturday in the regional event, and Frank and Andy were to run on Sunday in the national event. We will need someone else to give us Sundays results, as I was not able to make it back Sunday. Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, and the track was full of action.

Andy and the GT6 were in fine form. The car appeared to be running very well, and even better with minor changes after practice. A small 300 bucks a pop for two new rubbers in the front, the car was then holding a very good line. Andy ran very well, giving stiff competition to many of the cars and was fighting a tremendous battle with a fiery little RX7 when a stinking spec car started playing games with him. He managed to make the fight his own, and made no friends of the Triumph group. Although we never saw it from our location, Andy had a spin out in turn 1 I believe and ended up safely off the track and could not get the big 6 to fire again.

Regardless it was a great race, the car ran very well and you could see the confidence in Andy's line around the track. Jack and Steve did a great job as pit crew for Andy and Frank. John and I pitched in as much as possible, with John taking up the leadership position on the barbie and making some tasty vittles for lunch.

Cheers Two Dog Racing!

Editorís note:Just after the race Andy sent me the following one-line noteÖ

Success!!! I ran a 1:12!! To bad I spun in turn one with three laps to go. Oh well. I am so excited about the time I don' t care.

European Car Show, June 8th-Note from Brad Bloomquist to Dave Massey

Hi Dave,

This is Brad Bloomquist from the Jaguar Club. We haven't spoken in a while; I hope all is well in Triumphland!

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that June 8 is the 16th Annual European Auto Show at Plaza Frontenac. The proceeds benefit the St. Louis Shriner Hospital for Children so it's a great cause. We would love to have you and your fellow "Brits" at the event this year. We expect to have as many as 150 cars in attendance. We have over 30 signed up already and it's only been warm for a few hours!

I have attached a flyer/sign up form but would love to mail you additional copies or come to a club gathering to hand out copies if you would like me to.

I hope to see you there. Contact me if I can be of assistance. 314-290-2630

Happy motoring.Brad

See the flyer at:http://www.sltoa.org/events/2003/06/europeanshow.htm

Another Endurance Rally,By Robert Rushing

For those of you who missed out on the Missouri Endurance Rally this year, do not despair!

There is still another chance to take in all those great Missouri roads and see great some historic sites.During the North American MGB Register's national convention here is St Louis this summer, we will be holding another endurance rally in the state.Although, not as short as this year's Missouri Mini-Endurance Trial, it will not be as long as a full endurance rally so as to allow those attending the convention to be able to get some sleep and enjoy the rest of the convention.

The rally will take place on Wednesday, June 18th beginning at noon.Teams will have 24 hours to complete the course and return to the host hotel.

For more information, see the convention's website at: http://www.mg2003.com/

Thanks and I hope to see you there!††† Robert Rushing

Invitation from Ken Gano

Well, it's about time once again to start thinking about the third (almost) annual lunch at Ken's House.

After missing last year (having to work is h**l :) ), once again we are extending an invitation to anyone traveling this direction for the Champaign (or Champagne) Illinois British Car Festival on the Friday afternoon before it starts (May 23rd) to stop here for lunch.Make plans for about 1:00 p.m.

This is a very low-keyed affair.In the past years we have had upward of 10 to 12 cars in the driveway and front yard.Spaghetti will probably be the faire and if I get fired up sufficiently before hand we will have a big pot on for that day as well.†† Otherwise, maybe a baked ham or a sandwich spread.

Food, Friends and lies, what more could you ask for? :)

We are located at 938 6th Street, Charleston, Illinois.That is 44 miles due south of Champaign - Urbana.The mayor (who lives directly across the street) is a big Healy driver and the city attorney has an Austin American, so while we probably can't do burn outs in the middle of 6th Street, the "powers to be" certainly won't complain about a little impromptu get together.

Bring your own wine, etc., otherwise, we will have food, place settings and soft drinks.

RSVP (or just show up, there is always plenty of food :))†††† Ken Gano

The following is the fifth installment of Detailing Tips and Tricks.It is re-printed here in our newsletter, Exhaust Notes, with the generous permission of Brad Bloomquist,

Drying Tools

Synthetic Chamois:These are the newer high-tech version of the traditional sheepskin chamois.They absorb more water much faster than natural chamois and are stored damp in their own carry case.The best brand is Wizards Water Bandit.The absorber and P21S towel are also good brands.

The trick to using chamoisí is to lay them on the surface of the car, let it absorb for a couple seconds and then lift off and move to another area.Resist the temptation to drag it across the surface.Pat dry any leftover water drops with a microfiber or cotton towel.

Other Tools

Natural chamois: There is virtually no reason to use a natural chamois any more.They are harder to maintain, more prone to scratching and leave a residue on the surface.

Toss Ďem!

California Water Blade: this controversial tool is essentially a high-tech medical grade silicone squeegee for removing large amounts of water off your car very quickly.They work!I have never experienced any scratching with this tool but many people are afraid to use them.Finish up with a microfiber or cotton towel.

Hint:Follow up each washing session with an application of quick detailer and a buff with a microfiber towel!This will rejuvenate your wax and add pop to the shine!

Car Washing Tips

*Use two mitts for car washing.Use one mitt for the top surfaces and one for the lower panels.Keep them separate.The lower panels are more likely to hold scratch-making debris.Donít take a chance scratching the more visible top surfaces.

*A car wash shampoo is helpful in loosening dirt from the pores in the paint surface.They can be hard on wax, though, so only use shampoo every 3-4 car washes. (Assuming you wash weekly.)

*Do not use sponges to wash the paint.They hold debris and can scratch easily.

*Install plastic or rubber ends to your hose and avoid any costly scratches.

*Position the hose so running water is flowing directly in front of your mitt flushing dirt away from the mitt.

*Only use buckets for the occasional shampoo use.There is a greater chance for scratching because of the dirty water.

Cool Tools

The California Duster has two different sizes: Large for the outside and small for the inside.They really work well.Be sure to drag the duster over the surface with very little pressure.Barely touch the surface.The fibers in the duster are wax impregnated and work well, even better, when used a lot and are dirty looking.Dusting the car removes potential scratch causing debris from the surface.The interior duster magically pulls the dust from the dash, console and seats.Highly recommended.

Vent and Instrument Brushes:work great for the tight spots like gauges and vents.

Medical Swabs: these are like Q-Tips on steroids.I go through dozens of these before a concours.Get them at any pharmacy or medical supply store.Very cheap.


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