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July Meeting, Chuck-A-Burger, Tuesday July 15th, 2003, 7:00 PM

Chuck-A-Burger is located west of I-170 at 9025 St. Charles Rock Road

President's Corner, By Richard Etz


Hope the summer's been treating you well!Up till now, we've had some fine Triumph weather that was more befitting the UK.Our barbecue at Des Peres Park was downright cold!Now, the "dog days" are here: Break out the asbestos army boots!It has been a busy month.First of all, thanks to Joe and Karl, our barbecue was a "Triumph."The weather was rainy and cold, but the camaraderie and food were great, and we got to meet some new members!

Next, the "European Car Show" was really something to see.Steve Miller called it, "The St. Louis version of Pebble Beach."Lots of high buck cars were there, including two Mercedes 540s from the 1930s.The owner of the 540s was driving his one cylinder, tiller steered, Mercedes (circa 1890s) around the lot.Ferrari was well represented, as was Jaguar, including a Proteus replica.Hyman had his Hispano Suiza there.Many Healey Club members' cars were there.Unfortunately, Truimph was only represented by two TR8s, and a TR3 that left early.Several other Triumphs were in the parking lot:Some cheapskates (like me) drove to the plaza but did not enter the show.

June 18th through the 22nd the National MGB Show was here.Several good vendors were represented and there were lots of MGs.The real treat, though, was the concurrent American WACO Club "Fly-In" at the Creve Coeur Airport.WACO is apparently a brand of bi-plane.Roughly one-hundred planes were on display.Many of these were flying in and out of the airport.Rides were being given in what I can only describe as a primitive biplane airliner.It used multiple inverted inline engines.Although it was silver, it was covered in fabric!The airport's plane museum was open and quite interesting, as well.On June 23, the "Great Race" rolled into Union Station.There was a static car show that included Ken's and Sue's TR3, John's Spitfire, and Lou's (Healey Club) A-H 3000.The crowd and car show were small.The event was not well publicized, but it was great, nonetheless.Over 100 cars were still in the race:Twelve had already dropped out. Vintage trains provided a great backdrop for photos.Some of you may remember the "Leslie Special" that Mark Hyman had for sale at the Easter Car Show a couple of years ago.It was bought by enthusiasts from Arizona and from California (a partnership, they explain) and restored.

Along with Professor Fate's "Hannibal 8," which the partners also own, the Leslie is touring with the race.As you may recall, these cars were specially constructed for the Blake Edwards film "Great Race" of 1965.The current race should have ended by July 5.As of this writing, final results had not been posted on the race website (http://www.greatrace.com/).Team Scrappy and its 1957 TR3 are in the race again this year.On day 13 (of 14) the water pump failed, but they replaced it in the hotel parking lot!Check Scrappy's website at http://www.britishpacific.com/scrappy/2003/scrappy.html.

Joe and Mary Ann Mann were at the Great Race on Monday.They were about to fly out to a Pierce-Arrow convention at Lake Tahoe.It appears that "all systems are go" regarding our club trip to their place in Pinckneyville, IL, on July 20.Hopefully, plans will be finalized for this trip by our meeting on July 15.The Mannís are very nice folks.In addition, Joe is a clock and a car collector and over-all interesting guy.Don't miss this activity.

Finally, the July issue of "Classic and Sports Car" has a feature article on the TR6.Check it out.

See you at Chuck-A-Burger on July 15!

Happy Motoring!

Trip to Joe and Mary Ann Mannís

(Creig)I asked Richard if he would provide trip details to print in this newsletter for anyone who would like to drive to the Mannís on the 20th but might not make the meeting on the 15th.Here are the details he provided:

(Richard)We'll meet at Koch Road across from Koch VA Hospital just on the Missouri side of the Jefferson Barracks Bridge.We'll meet at 10:00 AM and leave at 10:30 AM.We'll cross at JB and take Route 3 to Red Bud, where we'll pick up Route 154 and take it into Pinckneyville.Joe lives one block off 154 at 102 South Grant Street.In other words, turn right (south) onto South Grant to his house. We will call from Koch Road to tell Joe how many chicken dinners to order. I hope someone brings a cell phone!I estimate 60 or 70 miles, one way, about an hour and a quarter or an hour and one-half.His phone number is (618) 357-8168.

(Creig)If you would like to drive separately to the Mannís, please call them directly at (618) 357-8168.Their address is 102 South Grant Street, Pinckneyville, IL.

RimmerBros Ad, By Creig Houghtaling

You will note a full-page Rimmer Bros. ad in this newsletter.The club is carrying their ad in our newsletter in exchange for 100 pounds worth of parts vouchers.We have four coupons worth 10 pounds each and three worth 20 pounds each, which I will bring to our next meeting for our treasurer to hold.At our next meeting, members can decide how we would like to distribute these vouchers.We could use them as prizes for some kind of competition, or distribute them with a random drawing.Bring your ideas for discussion to our next meeting.And by all means, please consider doing business with Rimmerís.They have a selection of parts that frequently exceed those available from most US distributors.Shipping cost is commonly higher, but even with that considered, they are still competitive.My recommendation comes from my many years of personally satisfied customer experience with Rimmers!You canít beat doing business with a company who specializes in Triumph parts.


April 2003 Minutes, By Chris Allgood

The club picnic at Des Peres Park was a cold event. Everyone who braved the weather had a good time. A great Big Thanks to Carl Schmidt for doing all the cooking again. And a Big Thank You to Chris and Cathy for helping Carl out.

Andy had a good day at the track. On the trail runs he placed 3rd out of 14 cars. But his luck ran out on Sunday. His fuel pump shut sown when it got hot. He will be running again in August at Gateway. Frank had problems with his reverse gear and was unable to run.

Bonnie wants all members to know that she has shirts available for sale. She has a variety of sizes.

Joe and Mary Ann Mann have invited the club down to their house on July 20th. Joe has some Model Tís - Triumphs and other cars for us to enjoy looking at as well as riding in them. Mary told us that she can pre order chicken for us from a local store at the cost of $4.99 each. Please let her know if you are interested.

Gateway Classic Cars is hosting a car show on July 20th. It is a great opportunity to get together and talk car-talk. There will be music, food and gift vendors. The hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They host different car clubs each month. Other Dates are August 17th, September 21st, October 19th, November 16th and December 14th. The address is 5401 Collinsville Road, Fairmont City Il. 62201.

The London to Brighton Run is going to be held on July 12, 2003 in London Indiana. There will be MGBíS and Triumph TR6s. There will be a welcoming party on Friday September 12th at Brickyard Crossing Inn. Activities include a lap around the Indy F1 track and a fun rally on Saturday. Along with an awards banquet with a Guest speaker, there will be Speedway historian Donald Davidson. The cost of the event is $50.00 a couple, with an additional $20.00 for the banquet meal. Contact Don Haynam by phone at 317-887-3867, or by e-mail mailto:mgdr@quicknet.net by July 10th.

Brits in the Ozarks All British Car & Cycle Show-Invitation from Bill Watkins

††††††††††† It is time for the 2nd Annual Brits in the Ozarks All British Car & Cycle Show.We had so much fun, and so much success, last year we just had to do it again.The British Iron Touring Club of Northwest Arkansas extends an invitation to all members of your club, its supporters, fellow British Car enthusiasts, and all assorted hangers-on, to attend.

††††††††††† Last year, in our first attempt at such a thing, we had 107 entries from as far afield as Baton Rouge and central Minnesota.One member of your club joined us as did several folks from the St. Louis MG club.We were very pleased to raise a net of $8,500 for the Razorback Chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.It was very gratifying.

††††††††††† We received a great deal of very positive feedback from participants regarding the show location at Agri Park just off of the U of A campus.Figuring that if it ainít broke we shouldnít try to fix it, the event will be at the same location this year.Of necessity we have to schedule around the U of A football games, so the date this year is two weeks earlier: September 27, 2003.

††††††††††† Cars and bikes will compete in 25 or so classes for People's Choice awards as well as various other prizes to be awarded based solely upon the phase of the moon and quantity of beer consumed by the show committee the night before.†† A sense of humor will be required.Activities will include a cook out at the host hotel on Friday night with a drop-in hospitality room, a fun run over some wonderful Ozarks roads, and a catered BBQ dinner/banquet at the pavilion located in Agri Park.We have 40 rooms blocked at the Quality Inn, about 3 miles from the show site, so book early.†††† As before, all proceeds from the event will go to MDA. None of this will end up in our club treasury.†† The University permits only non-profit activities at Agri Park, so no vendors will be allowed.†††† There is always plenty to do in Fayetteville, so those family members who ďdonít understandĒ our hobby can find ways to entertain themselves without much trouble or effort while you "smell the rust" with the rest of us.††††††† Fall in the Ozarks is a beautiful time to visit. In a modern car Fayetteville is only 5 to 6 hours away from St. Louis. Iíve driven it many times to watch the Cards.Come join us for as much fun as we can figure out how to have and raise some money for a very good cause.For inquiries please call me, Bill Watkins, at (479) 631-0054 in the evenings, (479) 636-2168, days, or e-mail at bwatkins@watkinslawoffice.com.

††††††††††† You may also check our web site for a map to the show site, hotel information, event schedule, registration form (loaded soon), and whatever else we can think of or have time to put there: www.geocities.com/britishironark.You can also find pictures of all of the entrants from last year on the site.

††††††††††† We look forward to seeing you.


Classified Ads:Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

Items For Sale

Uni-Sync carburetor adjustment tool, new.$19.00

The T-Series Handbook, Golden Aniversary edition.Essential information from the pages of The Sacred Octagon, late 80ís copy.$20.00

MG Midget Series TD and TF Workshop Manual.Original BMC issue, not a reprint,Useful and a collectors item.$50.00

Chiltonís Repair & Tune Up Guide, MGB, C, A, Midget, 1100 & others.Basic info, well used.$5.00

Tuning BLís A-Series Engine, by David Vizard, first edition.The most authoritative, comprehensive & pratical manual on the A-series (and applies to the b-series also) engine and ancillaries.New condition.$20.00

Great American Automobiles by John Bentley.An interesting and pleasant book that covers cars and racers prior to WW-I.$10.00

A History of Sports Cars by C. N. Georgano.Written & pictorial (color, B&W) history book of sports cars up to the mid 60ís.A fun book to look at and read.$15.00

Karl Schmitt,(636) 797-4203


79 TR7 conv, auto, needs work, $500. Call (636) 940-0091 for more details

67 - 69 Spitfire MKII parts and parts car for sale.Call Brian at (314) 494-6176.

1973 TR6
Well maintained. Ready for the road! Good paint and body, rebuilt engine, new top, tires, gas tank, red with tan seats and top.Asking $6,750. Call 314-878-8230 or e-mail to v1014@sbcglobal.net

Triumph Spitfire Factory Hardtop, good condition, yellow paint.-Joe Odgers 314-821-4121 joe@jfodgers.comhttp://jfodgers.com

Triumph Waterpumps Our company specializes in restoring / rebuilding automotive waterpumps. If you would like to keep your TR-2-3-4 all original, or can't afford to pay an arm & leg for a new TR-7 waterpump, we can help. Our Triumph waterpump prices vary, most models completely rebuilt with gasket range from $69 to $89.San Diego Waterpumps. 619-449-0633 www.sandiegowaterpumps.com

1958 TR-3A for sale.Very presentable and drivable condition.Signal Red with black interior.One family owner.Asking $8500, please call 636-458-9163 for more details.Located in Wildwood, MO

SLTOA Shirts, $25, Call Bonnie David for delivery to out next meeting.(636) 949-0825


The following is the sixth installment of Detailing Tips and Tricks.It is re-printed here in our newsletter, Exhaust Notes, with the generous permission of Brad Bloomquist,

Chrome and Aluminum

Chrome cleaners are abrasive and take off metal.†† Remember, chrome plating is very thin.Use them as little as possible!

*Aluminum accepts fine abrasives well.You cannot wear through it like chrome plating.

*Always polish with back and forth movements in one direction only.

*Keep your chrome and aluminum waxed to seal the pours from moisture and dirt.It will make the shine last longer and will clean up with a simple Quick Detailer spray.

NeverDull uses fibers impregnated with small amounts of polish.They clean very well and will not scratch easily.Easy to use.

Brands of chrome/aluminum paste I use:

NeverDull: the best for occasional touch ups. ****

Semichrome: Great paste, very fine abrasive ****

Wenol: Very fine, good shine ****

Blue Magic:Good gloss, inexpensive ***

Mothers: coarse paste, be careful not to scratch **

Lustre Lace: Impregnated strips that can be pulled and buffed. Work well.*****



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