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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                              October 2003

October Meeting, The Crossings, Tuesday Oct. 21st, 2003, 7:00 PM

The Crossings is located in Webster Groves at 35 North Gore

President's Corner, By Richard Etz


Late September and early October are, arguably, the best weather months in St. Louis.  That must be the explanation for all the activities around town lately.  The All British Car Show of September 27 seems so long ago.  It was a great show with lots of participation.  Thanks to the many members who helped with our food booth.  This made each person's load a little lighter.  A special thanks to Joe Mueller, who navigated the new regulations this year, as well as organized and purchased the food.  The Balloon Races had a small car show that weekend, while the Jaguar Club held their annual History Museum show.  "Scottish Games" occurred on October 11.  The car show was small in an even smaller space and Dave and Linda Massey wound up with virtually all the responsibility for it.  Maybe next year we could all pitch in and help!  The event itself was really great, though.  Large groups of bagpipers and drummers competed, while historical events were re-enacted, and Celtic fiddlers played.  The Scottish and Irish fiddlers apparently inspired Ozark fiddlin'.  Lots of vendors displayed everything from capes to swords.  The Scotch whiskey tasting booth was a favorite.  Muscle-bound fellows in kilts and tattoos were the contestants in the games.  I actually saw the caber toss and the throwing of hay bales over a wire about 15 feet in the air.  I didn't see the hammer throw, but in keeping with the macho nature of the contests, how about a "hammer catch" next year?

Other non-Triumph events this month included The Best of Missouri at the botanical garden in conjunction with the Shaw Art Fair.  Vendors with Missouri products (including three wineries) make this a "don't miss" for next year.  Also, the Museum of Transportation had its annual free celebration.  One TR 6 was on display but left before I got to talk to the owner.  The most interesting part of this museum is talking to the volunteers working there.  Most of them are retirees that really have a keen interest in the exhibits.  We learned about the Chrysler turbine car of 1963.  Several volunteers think this car should have revolutionized the auto industry.  If this were really such a bad concept, why is the current M-1 tank powered by a turbine engine?  Another volunteer who drove one of the operating streetcars told us about progress on the U. City Loop to History Museum streetcar line.  The plan's existence has become common knowledge, but it is actually moving forward, with the purchase of a 1914 vintage streetcar, which is currently located in Connecticut.

Don't forget our Bias Winery run on October 19.  This is always fun, unless it rains "cats and dogs".  There was some confusion regarding dates on this run.  At last meeting the membership voted to make this our Fall Color Tour as well, so nix the October 26 run from your calendar.

Finally, I've just purchased two books of interest to the Triumph enthusiast.  One is "Triumph TR, TR2 to 6: The Last of the Traditional Sports Cars".  It has lots of contemporary ads that are interesting to see.  The other is "How to Improve Triumph TR5, 250, & 6".  This looks promising, but skip the section on installing a Stag V8 in a TR 6!  For those who can't wait to see my copy, get them at Borders Books.

Well, I must get on a "ghetto cruiser" (1988 Ford Tempo) brake job that I've been putting off all weekend.  Hope to see you members on October 19.  Our next meeting is indoors on Tuesday, October 21, at The Crossings in Webster Groves.  Call or e-mail me if you need directions.

Happy Motoring!

Bias Winery Tour, By Richard Etz

Each year, SLTOA and the Healey Club organize a run to Bias Winery near Berger, Missouri.  Sunday, October 19, is the date for the run this year.  In the past, free wine tasting is available, food and wine is available for purchase.  As I remember, bratwursts and cheese/sausage plates are pretty much it.  You may also bring your own food.  We drive back roads out there but may return on Highway 44.  The leaves should be at their colorful peak.  We meet at 10:30 AM and leave at 11:00 AM from Manchester and Clarkson roads in West County.  This is at the northwest corner, in front of a K-Mart, next to a gas station.  Be there or be square!

September 2003 Minutes, By Creig Houghtaling

As usual, when Chris is not at the meeting to take notes, nobody does.  We miss you Chris!

The primary topic of discussion was the upcoming British Car Show.  It was agreed that every SLTOA member who showed up would be put into a drawing for the Rimmer Brothers vouchers.

Our Christmas party will be at Bevo Mill on Friday night December 12th.  The menu will be the same as last year.  Price will be similar.  Cash bar will be about 7:30 with dinner about 8:00 PM.  In the November newsletter the exact price will be posted and members will be asked to make reservations.  Keep the date open!

Rimmer Brothers Vouchers, By Creig Houghtaling

All St. Louis Triumph Owners Association members who were in attendance at the British Car Show at Creve Coeur Park on September 21st were entered into a drawing to win seven Rimmer Brothers Vouchers.  We had three 20-pound vouchers and four 10-pound vouchers.  These vouchers are good toward any product that Rimmer Brothers sells.  The following seven SLTOA members were the winners in this drawing.  The three 20-pound winners were:  Richard & Anice Etz, Patrick & Rebecca Hughes, and Jeff Weintrop.  The four 10-pound winners were:  Jack Fansher, Charlie & Paula Key, Chris & Kathy Kresser, and Ron Spiegelman.  Congratulations to all the winners.  Make sure you use the vouchers before the expiration date.

Letter from a new member, via e-mail

My wife and I are new members. Unfortunately, we live in Rolla, so attending the monthly meetings will be “iffy”, unless I’m up there on business, which is frequent, but we’ll physically participate when we can.

We have started taking apart a 1959 TR3A for a “frame off” restoration. If there are members “out this way” who could point me in some directions, as to body work/painting, especially, I’d be grateful. I’m taking pictures and cataloging things (baggies, boxes and tags) as I go along and buying things on eBay that make sense to me. Now that I’ve taken some of it apart, I can see that this unit took a big hit in the front end, which was “fixed” with bondo and “modifications”, so I’m looking for a straight frame, both outer wings and maybe the inner ones, too, especially on the passenger side. The frame has a big welded “splice” on the passenger side, so I think I’ll just start over from there. The rear tub is pretty solid, except for pin holes in the floor pans, which I can replace myself. It’s “all there” but it definitely needs the rebuild.

If anyone in the club is planning a drive “through the hills”, they are welcome to call us and use us as a pit stop. We are on Highway BB, just east of Rolla about 3 miles, and just south of I44. They can get here by all kinds of “curvy” country roads or buzz down I44.

Tom & Gayle Culbertson, 10050 Vintage Lane, Rolla, MO  65401, 573-458-2189, gtctmc@earthlink.net

Two Dog Racing Update By Creig Houghtaling

The last time I talked to Andy he was preparing his car to race at Gateway on October 25th and 26th.  Last month I reported that Andy wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to make it due to financial limitations.  Here is my proposal:  I propose that St. Louis Triumph Owners Association pay for Andy’s entry fee for this race.  There are many SLTOA members who enjoy attending to watch Andy and Frank race.  Those of us who attend enjoy helping prep the cars, visiting with each other, watching the races, and good eats & drinks!  Those who can’t make the race enjoy reading Andy’s write-ups following the race.  Andy puts a lot of work into making Triumph racing enjoyable for all SLTOA members.  SLTOA members raise money each year for the purpose of having club funds available for the enjoyment of the club members.  I can’t think of anything else that the club can spend money on that more SLTOA members would get more enjoyment!  The Christmas party may be one thing.  But SLTOA has enough money for more than one thing.  We’ll bring this up for discussion at our next meeting.  So if you are strongly for or against this, please make sure you show up at our next meeting to voice your feelings.

As I was writing, Andy called.  His car is basically prepared and ready to race!  He has refreshed the engine and added a more radical cam and a couple of other things for more horsepower.  So if it doesn’t blow up, he will be even faster this race.  The rear springs have been lowered, but now there is a significant amount of negative camber.  We’ll just have to find out if this is good or not.  We may have to change it back if it is not.  That is why there are trial runs before the race.

For those not familiar with the racing schedule; Saturday is day most SLTOA members will attend to watch the race.  At the entrance, stop at the registration booth and tell the attendant that you are with Andy Stark and Frank Axelrod.  They will ask you to sign a waiver and give you a pass to park in the midfield paddock.  There is a tunnel under the track to the midfield.  If you show up early in the morning (about 8:00) you can help set up the paddock.  If you are later, (around 10:00), time trials will be under way.  Around noon someone usually has a grill hot for some good brats.  (By the way, if you can bring a grill, call and let Andy or me know.  Or let us know at the next meeting.)  Everyone usually brings food and beverages to share.  So don’t plan on dieting that day.  Races usually end up being mid-day.  Since there are many different classes of cars running throughout the day it is hard to tell exactly when Andy and Frank will be running till you see the schedule that morning.  Be prepared to spend the day having a wonderful time with good friends!



Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.

For Sale  1971 Triumph TR6  Body OK, (minor rust through in one rocker), frame good, engine not running, but previous owner claims it was rebuilt.  The paint is thick, cracked and in some spots fallen off.  But the car is complete, and with work could be made into an acceptable driver.  Asking price is only $600.  That’s not much more than a major parts yard would ask for just the differential!  Call Mike Mason at (636) 240-0757


FOR SALE  1973 GT6 MKIII.  Rusted floors, door bottoms, and sills.  Other rust here and there.  Not run for ten years.  $500.  Contact Jim Buck, 1304 Elm, Jacksonville Illinios 62650.  217-243-1449


SLTOA Shirts, $25, Call Bonnie David for delivery to out next meeting.  (636) 949-0825

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