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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                              October 2004

October Meeting, Tuesday Oct. 19th, 2004, 7:00 PM, at Chris and Kathy Kresser’s,

114 Maple Lane, Ballwin, MO 63011-3743, Ph, (636) 394-3012 Home, (314)-494-9970 Cell



Arrive any time after 6:00 p.m.; meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. The club will provide grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Attendees should bring a dish or dessert to share, your beverage of choice, and lawn chairs.


President’s Epistle, By Dave Massey

Here we are in the middle of the prime driving season, especially since we have had almost no rain for 7 weeks.  So far we have had several drives to State Parks, wineries and nowhere at all, and all great fun.  We have behind us the St Louis British Car show and several members have taken back trophies.  And we had a profitable hotdog stand at the show as well.  A special thanks to Tom and Gayle Culbertson and US Food Service for the donation of the dogs, brats and buns.  I would also like to thank all the volunteers who worked a shift at the booth.  That includes Sandy and Steve Street, Gail and Mel Parentin, Bonnie and Jack  David, Gary and Chris Allgood, Richard Etz, Brian Borgstede, Don Huber, Chris and Kathy Kresser.  And especially Joe Mueller for pulling everything together.  And I would also like to thank the MG club for inviting us to provide this service to the British Motoring Community.

The Scottish Games and the British Car Display therein is now history.  There was a small but varied selection of cars there including five Triumphs.  There was also three Austin Healey's, three Jaguar's, a Rolls Royce, a Rover P2000TC, a 1936 Austin 10 and a Citroen 2CV.  OK, so we are a little loose on the criteria but what the heck.  Ed DeBrecht was a Triumph Dealer from 1955 'til the end in 1981.  He told a few interesting tales and probably has many more.  Perhaps a resource worth pursuing. 

Coming up is the Fall Color Tour (perhaps history as you read this) and the Highway 19 tour on Oct 22, 23 and 24th.  That will pretty much wrap up the year's driving until the Polar Bear run next Feb.

Our next meeting will be held at the home of Kathy and Chris Kresser on Oct 19th.  If the weather is cool we will retreat to the garage and the heater therein.  For the November meeting will be return to the Crossings in Webster Groves.  We will also hold our January, February, and March meetings there as well.  We can discuss whether we want to repeat the meeting-at-a-member's-home for next summer.  Volunteers welcome.

Don't forget the Xmas party in Dec 10.  Get your reservations in ASAP.

See you on the road.


September Meeting Minutes, by Chris Allgood

A huge thank you goes out to Joe Mueler and his son for all their work in getting the food and supplies to Creve Coeur Park. I would also like to acknowledge for following people. Chris and Cathy for their gas grill plus help setting up and serving. Mary and George Most for their gas grill. Richard for his table and help serving. Brain for his help setting up and serving. Gary for his help setting up and serving. Jack and Bonnie for their help setting up and serving. Sandy and her daughter for their help in serving. Gail for her help serving. They all made the day run smoothly. Thank You.

Next month Meeting to be held at Chris and Cathy’s house. The meeting will be held on Oct. 19th  Please look on website for directions.

Fall Color Tour will take place on Oct. 16th. The drive will be to the Bias winery. The owner is retiring. We thought that we would go celebrate with him.

Highway 19 drive from Hannibal Mo. to Poplar Bluff will take place Oct.22-23. The Chicago Healy Club is sponsoring this event. Brain is looking for someone from our club to drive up there Friday night. Please contact him if you are interested.

November meeting will return to The Crossings in Webster Groves



October 17th, 2004


Bias Winery Fall Color Drive

Meet at the Smoke House in Chesterfield Valley at 10:30 a.m.

Prompt departure at 11:00 a.m.

Picnic lunch recommended, although Bias Winery does have a limited menu.

Contact:       Chris Kresser

Email:   chkresser@juno.com

Telephone:        636-394-3012 home

                        314-494-9970 cell

October 22nd – 24th, 2004

Friday through Sunday

Fall Color Tour from Hannibal to Poplar Bluff

November 6th, 2004


Mel and Gail are hosting a gun shoot at their Farm.

November 16th, 2004


SLTOA Meeting

Location to be announced.  (Probably The Crossings in Webster Groves)

December 10th, 2004


SLTOA Holiday Party, Bevo Mill


Don Huber went to the British Car show in Chicago.  Jessica Houghtaling had fun making a collage of some of the pictures he took.

Stories About Those Triumph Cars - Why do you love your British sports car?, By Kathy Kresser

All British Car Show photos were taken by Don Huber


The All British Car & Cycle Show at Creve Coeur Park on September 19 was indeed wonderful. The weather and cars were hard to beat. I have wondered what inspires owners of British cars to drive them, repair them, show them, etc. So, I asked participants at the Show, “Why do you love your British sports car?” I think you will appreciate, laugh and enjoy their responses. If I have misquoted someone, please accept by apologies.


“Fun to drive. A thrill at 40. An adventure inside the speed limit. As much fun as a motorcycle only safer.” Tom and Gayle Culbertson. 1959 Triumph TR3A in the making.


“I am a car fan in general. It doesn’t have to be British. As a boy I looked at used Triumphs, then other new models that I could afford. The Triumph at the time was $6,500; my new Camaro was $3,300. British cars were expensive, but I have always admired them.” Richard Etz 1975 Triumph TR6




“It is fun.” Arlie King 1959 Triumph TR3A


“A cross between an AC Cobra and a Vett. It was built to compete with Vetts.”  Dan Hawley 1980 Triumph TR8


“Easy to work on, fun to drive.“ John Strowbridge 1974 Triumph TR6  Daughter, Sarah, was quick to add, “Oh yeah!”



“Style. Nostalgia. Now, it is a rare car. Car was built as a stopgap between the MGTD and the MGA. Only made in 1954 and part of 1955.” Larry Pinion 1955 MGTF


“It is unique. Gets a lot of attention. Escape the real world when driving it.”  Chris Faulbaum 2002 Replica Lotus 7


“Because it gives my husband something to do. Also, meet the nicest people.” Marilyn Salini 1956, 1957, 1959, and a 1965 Austin-Healey




“It was my high school car. I have owned it for 38 years. Just a love. It was all I could afford in high school at $400.” Rich Laycob 1961 MGA


 “Attention getter.” Amanda Schuz. 1976 MG Midget “Love the color. Also, I am pleased to be here at the St. Louis show.” Mark Sherman 1959 Nash Metropolitan (the pink one).


“Loved British cars for years. Had a 150 Jag in the seventies. I like the quaintness, smell and performance. Have owned over 50 cars from Austins to Rolls.” Larry Weisz 1959 Rolls Royce




“Look at it! Biggest waste of money I ever had, but I enjoy it. I am glad I can afford to do it.” Bill Farthing 1981 Rolls Royce


“It is Mums TR!!! I was going to throw it away. She asked me three times not to abandon the car. Then, she provided the money for the restoration. It is her car.” Joe and Kathy Kelly 1973 Triumph TR6


“Something we always wanted. Like the older styles. Elegance of it. I am the caretaker of the car.” Kevin Koogler 1985 Jaguar XJ6




“They are more cantankerous. Have more of an attitude then me.” Mark Schmidt 1974 Triumph TR6


“They are superbly engineered, but unique.” Art Buechler 1993 Jaguar XJS


“Really fun to drive, but it Dad’s car for now.” Pat Mueller (son of Joe Mueller) 1961 Triumph TR3A




“I am British!” Richard Nicholl 1971 Triumph TR6 and many others.


“First of all, because of all the wonderful people we meet. Secondly, the drives and shows with friends.” Gail Parentin 1967 Austin-Healey


“It fits crossways in the garage in front of one car. In Chicago, that’s important!” David Goddard 1971 Coppers Mini




“Pop Top” was mine from 1985 to 1994. It was my college car. It was sold, and then my Dad found it listed on Ebay in July 2004. Now I own it again, with pleasure.”  Stefanie Barnes 1979 MGB


“Started working on British cars at age eleven with my Dad. I am also a collector and have four British cars.” Bonjour Stunson, Le Stable 1973


Jaguar XKE Roadster, 1985 Jaguar AJ6, 1957 Jaguar Mark, 1972 Jaguar Series Limo 1




“It has been loads of fun to meet nice people.” Rich Berger 1957 MGA, 1980 MGB, 1970 MGBGT


“Don’t admit to loving it, just going steady.” (Has owned a British car for one year). Jack Klobnak 1960 MGA,1964 MGB


“Way, way way too much fun to drive. It should be illegal.” Jim and Judy Wheeler 1974 Triumph Spitfire And, Rebel, the Chow, who goes to every car show.




“They are corky. They are like a disease and I caught it at a young age.” Chairman, Robert Bentzinger 1974 MGB Roadster, 1974 MGBGT


“Fun.“ Ron Birke 1959 MGA


“I don’t love my car as much as I love the people in the club.” Mike Fishman 1965 MGB




“Open road fun.” Mark Schmidt 1976 Triumph TR6


“Like to tinker. My car needs skill, not just money. Also, teaching my son, Joe, about the car.” Brian Borgstede 1968 Triumph TR250


“Easy to drive compared to a stretch limo. Turning radius is perfect. Attention getting car. The pretty girls wave to me.” Michael Tomnsley, Chauffer for Clayton on the Park 2004 London Taxi




“Unlike anything else.” Bob and Diane Flowers 2005 Triumph Rocket III. (Limited production, only four to a dealer).


“The old sound.” George Kracke 1967 Triumph Trophy


“Nice open sports car. Balanced, good power, reasonably comfortable except when it rains.” Paul Schuessler 1959 Triumph TR3, 1968 Triumph TR250




“Definitely unique, not like modern cars. They have character, not the most reliable.” Steve Street 1980 Triumph TR7


“I don’t smoke at all, drink very little, seldom chase women, so a guy has to have something.” Mitch Mitchell 1954 Swallow Doretti



Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.


For Sale, 1980 TR7 Spider $1,800, Contact Dave Gries 618-514-1200 Cell or Jim @ (618) 977-5548


Editor’s note: I went and looked at this car.  It started difficultly, but ran well.  Then I found a manual choke.  I suspect it would start fine with the choke pulled.  With a little work this car could be a very nice driver.  If I could have figure out where to put another car, this ad would not be here…


61 TR3,  Call Joe Mann, (618) 357-8168, joegmann@webtv.net


Wanted: TR6.  Call Kevin McMahon (314) 997 7752 (O), (636) 207 6838 (H)

SLTOA Shirts, $25, Call Bonnie David for delivery to out next meeting.  (636) 949-0825


1967 Austin Healey Sprite - red convertible, rebuilt engine, new gas tank, fuel pump, tires, timing chain, battery, and lots more!  Professionally done.  A great car.  Call 314-713-9327 anytime and leave a message.  Asking $4200.  Thanks - Jeff Weintrop ('72 blue/white spit driver)


For sale, 1974 Red Triumph TR6, in Peoria, Illinois  Purchased in 1998, Weymouth, Massachusetts.  Completely rebuilt and restored.  It has a 1973 block, a new engine, transmission, oil, water and fuel pumps, 4 new tires and a new top. Needs very minor chipped paint touch up.  All records of what has been done are available with it. We're asking $17,500, OBO.  (309-674-8688 or email 4edmonds@ameritech.net)


76 Triumph Spitfire 1500 Green w/black top 71,927 miles  Not running at present time - needs work      $1500  Peggy Shores  636-527-8320


TR6 in KC - For Sale.  A 1976 in great condition.  Carmine red w/biscuit interior and top.  Not ORIGINAL, but complete and mechanically/ cosmetically sound.  Asking $6850.  Have numerous pics I can send by internet.  Contact:  Bernie at  bchseh1@juno.com. or  Ph: 816. 942-6474.


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