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Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† November 2004

November Meeting, Tuesday Nov. 16th, 2004, 7:00 PM, at John Lambergís,

14148 Cross Trails Drive, Chesterfield MO 63017-3309, Phone, (314) 434-4467

Arrive anytime after 6:00 p.m.; meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. The club will provide grilled hot dogs. Attendees should bring a dish or dessert to share, your beverage of choice and lawn chairs.


Presidentís Epistle, By Dave Massey

As I write this, the MG Club Halloween Rally is history.This concludes the driving season for 2004 and now the wrenching season begins.In the past three weeks Linda and I have participated in three driving events.First was the Triumph Club's annual Fall Color Tour to the Bias Winery.The winery has been sold (Jim has retired) but the new owners bought the place because they loved the format and informality and said they plan on changing nothing.We had the special, featured parking on the hill and this year had printed out special signs indicating so.So look for this annual event to continue well into the future.The following weekend was a rather ambitious two and a half day drive across the heart of Missouri.The drive was instigated and planned by the Chicago Austin Healey club.Look for an article on this drive in a future newsletter.

I have big plans (as always) much of which will not come to fruition.But the Front-end rebuild of the TR3, which got off to a false start at the pre-Easter Wash-up/Tune-up is high on the priority list.And now that the chances of wanting to drive the car I feel free to put it up in the air and take it apart.Once I do that I will be motivated to complete the process.A little mission creep (or shipwright's disease, if you prefer) has already reared its ugly head in that I decided to opt for new trunions.The current ones are in worse condition than I though although considering the history of the car I am not really surprised.So, next spring the TR3 will sport new trunions, ball joints, tie rod ends and bushings.This should keep me busy for a couple of weekends.And perhaps new 60 spoke wheels are in the near future, too.

An unfulfilled want from last year is to build a warmed up engine for the TR6.I still have the original block from my car (although precious else on that car is original) and it would be nice to put it back in with nice cam and balance job.I had the head reworked a few years ago and now I need a good breathing engine to go with it.And since I have just finished installing the springs I bought from TSI back in 2003 and the new style tube shock conversion kit and finished the long awaited four-wheel alignment, the engine is the last element in the improved touring plans.BTW, just as soon as I got the alignment set and noticed the notably improved handling, a tire started to separate so new tires are also in the plans for a spring acquisition.

Triumphís are like fescue grass: When the weather turns cold the work turns to building the root system.You don't see anything happening on the outside but inside the garage, or under the earth's surface, there is activity that will better support the glory of the driving, or the flourishing of the top growth come spring.I hope all of you have plans for your cars and I hope to see you driving next spring with that new, improved something or other.

Don't forget the Xmas party in Dec 10.Get your reservations in ASAP.

See you on the road.†††††††††† Dave

2004 SLTOA Christmas Party

Make your reservations today!!!

Location: Bevo Mill at Morganford and Gravois

Date: Friday evening December 10th

Cost: $10 per member(The club will cover the balance.)

Make your reservation by mailing your check made out to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association or SLTOA and mail it to our treasurer Bonnie David at 500 Marie Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301-0500



November 16


SLOTA Meeting

7:00 p.m. at John Lambergís.See map and details on page 1.

December 10


SLTOA Annual Holiday Party

Bevo Mill

February 13


Polar Bear Run

Coordinators:Bonnie and Jack David


Stories About Those Triumph Cars, By Kathy Kresser

I learned Don Huber has been a member of SLTOA for many, many years (he joined as a child).I posed several questions to Don and here are his responses.

Don, how long have your been a member of SLTOA?I joined the club in 1976.I owned a 1961 TR3A at the time.Later, I acquired a 1980 TR8.The club as we know it today started about 1976.An earlier club ceased operation in 1960.

Why did you purchase a Triumph?My friend back home in Towson, Maryland bought a 1957 TR3 in 1957.I really liked the car.However, when I graduated from college two years later, my Dad insisted I get a 1957 Chevy.In January of 1960 I entered the Air Force and was assigned to Little Rock Air Force Base.My father also died that month.In June of 1960 a Major came back from England with a 1959 TR3A with only 9000 miles on it.It had a hardtop and overdrive.He had two small kids and the car was not suited for his family, I traded him the Chevy and $600 for the TR3A.I really loved that car.It would do 80 mph when only turning 3000 revs.I had to trade that car when I started my own family in 1962.I still maintained my love for these cars and acquired my present TR3A in 1976.It was not running at the time and I had it towed home.Two people tried to buy the car on the way home while it was being towed.

Has SLTOA changed over the years?Yes, for the better.There are more drives and the wives make it a family affair.More people attend the meetings and events.In the old days we met in a room at the Thornhill Branch of the St. Louis County Library.I was the perennial treasurer and John Kelly was the perennial president.

What feature of SLTOA has kept your interest and continued membership?The friendships that I have developed over the years are important to me.

Have the cars of the members changed over the years?The cars are probably in better shape; however, they were thirty years younger back then.

What club event or activity remains memorable to you?The outing to Joe Mannís with the thresher event about four years ago was unusual. Joe was chairman of the old car event and he organized a trip to Pinckneyville for the Illinois fair.The fair featured a number of tractors, both steam and gas.Also, it had rained big time the night before.I would never have done that on my own.

Why do love LBCís?I donít know exactly why, but I have loved these little (Triumph) cars for about 45 years.

Thank you, Don, for sharing your thoughts.Most importantly, thank you for staying with the club and enjoying the merits of club participation.Keep motoring.


My original 1959 TR3A.
Photo taken: Summer, 1960 at Elyria, Ohio. Shown in the photo are: Donís Mother, Margaret Huber. Daughter of Motherís friend, Mary Jane, a girl I dated from Springfield, Ohio


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