Exhaust Notes

Newsletter of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

www.SLTOA.org                                               March 2005

March Meeting, Tuesday Mar. 15th, 2005, 7:00 PM, Culpepper's, Kirkwood

Culpepper’s location: 312 S. Kirkwood Rd. (314) 821 7322

President’s Epistle, By Dave Massey

March came in like a lion.  Well, OK, maybe more like a cougar.  Still, lets hope it goes out like a lamb.  That means getting the cars back on the road.  With the Endurance Rally coming up and the Wash-up/Tune-up on March 26 (followed by the Easter Car Show to which we all are going, right?) The time to ignore the money pit in the garage has come to an end.  Send in those tax forms because you’ll need that refund.

Speaking of finding money to spend on the car, the club has implemented a new dues policy.  The Newsletter is available in either electronic format or hard copy mailed to your house.  Naturally, it costs more money to send a paper copy to your house via the USPS than it does to post it on the website.  And the electronic version is in color whereas the printed version is in glorious black and white.  While this should be an encouragement to members to opt for the electronic version, very few have done so.  As an added inducement the club is offering reduced price memberships to those who opt for the electronic version.  This reflects the cost savings the club will enjoy by not printing and mailing newsletters to these members.  The printed version is still available to those who prefer it and is willing the pay the extra to get it but those parsimonious soles, such as myself, can save $10 a year by checking the inbox on the computer instead of the mail box at the front door.

Be sure to check the calendar and make plans to turn out for the upcoming events that fit your schedule and tickle your fancy.  With a nice variety of activities on the horizon I hope that there is something for everybody.  As for me, I’m ready to finish up the TR3 front end rebuild (that I started last Easter) and fix the leaking radiator in the TR8 and maybe even start the engine overhaul for the TR6.

Another summer of Triumphing is nigh.  As W.C. Fields said: “It’s time to grab the bull by the tail and face the situation.”

See you on the road.  Dave

February Meeting Minutes, By Creig Houghtaling

February meeting was held at Cullpeppers in Kirkwood.  It was a wonderful location because we had our own meeting room in the basement.  Attendance wasn’t as high as when we were at the Brewery, but those who showed up liked it, so we will be meeting there again in March.  If you are one who likes the Brewery location better contact Dave Massey and voice your opinion.  (314) 966-6056 or Dave1massey @ cs.com  With no major opinion to the contrary, April meeting will be at Cullpeppers too.

This summer we are planning to meet at individual’s homes as we did last summer.  May will be at Steve and Sandy Street’s.  June will be our picnic in DesPeres Park.  July will be at John Lamberg’s.  August will at Jack and Bonnie David’s.  And September will be in Illinois at Ron and Jodi Spiegelman’s.

The Polar Bear Run turned out to be a wonderful party, but not much of a drive.  Too wet this time.  The drive will be on April 17th.

At the June picnic we will do our best to take pictures of British cars in attendance.  We may even attempt to get a group picture.  So let’s see how many SLTOA LBC’s we can get together at one time!

There are several events planned this year like the Missouri Endurance Rally, Easter car show, TRA in Branson, VTR in Rockford IL, or the SLTOA Christmas Party Dec 9th at Bevo.  See details in other sections of this letter.

Dues Are Due

This year members have an option to reduce their dues to $10 per year by opting to receive only e-mail notification of the newsletter.  Some members are already familiar with this option but they have not received any monetary benefit in the past.  This is the way it works.  Members who choose this option get an e-mail is when the newsletter is finished.  In the e-mail are three links to three different versions of the current newsletter.  The links open files from our web server.  The first link is to a simple web version that any browsers like Internet Explorer can open and read.  This is good for reading the letter, but it is not formatted to lay out on 8.5 x 11 pages like the hard copy of the newsletter.  An Acrobat version is formatted to read and lay out on 8.5x11 exactly like the hard copy.  Acrobat reader software is available free to anyone to download.  Or if you have Microsoft Office software (or other software that will open a Word document) the original Word document is available.  Either the Word file or the Acrobat file can be printed exactly as the hard copy you would get in the mail (except you can have color!!!).  Links to the html versions are also provided through the web site.  The other two versions are only available through links from the e-mail notification.

For those who still like to have a hard copy in the mail, don’t fret.  This is still be the option most will choose, but your dues will be $20.

Please mail your dues (either $10 or $20) to Bonnie David at 500 Marie Drive, St. Charles, MO 63301-0500.  Make your check payable to St. Louis Triumph Owners Association or SLTOA.  The following individuals have already paid for 2005: James  L. & Lucy Buck, Thomas M & Gayle T. Culbertson, Richard & Anice Etz, Craig Ingraham, Charlie & Paula Key, John Lamberg, Ronald A. Leggett, Joe & Charlotte Mueller, Mark, Lucas & Ashley Schmidt, Steven & Sandy Street, Allan & Sandy Tomey.  Thank you!

Easter Car Show, By Craig Madsen

This Just in!

Windshield I.D. Cards arrived at my house Wednesday for the Easter Concours d'Elegance. I will bring them to the next meeting (Tuesday March 15) once you have paid Bonnie your $11.00 you will be issued your windshield card, this is also your admission ticket to enter the lot.

If you can't be at the meeting I will mail a card to you provided you've settled up with Bonnie Please e-mail or call me if this is the case 314-409-0752.

The card needs to be completed and is to be displayed on the windshield or atop of the dashboard (remember your car is no newer than a 1979 for the purpose of this show...) On the back side of the card are directions, show gate opens @ 7:30 a.m. ALL CARS SHOULD BE IN PLACE BY 10:00 a.m. when the gate closes.

By 10:00 a.m., crowd density (20.000 expected visitors) makes vehicle movement through the display field hazardous.

Ben has granted our request to be grouped next to the Healy club, and said he would again pass those instructions to his set up people.

Please note that cars on club display are not judged, those members wanting to have their car judged should call 314- 991- HONK  (serious)

See you at the meeting   Craig

SLTOA E-mail List, By Creig Houghtaling

St. Louis Triumph Owners Association has an e-mail system that can be used by any member who signs on.  To explain this to members who are not familiar with it, this is how it works:  First you have to sign up with your e-mail address to be a registered member of the mailing list.  If you do not volunteer your address, you will not be able to send or receive e-mail to or from other members on the list.  The mailing list is an additional benefit of SLTOA membership.  It is voluntary, SLTOA members are not automatically registered on the list.  Once registered, any member can send a single e-mail note that will be forwarded to every other member on the list.  Any individual can reply directly to the individual who sent the note by clicking “Reply” on their e-mail service.  This will send a note only to the individual who originally wrote.  Or that person can reply to all members of the list by clicking “Reply All” on their e-mail service.  That will send one e-mail to the originator and one to the SLTOA server (which will be forwarded to everyone on the list).  To register to be on the SLTOA mailing list go to our home page at www.sltoa.org where there is a “Mailing List” link with directions to register.  Or, the simplest way is to drop Gary Allgood a note and tell him you want to be included.  leyte @ lvs.net  Now once you are on, you can get off any time just as simply.

Everyone who is signed up will get up-to-date notices of late term plans for drives.  Or it is also a good forum to use to ask for technical assistance on your Triumph.  Or it can be used to plan future events.  The subject matter is totally open to the members who use it.

Missouri Endurance Rally! – March 19th & 20th - By Creig Houghtaling

This is your chance to drive the most beautiful roads in the entire world in cars that were made for driving in the country!  Twelve or 24 hours, it’s your choice.  This year I am excited about driving with my sister from California.  If we can avoid getting stuck on roads that don’t cross rivers where it looks like they should we might have a chance to win.  ;-)

Open to all pre-1981 British-made vehicles.  Teams will meet at Red Roof Inn on Page Ave near Westport Plaza at 6:30 AM Saturday morning.  Registration forms are on line at: http://www.stlouismgclub.com/.  For more information, contact Robert Rushing - mgslime@swbell.net or call (314) 995-8664.

2005 TRA June 23 to 25

This year, the TRA National Meet is being held in scenic Branson, Missouri, from Thursday, June 23 through Saturday, June 25, 2005.  To get a better idea of some of these attractions, spend some time at www.branson.com on the web.  The host hotel is the Dutton Inn. Phone 1-800-942-4626 during the day only! Rooms are $40 and include hot breakfast.  www.theduttons.com

For additional information: TRA National Meeting Coordinator Bruce Clough [clough@erinet.com] President – Texas Triumph Register Jim Wortsman, [jwstr2@yahoo.com]  Registration can be found at: http://www.triumphregister.com/TRA2005.html

There have been a few changes to the registration form regarding the events you wish to attend.  The new form is attached and has also already been posted on the TRA website at http://www.triumphregister.com/.  It will be posted on our TTR website in the next day or two at http://www.texastriumphregister.org/.  The schedule of events is already on both sites.

Stories About Those Triumph Cars, (Report from Guatemala)  By Kathy Kresser

Hola de Guatemala!  El clima esta perfecto!  Como son carros en Guatemala?  Literal translation - How are the cars in Guatemala?

They are quite varied.  First there was a lovely, total decrepit 1980 Honda Accord, something that would embarrass most U.S. junk yards.  Then, an early 60s 122 Volvo Wagon was very nice.  There was a ¨needs cosmetic restoration¨early 60s Chevy Impala Taxi and a totally destroyed Opal of uncertain vintage.  Not to mention, the ¨Japanese rejects¨that come down from the North and the occasional large, new expensive Mercedes.  An unusual sighting was an old, small Japanese pickup with a live cow roped in the back.  Also there was the small Toyota pickup that transported Chris and I along with eleven other gringos in the back to a plantation for the small price of three Quetzales (35 cents) each.  The three wheeled vehicles act as taxis here. 

The chicken buses (public transport) are older U.S. school buses repainted in wild colors and enhanced with chrome trim and chrome wheels.  They are driven with abandon on the roads transporting people, baggage, grain, produce, bicycles and animals with no room to spare. 

The drivers are wild with absolutely no respect for stop signs.  Rules and regulations are a suggestion as opposed to a requirement. 

We are enjoying the adventures and meeting interesting people.  Adios from Guatemala. 


Additional sightings:  a late model MG (something you can’t buy in the U.S.), an older Mini Cooper, and a 1955 Chevy Two Door Post.  Thanks  Kathy


2005 VTR National Convention - July 26-29

2005 VTR National Convention - July 26-29 - http://www.vtr2005.org

Contact: Ann Buja, Convention Chair, info@vtr2005.org or at 815 332-3119 before 10pm CST.

It can’t be any closer than this.  A full registration form is included in this newsletter to encourage participation.



The following is the seventh installment of Detailing Tips and Tricks.  It is re-printed here in our newsletter, Exhaust Notes, with the generous permission of Brad Bloomquist,

Wheel Cleaners and Tools

Many consumer level wheel and brake dust cleaners are overly harsh and contain acids, which will dull clearcoat and corrode wire wheels.  Avoid the typical AutoZone Brands. These are typically 2% solutions of oxalic, phosphoric and hydrochloric acid. EagleOne All Finish Wheel Cleaner is an example of an acid based wheel cleaner. These clean the best and the fastest but they can etch the surface of your wheel.

The best wheel cleaners to use are Acid-Free, Alkaline based. Examples of these are Einmann Fabrik and P21S.  These are usually weak solutions of ethylene glycol with a wetting agent. Simply agitate the surface and let the cleaner float the dirt away.

Always use the least harsh product that does the job.  Auto Shampoos are great gentle cleaners, mostly alkaline in content and will not harm wheels or paint.

Always spray the wheel with water before you spray on cleaner.  Never spray cleaner on hot wheels.  Very bad!  Don’t forget to spray a stream of water into the brake caliper itself to remove excess brake dust.

Buy small cheap sponges for cleaning the outside of the wheels and tires.  Use a foam-ended bottle brush to reach to the inside of the wheel.

Brands to get:

Einmann Fabric Hi Intensity:  The best value.

P21S Gel: For badly baked on brake dust.

P21S Spray: Very good stuff but pricey.

Wax your wheels!  Waxing the insides of the wheels with a synthetic or polymer wax repels brake dust and makes cleaning much easier.  It also fills the pores and does not allow the dust a place to stick and settle. Do this twice a year for daily drivers.

Plastic and Glass Care

Gauge faces, soft top windows and other plastics need to be polished and protected.  Always use a microfiber towel. (They make a special dust-free glass cleaning microfiber towels that works great! I use it a lot.) It will not scratch.  Rub in back and forth directions.

Products I like for plastic:

Plexus: this is a polish and plastic protector originally developed for the aerospace industry. ***

Meguiars #17 Cleaner: a decent polish which helps remove small scratches and mars on plastic. Meguiars #10 Protectant: Easy to use, no greasy residue. ***

EagleOne Plastic Cleaner: This contains fillers which helps hide swirls and scratches. ****

Products for glass:

Stoners Invisible Glass: does a good job of cleaning light residues and haze but struggles with baked on dirt or bugs.  A bit pricey. **

Eagle 20-20: This does an admirable job at cleaning, doesn’t streak much and is very cheap. Einmann Fabrik Clear Vision.  Never streaks, makes the glass really shiny, easily cuts through haze but needs elbow grease to remove bugs. ***


Classic European Sports Cars                   British – German – Italian - American

www.Wilson Motor Co.com

679 International Ave.  Washington, MO 63090

Dennis E Wilson, Pres.                    636-239-6781
E-mail: wmco@sbcglobal.net     Fax: 636-239-7873

Now with service and repair for your Triumph, MG, or Austin Healey.  Call today!

Classified Ads:  Contact Creig Houghtaling at the address listed below, or oldtoys@brick.net or 636-305-1143 to place a free ad in this newsletter.


61 TR3,  Call Joe Mann, (618) 357-8168, joegmann@webtv.net

Wanted: TR6.  Call Kevin McMahon (314) 997 7752 (O), (636) 207 6838 (H)

Cars for sale;  Charlie Key, British Cars of America - 314-428-9335

TR7 convertable,  original red paint, no rust, needs brake work. asking $2700.  314-428-9335

TR7 coupe, low miles, paint needs to be polished, has a dent in left front wing, rare car. asking $2500. 314-428-9335

I asked Charlie what interesting cars he currently had for sale. And how the welding tech session went.  Below is his response.  (Creig)

Hi Craig,  I sold the TR6s, sold the GT6, I have an MG Midget chrome bumper car for sale, have a chrome bumper MGB, have a late model MGB with AC that works!, have a TR7 coupe and a 95 Land Rover Discovery with 5 speed, also a 95 discovery with all the goodies. Also have a 51 MG TD for $3500, that is about as cheap as they come.

 I just bought a Lotus 7 made by RM, it is a prototype car they used for shows to sell their cars. The tech session was well attended by 15 people: Don Huber, Karl Schmitt, Ranney Dohogne, Gary Montgomery, Eric Hardesty, Tim Bosch, Byron Golfin, Jim Kelly, Bob Smith, Bob Bentzinger, David Huelsing, Kevin Stewart, Tom Kohnen, Bor Strathman, and Tom Sorrell. I thank all for coming and hope we were informative. We have been thinking about doing some apprentice programs in the future, I will keep all up to date when the plans come together. Thanks,  Charlie

1980 Triumph Spitfire for sale.  Fire.  Call Terri at (618) 281 5125 (O) or  (618) 2814579 (H)

TR6 LH and RH "Door Skins" for sale.  They are still in the box and purchased from TRF.  They are currently selling at TRF for $129.95.  I am asking $80.00 for each.  Mark Marshall (636) 928-6289 (Res) (314) 862-8000 ext 631 (Ofc)


St. Louis Triumph Owners Association

Creig Houghtaling, Editor

36 Copper Mountain Court

Fenton, MO 63026